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Ache:emelie – I am Sisyphus Lyrics 11 years ago
I believe it is about the meaning of life. As I once read about the singer (way back when...) who tried to commit suicide and all and I believe that the birth of his son, just proved that life might not be as meaningless as it might seem at first glance.

I may be totally off the track on this, though it is was I believe it might be about.

Or finding out that life has ups and downs and not matter how happy or pissed off you might be, there's always going to be a peak and down about it. And you can't do shit about that.

The Tea Party – The Messenger Lyrics 13 years ago
Maybe something to do with a girl being mistreated and suffering badly from her former lover, hurt so bad she's on the edge of comitting suicide and she sent a "messenger" to gather some help from someone who cares.

The Saddest Landscape – Statue of a Girl Lyrics 14 years ago
This song leaves me speechless, it's self-explanatory, beautiful, sincere and breathtaking.

Mihai Edrisch – Aimer Lyrics 14 years ago
Not quite... ;) It's more like this.

I offer you my world for your kindness, I offer you my soul for your weaknesses, I offer myself for you my ingenuous, without really believing it. Just enough time so you understand how much you mean to my eyes, we will build memories, we will build a future, alone far from the world, so far from the world.

Cauterize – Still Breathing Lyrics 14 years ago
Fuck I hate when there are songs I can relate to like this one. Self-explanatory I think, being loved again for the first time...

Hot Cross – Fatefully Lyrics 14 years ago
Meh Hot Cross just died for me, used to be a band I loved but now it sounds like crap. They're killing the scene.

The Saddest Landscape – The Sixth Golden Ticket Lyrics 14 years ago
So weird...That after two years, I finally understand what's the feeling that the singer is expressing in this song...Because right this moment, I'm feeling exactly the same and jesus...I really did listen to that message one thousand times just to hear her voice before I went to sleep!

Mihai Edrisch – Mourir Lyrics 14 years ago
Not quite well translated... It's more something like this.

Breathless, feet appeased, I try above all not to weaken, of thinking only of this obsession. I need to bring it's image forever, as to not forget why I am here. That this step forward would be futile, if I would go live a plentyfull happiness, inconscious of this unhappy flower, ready to pick me up at the first wrong step. I must hold on and wait, so I regret nothing. Like a last image, the one that maybe I want to remember of us, I will be there, forever, suspended to your lips...

Bright Calm Blue – A tongue to taste Lyrics 14 years ago
At 5 minutes, this song becomes a musical orgasm.

Ampere – The Jailors Speak of Freedom Lyrics 14 years ago
Wow no one commented on this song, pretty cool in my opinion, it's about living your life by your own choices and not being a slave to the others.

Balboa – La Tour D’'Argent Lyrics 14 years ago
I'll translate it for you english folks.

The Tower Of Money.

Nothing is missing to the comfort of boredom
To all the lies
To all the families
Gold would lose it's value
And no one would search
And it couldn't serve him
Get a better well being
Than the one of others
Their knowledge of life
Didn't owe to their presence
Episodic in it's interiors
Of faculties or diplomas
Than the project insoluble (not sure how to translate indissoluble)
Is to forbid the life of others
All while organizing their survival
Money is the cause
Of all dischords
Of all hates
And of all ambitions

Note that for the song, Argent in french means money and silver, so poetically it can mean both.

Secret Lives of The Freemasons – It Only Took A Whisper Lyrics 14 years ago
Aren't we all? ;)

Orchid – And The Cat Turned To Smoke Lyrics 14 years ago
Are you kidding? The lyrics are straight in your face, self-explanatory!

A relation that fucked up.

You And I – Playing Off The Story. Lyrics 14 years ago
The build-up intro just kills me, so powerful of a song.

The Cure – Lovesong Lyrics 14 years ago
He just wrote it for his wife when they finally married after being with her for like 30 years or something. Guess it's just another lovesong, but to her it must've meant the world back then.

Envy – Chain Wandering Deeply Lyrics 14 years ago
You said it man, feels like armageddon. Fucking good song!

Daïtro – A Chaque Fois Lyrics 14 years ago
Well it was already well translated, I'm Quebeccer and notaliveyet did a good job.

The One AM Radio – I Think This Is My Exit Lyrics 14 years ago
This song sounds beautiful, but the lyrics are quite sad. It's oblivious it's about someone who just had a car accident and he/she lost her way home...

Cowboys Became Folk Heroes – Direct Action Gets The Goods Lyrics 14 years ago
"Even Judas Got One Last Kiss"

That's a killer line that says it all.

Ampere – Woodlawn Lyrics 14 years ago
Voiceontape, I agree with you, it makes a lot of sense and yup...Ampere fucking owns!

The Tea Party – The Messenger Lyrics 14 years ago
Hmmm missing some lyrics. Here's the complete ones.

"The Messenger"

Got a letter from a messenger
I read it when it came
It said that you were wounded
You were bound and chained
You had loved and you were handled
You were poisoned, you were pained
Oh no
Oh no
You were naked, you were shamed

You could almost touch heaven
Right there in front of you
Liberty just slipped away on us
Now there's so much work to do
Oh the door that closes tightly
Is the door than can swing wide
Oh no
Oh no
Not expecting to collide

For a minute I let my guard down
Not afraid to be found out
I completely forgot dear
What our fears were all about
Oh no there's no need to be without

If there's a chance I would take it
This desire I can't kill
Take my heart please don't break it
I will crawl to your foothill

I'm frightened but I'm coming
Please baby please lay still
Oh no
Oh no
I'm not coming for the kill

Oh no
I'm not coming for the kill

Oh no
I'm not coming for the kill

The Pyramids – Sleep Spindles And K-Complexes Lyrics 14 years ago
This band is so awesome, remind me of a mix between PoP and City Of Caterpillar. Instant classic.

Orchid – And The Cat Turned To Smoke Lyrics 14 years ago
What's great about this song is that the lyrics are so simple, it's like being punched in the face while you sleep...It surprises yet it hurts like hell!

Funeral Diner – Borne Upon My Shield Lyrics 15 years ago
Thanks for posting those lyrics, this song is my favorite by FD so far, it's just perfect, the lyrics, the music, that band only gets better and better with each new release they do!

Placebo – Broken Promise Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah definetely about being unfaithful.

Ache:emelie – I am Sisyphus Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah indeed! :)

Duran Duran – Save A Prayer Lyrics 15 years ago
This is my favorite Duran Duran song, excellent and catchy! :)

Evergreen – 250 Dollar Loser Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah that might be it too! ;) Hard to tell hehe

Love Like...Electrocution – das Plague (It's French For Germans) Lyrics 15 years ago
You can find the lyrics of their s/t album on their website at

I'm just too lazy to send them hehe.

Great band yeah! :)

Hot Cross – Solanka Lyrics 15 years ago
Yes, you're not crazy! ;)

Neil Perry – Nine minutes of non-fiction Lyrics 15 years ago
Fucked up song...One of their best! The way it builds up...Really fucking brilliant.

The Saddest Landscape – The Sixth Golden Ticket Lyrics 15 years ago
One of the most heartfelt bands ever, this is emo at his best, a true masterpiece of harsch vocals, hearts tearing appart all accompanied by the sweet melody of tears falling into emptyness.

Great great song from an even greater band! :)

I Would Set Myself on Fire for You – Chinese Freeze Tag Lyrics 16 years ago
Great fucking band :) This song is my favorite by them!

I Would Set Myself on Fire for You – The First Word That Comes To Mind Lyrics 16 years ago
I Would Set Myself On Fire For You is probably one of my favorite Screamo band and this song is just beyond amazing...It is beautiful.

You And I – A Day That Passes Through Us Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is so easy to relate to...Breaks my heart...(-_-)

Rites of Spring – For Want Of Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is so damn good...So much emotions in it, Rites Of Spring really started it all and they did it with talent!

Native Nod – Tangled Lyrics 16 years ago
I just love this song and when he yells "I love you, I love you" makes me shiver hehe!

Saetia – Venus And Bacchus Lyrics 16 years ago
Fuck...The vocal in this song is extreme...Screaming is crazy! :D Gotta love it!

Saetia – Notres Langues Nous Trompes Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm french...Notres Langues Nous Trompes translates to: Our Language Betrays Us, or Trompes as mistake...but it wouldn't fit well, so I think they mean it as betrayal, or like someone cheating on them...You can say "Ma femme me trompe" My chick cheats on me... ;) Anyway, great song!

Evergreen – 250 Dollar Loser Lyrics 16 years ago
Yeah your right about the release part.

And about the song talking about some friend or someone that commits suicide, it might be that too, only part that made me think it's about a relation is "You've broken more than bones this time" ...? I don't see how it could fit with a friend.

Evergreen – 250 Dollar Loser Lyrics 16 years ago
Missing some lyrics, I think this is what he sings...Correct me if I'm wrong!

Why do you care if you never cared before...Someone open my eyes? (Or stubborn...?), when you're gonna leave yours?...And now I sit alone. See the sticks you've thrown, you've broken more than bones this time. If you don't know me and you never will, ???, you kill yourself and now the leash is yours?, And now I sit alone, see the sticks you've thrown, you've broken more than bones this time. And now I sit alone, see the sticks you've thrown, you've broken more than bones this time. No one loves you, your seat is empty, no one loves you and no one loves you, your seat is empty and no one loves you.

It's pretty obvious that this song is about a failed relationship. It's great anyway, my favorite by Evergreen!

Funeral Diner – Chalk Angels Lyrics 16 years ago
Hmmm...Why was? They're still together you know...They're about to lauch a new CD soon called "The Underdark"

Metric – Succexy Lyrics 16 years ago
Sussex and "succexy" do not look alike...It's really the words "Success" combined with "Sexy".

Indian Summer – Angry Son Lyrics 16 years ago
One of the most powerfull songs ever made...So beautiful, so emotional, so true...

Cauterize – Promise Me Lyrics 16 years ago
This songs describes what I'm passing through right now. An impossible love...Unless we both want to try?

Cauterize is the soundtrack to my love life. Wicked!

Cauterize – My Everything Lyrics 16 years ago
This band is kinda commercial...I mean I listen to old emo stuff like You And I, Portraits Of Past, etc and I just hate what emo has became over the years...Though this band has a "pop sound" their lyrics are just true and they come and grab every inch of my black withered heart...

You And I – When We Were One Lyrics 16 years ago
This song...Not enough words to descibe all the feelings contained in it...When I listen to it, it brings me down to my knees and it shatters my heart into pieces...And it's plenty self-explanatory, a failed relationship wich is being tore apart and he's hurt by the lies she still says...

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