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Linkin Park – QWERTY Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree that it sounds like "pride" NOT "plight."

Atreyu – The Theft Lyrics 13 years ago
VForVeronica brings out a very good description of this song along with Captain Dorkstar with him saying \"only half alive and missing something in his life.\" I think the two can play together along with the theme of an innocence being lost and not gettin it back. Good job guys with the ideas of the meaning! That\'s what this site is for... to generate ideas so you can put a meaning on those songs you can feel yet not particularily place.

Atreyu – Creature Lyrics 13 years ago
First of all these lyrics are wrong, and it affects the meaning. Below are the real ones:

Go, run away in distress
try to hide from whats
creeping and crawling and stabbing within
try to deny the turmoil inside
if you fight yourself hard enough
you\'ll never win any ounce of serenity
or a calm hope at best (or a calm hope at best)
can leave you heaving on the floor
gasping for breath, are you gasping for breath
to be left on the floor gasping for breath

your either the person you are
or the person your trying to be
dont let the outside sway too far
from where you want to be

and at any cruel moments notice
you can ruin the best
as your body is brutally pressed
against the confines of your tense flesh
and if you close your eyes tight enough (none of the bad can get in)
and if you close your eyes tight enough (none of the light can get in)
the light cant get in (the light cant get in)

BOOM. you scream as the light hits you
it radiates throughout your whole soul
BOOM. the pain is clarity, it cleanses
and if it still fucking hurts
then you still fucking know, that you are still alive,
that you are still in control, if you would only take hold
BOOM. the day with both hands, a death grip
and a good chance to outlive your past
are you living free?

Chorus (x2)

Anyways, this song is awesome and starts the album out with a bang! I take the meaning to be reflecting on coming to know yourself; how many things affect how you are but you gotta keep some sort of true conviction for yourself, otherwise you may become this \"Creature\" that\'s described throughout the song.

Atreyu – Untitled Finale Lyrics 13 years ago
Yes this song is one of the best ones on the new album. A toss up between \"Creature\" and \"Your fork in the road\" and \"The Theft.\" Actually this whole album is awesome. No favorites. Anyway...

The song is about a dude that finally gets things figured out about a decievious bitch and he realizes how big of a scum bag she is. How she\'s purposely fucked him over and its taken a toll on him.

My favorite part of the song is the last part where he says \"You\'ve never had to crawl/ You\'ve never had to see/ What it feels like to be so TRAPPED UNDERNEATH!/ The weight of someone\'s world/ comes crashing down on me/ I WAS LONGING TO BE FREE I PUT A BULLET IN YOU AND ME!\" You can just feel his pain and know why he takes that resort, and the intrumental just soothes that over right afterwards. Absolutely brilliant!

Hoobastank – The First of Me Lyrics 13 years ago
"The First of Me," for example, is Robb’s idea that people should start their own thing and be
"the first of me", instead of "the next of you."

That comes from the description of the new album. I definately agree with it too or that's what I got from this song too. Definately an awesome song; one that I listen to the most so far on this album!

Atreyu – The Theft Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah, that something missing is God and the haunting sound and lyrics go with the dark side, namely corruption and evil.

Hawthorne Heights – I Am On Your Side Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is amazing. The chorus sounds so sympathetic and the emotion flows. I think he's pointing at the fact that his true feelings are good towards her and he'd do anything to go back. He laments about his weakness of being doubting (about the relationship) and not being strong enough and how that also turned her off. I like the part about taking a stab in the dark and how he failed. Isn't that so true too often?

Atreyu – My Fork In The Road (Your Knife In My Back) Lyrics 14 years ago
What a tite song! A definate fuck you to a bitch who can't make up her mind, puts you through hell, and then wants "in" again. I love the part where he tells the boy to look his way and have another drink... He's probably saying that to another dude she fucked over or tellin that dude to leave her (like he should've) and have a drink with him (to save the pain and drink her away now when its not so hard to let go).

Atreyu – The Theft Lyrics 14 years ago
Thanks for the support Captain_Dorkstar. Anyway, I haven't heard too much of Atreyu so I don't know if they normally write about what I think the meaning is, so who knows. Here's what I think... I think he's talking about "the theft" of innocence from a person. "No more fights" meaning he's numb to corruption and finally he's become hardened to it all. The chorus supports this as well ("rip them, i'll take them burn to coals as they crush and leave nothing that resembles a soul of a man see him numb, see him crushed"). Maybe he's talking about the devil, how he sees a boy going to hell and how finally its kicked his ass ("my time to test the waters"). Anyone see where I'm comin from? Just a thought... A definate song that you can just feel (in the mood of the song) like relates without even knowing exactly what it means. Absolutely brilliant!

Rise Against – Blood To Bleed Lyrics 14 years ago
What an awesome song! The meaning is obvious like everyone's pointed out. I love how in the beginning he's sorta reminiscin and then he's like fuck it, "I don’t care if we lose it all tonight Up in flames, burning bright." The hopeless feeling right after a break up is so ingeniously felt in this song and I swear I still get little shivers when he talks about never feeling so cold before (probably just me relating but yeah...)

Atreyu – The Theft Lyrics 14 years ago
What are you guys talking about!? This song's awesome! Maybe cause I'm not as much into their super screaming stuff as you all probably are. I love this song! Plus I think the lyrics are intelligent and sweet. Still can't think what it exactly means, but I can just feel it.

Thrice – Image of the Invisible Lyrics 14 years ago
"On 'Image of the Invisible,' for example, Kensrue sings about the power of free will and the vast potential of the human spirit." That's how this song is described on the Vheissu biography on Thrice's official site.

Seether – The Gift Lyrics 14 years ago
MaggiMichelle seemed to hit the meaning good. I think the reason he feels he doesn't deserve her is because of incidents (fights, lies, etc) in their releationship and maybe can't see how she actually forgives him.

Seether – Because Of Me Lyrics 14 years ago
Do you believe in love, like I believe in pain. What an awesome line! The song's about getting hurt by some chick. Maybe she keeps comin back or he's hurt everytime he sees her. He thinks its because of himself, how he is, why she fucks him over.

Three Days Grace – Let You Down Lyrics 15 years ago
I was at their concert last summer and he said "this song's for anyone out there that's ever been fucked over by a bitch!" I think the song is from the "bitch's" perspective. Basically sayin how she kinda ecourages a guy to trust her and then she lets him down once she's gained his trust. Awesome guitar halfway through!

V Shape Mind – Dangle Lyrics 15 years ago
Cant figure out the meaning, but the guitars and beat are kickin!

V Shape Mind – Monsters Lyrics 15 years ago
Also, Chad from Mudvayne is featured in this song for the background vocals.

V Shape Mind – Monsters Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is awesome! Never heard of these guys until I heard this single and I bought the cd and its awesome! Its sort of a mellow metal sound. As Brad Hursh (lead singer) says about this song "It's a pretty driving rock song that, once again, combines heavy and melodic aspects, especially within the choruses. It's also a rather provocative piece dealing with demons, either the strictly psychological ones or the types of external demons that you encounter on an everyday basis." Before seeing this I figured this song was about haters, or as Brad put it "demons" (external ones).

Earshot – Someone Lyrics 15 years ago
Basically the girls this guy gets in relationships with never seem to be the right ones. They don't fully undrstand him and mostly fuck him over! He just wants to find someone to clique with. Best line "I never could understand/Mistakes I repeat again." My thoughts on that line, maybe they're just the ones making the mistakes and he isn't.

Story of the Year – Swallow The Knife Lyrics 15 years ago
Perfect analysis crying aloud! After a similar situation I too was listening to this cd and this song just seemed to hit home somewhere. She can never "swallow the knife!" Though I knew myself what it meant, I couldn't put words to it. Nicely done!

Earshot – Fall Apart Lyrics 15 years ago
I'll say what I think it means. I think its sayin that he realizes (when he's writin it down for "someone to relate") that he doesn't belong. That its his faulty self (he's blaming himself) that makes him not belong and the others (whom he blamed before) aren't to blame.

Earshot – Again Lyrics 15 years ago
Or else it could do with wanting to be with a loved one that died and is considering killing himself to be with her or maybe even about a recent breakup... shit I don't know. Someone help me out here...

Earshot – Down Lyrics 15 years ago
I've gotten the same way myself; get down and don't know why. That's what this song seems to be about... depression, loneliness, and low self esteem.

Earshot – Fall Apart Lyrics 15 years ago
Sometimes when I hear a song I can definately feel it and it seems to hit somewhere even if I dont know the exact meaning of it yet. This is one of them. It seems to have somethin to do with trying to get recent bad memories off your mind by writing them down (perhaps in poetry, songwriting, etc.). Then when you start writiing them you realize that you just don't really fit in anyway and it was gonna end sooner or later. This then makes him think he's really unwanted and doesn't fit in and it makes him feel like shit so he just yearns to "feel like I belong."

Earshot – Again Lyrics 15 years ago
Definately an awesome earshot song! This song sounds like its about being away from home and how it gets lonely being away from the one he loves and is thinkin about just givin up his dreams so he can be back home.

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