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The Unicorns – Bad Heart Lyrics 5 months ago
This song is commonly called "Bad Mind", but its official title is "Bad Heart".

Grandaddy – Evermore Lyrics 1 year ago
A large portion of the album is inspired by the divorce Jason Lytle was going through while writing it.

Coma Cinema – Her Sinking Sun Lyrics 4 years ago
The guy who wrote it said it's about having sex with someone you find disgusting.

Cass McCombs – Love Thine Enemy Lyrics 5 years ago
Cass McCombs: That song was written to express how you're not going to like everyone in this world. Everyone wants to be well-loved and appreciated but, at the same time, there are some people that just don't want to be your friend, and there's nothing you can do or say to change that. So it's about ushering them into the elevated status of enemy-- its kind of an honor to be someone's enemy. It sounds regal. If it's possible to have an enemy without making it personal or moral, then that's what I'm trying to do. I've been reading a lot of the Tao [Te Ching], and that's where this idea of the equilibrium of relationships came from. People take things a little too personal. I write these songs, and they're experiments with thoughts. That's it. I'm not a teacher.

From an interview he did for

Mac DeMarco – My Kind of Woman Lyrics 5 years ago
Not sure why this site chose not to include your linebreaks but here it is again:

Oh baby
Oh man
You're making my crazy
Really driving me mad
That's all right with me
It's really no fuss
As long as you're next to me
Just the two of us

You're my, my, my, my kind of woman
My, oh my, what a girl
You're my, my, my, my kind of woman
And I'm down on my hands and knees
Begging you please, baby
Show me your world

Oh brother Sweetheart
I'm feeling so tired
Realy falling apart
And it just don't make sense to me I really don't know
Why you stick right next to me
Or wherever I go

You're my, my, my, my kind of woman
My, oh my, what a girl
You're my, my, my, my kind of woman
And I'm down on my hands and knees
Begging you please, baby
Show me your world

Spoon – Chicago at Night Lyrics 5 years ago
Perhaps it's about some kid who tried to go to the city to make it big with their art, and they just got shot down by the pretentious assholes, as you do when you go into that field.

Hence she "hit a wall"
And "everybody's at a disadvantage speaking with that second language"

Beach House – Silver Soul Lyrics 5 years ago
...Then it all fades back to a dimly lit bar where terrible pop music is being sung by some ugly bimbo that David Lynch is banging.

The New Pornographers – The Spirit of Giving Lyrics 5 years ago


The New Pornographers – Ballad of a Comeback Kid Lyrics 5 years ago
To me it kind of sounds like an attack on religion. The comeback kid is Jesus who comes back from the dead.

Seems like it's just talking about how civilization has outgrown the old, middle-eastern religions. "Like a bat out of hell time has come for you." Lot of people don't believe in that shit anymore, and even if they do, they tend to cherry-pick the things they like. Most of us have updated our views on the place of women, gays, birth control, and the role of sex in a relationship. The Bible is no longer the authoritative book it once was, and we're less superstitious about the happenings of everyday life. We no longer believe that disease is a hex put on you by evil spirits, for example. "Everyone in town wanted to be around you. This went on for awhile until they finally found you."

Beck – Sunday Sun Lyrics 5 years ago
I think the jealous minds are the same people trapped in infinity rooms. By becoming jaded, they defend themselves from the heartbreak they faced before and endure an endless stream of safe, meaningless, indistinguishable relationships. They still wish they could have the thing they once perceived as true love, though, so they're jealous of anyone they think has it.

That's the ending of the story for everyone. You get that one fantastic relationship and then it breaks your heart so bad you tell yourself it was bullshit, so you don't have to relive the moment ever again. Another Sunday rolls around, and you keep living your life...a little emptier than before.

Coma Cinema – Road Side Memorial Lyrics 6 years ago
"At the time I was living in a place that had lots of abandoned buildings around, it was quiet and peaceful and mostly beautiful.

Then one day some one erected this awful, garish memorial to some teenager who had died in a car wreck near my house and I had to look at this ugly yellow monstrosity every time I came home and it got to be incredibly irritating.

The song to me was always a response to a large group of people who claimed to have my best interests at heart, without actually knowing what my life was about. A rejection of bad advice I received trying to kick an addiction by people who had never experienced addiction.

It’s a common theme in life, the bored and the boring want to play director. The original ending lyric was “I’ve earned a road side memorial” which I should of kept. At the end of the rant that is the song I felt tacky and cheap and self abusive, and if I were to die that moment I’d of earned some awful, ugly store bought monument."

From his official Tumblr

Coma Cinema – Monica Lyrics 6 years ago
"I told a girl I used to date it was about her but it really wasn’t. It’s about being a kid and the ideas of romantic love you have then. Running off into the woods and holding hands and being scared together or something like that."

From his official Tumblr

Wolf Parade – Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts Lyrics 6 years ago
Spencer's words on this song...

CMG: "Like, what’s a 'Hungry Ghost?'"

Spencer Krug: "It’s — ok I’m going to forget the details now, so I’m going to sound kind of dumb…But in one particular Buddhist religion — and don’t ask me why I referred to something Buddhist — but there are these neat characters in Buddhism that are these tortured characters. They symbolize one of the levels of Hell. I forget the name for it — but there are a bunch of different levels of Hell, and one of them is this level where hypocrites and liars go; not the worst sins, sort of middle-ground punishment. And when they get there, they turn into hungry ghosts, that’s the best translation for it. And hungry ghosts are always thirsty, and always hungry. They’re sort of like that character Tantalus in Greek mythology: he can’t eat or drink, but he’s always hungry or thirsty. And these ghosts, they have really tiny throats, so if they try to eat, it chokes them and they die, because they only have these little straws for throats. I THINK that when they drink water it turns into fire."

From an interview did. Can find the full version here:

Sunset Rubdown – Insane Love Is Awakening Lyrics 6 years ago
Spencer was on some pretty great drugs when he wrote this.

The Flaming Lips – Sunship Balloons Lyrics 7 years ago
It's about sticking your throbbing meat rod into one fine lady.

Jay Reatard – Fading All Away Lyrics 7 years ago
It's funny, cuz if you just said this to someone they'd think you were a nut.

When you put it in a rock song, though, it's just like, "Yeah man, we've all been there".

Poster Children – Now It's Gone Lyrics 7 years ago
Not really a fan, but this song came up on my Pandora playlist, and I thought it was pretty fuckin rad.

Jay Reatard – Oh It's Such a Shame Lyrics 7 years ago
Think he's just having a falling out with someone, and it's really painful. In the moment, he's just hoping it'll change him for the better or be meaningful down the road, so he can grow like they did, cause it's way too fuckin painful to just be in vane. But I think he struggles with it. He hopes it will be that way, but right now all it really seems like is a giant pile of shit...hence, it's such a shame.

Jason Lytle – Ghost of My Old Dog Lyrics 7 years ago
I don't think this song is actually about his dog. My guess is the "someone he used to love" is the person taking the picture of him with his dog. There's someone off-camera making him laugh. When he sees the pictures he remembers something someone who wasn't there can't see, thus "don't yell at me cause you can't see who I am thinking of." The death of his pets is just symbolic of the way the past fades and the only thing left are memories/photos.

Beach House – Take Care Lyrics 8 years ago
Well, there is at least some hints of it. Alex Scally had this to say in a Pitchfork interview bout the themes going through the album:

"I think the other records were more monochromatic in energy too and this one entertained a lot more feelings and a lot more shined through. And there is a lot of sickness, and there's sexuality and depravity, that's all there. So much of that is in there."

Sparklehorse – Shade and Honey Lyrics 8 years ago
Think he's singing about someone he loved who's dead.

The "shade" he's referring to is a ghost.

Beach House – Take Care Lyrics 8 years ago
The last verse about the snake...feeling its hearbeat and such. Anyone else getting any sexual connotations from that?

Wolf Parade – I'll Believe in Anything Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm not sure it's so much about someone he's got the hots for as it is a dead/dying loved one. The record was inspired by the passing of Dan's mother, so there's many references to ghosts and death throughout it. This just touches on the loneliest part of grieving, which is matter how much other people say they're sorry for your loss, they didn't really know or care about that person like you did...and probably don't give a damn either way.

Kevin Drew – F--Ked Up Kid Lyrics 11 years ago
Thanks. And one more change I'd make after another listen is "He might take his words and wipe doubt from his plan".

Swan Lake – All Fires Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't think this is a love song at all.

Sunset Rubdown – Winged/Wicked Things Lyrics 12 years ago
If you'd like to hear this song, and you haven't, the band has let Daytrotter distribute it for free. You can use the following link to get it:

Radiohead – Fog Lyrics 13 years ago
True that. The "Tower Above the Rest" version is where it's at. I love this fuckin song. :^)

Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies) Lyrics 13 years ago
Yes, you guys are right about the observation with the sun and the moon. It's the typical parent thing to tell their kids to get a good night's sleep, cuz they need it to live, and this is just one example of scaremongering that parents use to give their kids structure and evoke what they think is important.

I don't think this song is just about sleep or water or whatever other metaphors they use. At its core, this album is about childhood naiveness and how you viewed things back then. It's about how you grow up and look back on it all once you've been met with the real world. How have your controlling parents and your struggle with growing emotions shaped you?

This song in particular is a good example because it makes things very obvious with the simple song structure. This message makes thing particularily clear:

"People say that you'll die
faster than without water.
But we know it's just a lie,
scare your son, scare your daughter."

Radiohead – 2 + 2 = 5 (The Lukewarm) Lyrics 13 years ago
It's just a jab at American policy and the way American citizens allow our goverment to dicatate us. We're supposed to be the land of the free, but our goverment has put what you can and cannot do on paper, and made it an official document. The narrator thinks this is incredibly foolish and will live in a world where things aren't so black and white, where all the anomalies of life aren't dictated by law makers. He'll live forever in a world where "2 + 2 = 5"

The citizens of America are so ignorant (and we are), that we can't see what the big-wigs are doing. They run rampant, unchecked, cuz we're not paying attention to what they're doing. A lot of us are just kids listening to whatever the hell MTV tells us, and we don't look at the real issues with our own heads. The narrator feels as though it's too late now, and we've fucked ourselves into oblivion.

"It's the devils way now
There is no way out
You can scream and you can shout
It's too late now
Because you have not been paying attention"

Radiohead – Fog Lyrics 13 years ago
I never thought of the Middle East reference before. Good point.

I always thought it was just about how the people you know when you were younger are so innocent, cuz they haven't been affected by the world. But then, as people grow older, they're changed by the difficulties of life, and sometimes, they can treat you differently. They grow fangs.

"Baby alligators in the sewers grow up fast
Grow up fast
Anything you want it can be done
How did you go bad?"

The narrator in this song is probably baffled by this, as it's a big shock to come across people you haven't seen in years and then end up not knowing them anymore.

Radiohead – Banana Co. Lyrics 13 years ago
This song may be making references to the evolution theory. Banana Co. is a corrupt company that distributes the bananas, and we're the apes.

"Oh Banana co.
We really love you and we need you
And oh banana co.
We'd really love to believe you"

What he's probably saying is that we think we're so civilized in our day and age with all of the communities we've developed and the way of life we've established. We're no longer hunting out on the plain, but instead getting all our goods from the grocery store. In the end, though, we're just animals, and our way of life is probably killing us. Our consumerism has distracted us from what life really is.

"And everything's underground
We've gotta dig it up somehow
Yeah yeah
Everything's burning down
We gotta put it out somehow
Yeah yeah"

I don't know. It's just my 2 cents.

Wilco – Radio Cure Lyrics 13 years ago
I think, basically, this song is about his way of using music to deal with things in his life. The song is called Radio Cure. You know, for anyone who has ever gotten off of a bad break-up, you tend to wanna listen to a lot of depressing songs that help ease you in and out of your moods. Well, that's what he does. His head is "full of silvery stars," which I think translates into the crazy things rushing about his head, that he hasn't quite figured out yet. He's probably just gotten off some breakup, and he's going through the phases, listening to whatever music helps him, and he realizes that breaking up really hasn't helped the original problem, which caused the breakup. "Cheer up," he says, "I hope you can. There is something wrong with me." Breaking up hasn't made him any different than he was and "distance has no way of making love understandable." So until he can grasp it, he'll just continue to play his music and stare long into the night.

Elliott Smith – A Question Mark Lyrics 13 years ago
I think he probably had a girl in his life that put him down, cuz he wasn't the trophy she thought he'd be. She was hurt by someone else who that to her, so now she's got a bad self-esteem. Her attacks are a defense mechanism. She doesn't wanna deal with her own inadequacy, so she tries to live to an image. I've dated girls like this. In fact, I'd say a lot of people are like this. I've never really cared for popular opinion, and people don't always get me. Being able to relate to Elliott is what makes his music so great. He appeals to the human aspect of people, all the superficial BS removed.

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