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(+44) – No It Isn't (Album Version) Lyrics 15 years ago
For some reason, i think the demo version was so much better.

it felt more deep to me. it flowed a lot better to, and wasn't as busy.

Nickelback – Rockstar Lyrics 15 years ago
A lot of sin is said in the song also. Drugs, sex, greed. Changing your simple life, for the crazy fast life.

Nickelback – Rockstar Lyrics 15 years ago
Ok, people need to understand, this song is a mock.

You don't need lyrics to listen to this song, its not hard to hear what he's saying.

If you listen closely, you can hear a person with with a very deep voice, almost as if its the Devil, giving what he wants (like selling your soul to the devil), "Tell me what you want." Just after, "This life hasn’t turned out, quite the way I want it to be"

I think of this song as a way of showing how many celebrities, sell there soul to the devil, by buying so much that they dont need.

Now, i'm not saying celebrities should buy a nice car, but why 15 of them?

Nickelback IS a christian band. They are not serious with this song. At least I hope not. I love Nickelback because of there songs that are filled with emotion and passion, not very hooks, and to sell albums JUST to make money.

Just to note, this is my take on the song, this is what i think. Take what you want from it. Songs are interpreted different from a lot of people.

The Offspring – Can't Repeat Lyrics 15 years ago
One of the greatest songs I have ever heard. Simple, but powerful. I can say, i'd love to live in the past, during the better memories, but all you can do is continue on, and make the best of your life.

New memories can be made, its how you do that matters.

Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness Lyrics 15 years ago
I used to think this song was about nothing.

And when i say nothing, i mean, just a song with a catchy beat, and stuff. i dont know.

Lostprophets – Rooftops Lyrics 15 years ago
A Liberation Broadcast

Angels and Airwaves – The Adventure Lyrics 16 years ago
When I first heard this, I was like, "whoa, is blink back?"

Then heard it was Tom's new band. I must say, this is one great song, and I can't stop listening to it.

Busta Rhymes – Touch It Lyrics 16 years ago
What the hell is this song about? Oh wait, nothing. Why I even ask.

superficial rap? money? "hoes"?

I actually gave this song a listen, I thing it was a different language though, cause i couldn't understand 75% of the song.

Matisyahu – King Without A Crown Lyrics 16 years ago
I love this guy. I've known about him for a little over a year now and I just recently heard this album version on my new Promo Only. This song is fantastic.

The album version will be on his next album, "youth."

Hawthorne Heights – Niki FM Lyrics 16 years ago
"Stalking is just another way of saying I love you."


Holly Valance – Kiss Kiss Lyrics 16 years ago
Just for everyones info...

Turkish Version, "Simarik" by Tarkan
Serbian Version, "Afrodizijak" by Jelena Karleusa
Arabic Version, "El Bawsi" by Rida and Nina boutros

Theres also another english version by Stella Soleil

Stellastarr* – Sweet Troubled Soul Lyrics 16 years ago
Wow... i can't stop listening to this song. It's so catchy, and I just love the beat. The lyrics are good too.

I can't seem to figure out the meaning, but maybe a girl who just like the guy for superficial reasons, and he wants to know her on a more emotional and true-to-heart level.

Nickelback – Cowboy Hat Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm as high as I'll ever be
I don't mind, Stay and see
They've all gone, Why don't we
Holding hands, you and me
But I'm as high as i'll ever be
But later on, lies to see
My past is gone, only from me
I'm alive

That part just makes my heart drop. This song is awesome. It reminds me a lot of this one girl I'm currently talkin to.

Silent Drive – 4/16 Lyrics 16 years ago
The bank was Ink Cartridge Funeral.

This song really gets me pumped. I'm one of those crazy BMW drivers you see on the high way passing you at 140 MPH, and this is the song i'm listening to.

Nickelback – Photograph Lyrics 16 years ago
Radio Edit = 3 min 54 sec
Album Ver = 4 min 18 sec

Kanye West – Diamonds from Sierra Leone Lyrics 16 years ago
I agree with amerikanzero.

As a stronge opposer towards MTV and the crap they play, I'm tired of these good artists going to new lows to keep up with the MTV standards of crap.

I really liked Kanye cause he wasn't all about the stupid things that get rapped about, like money, and exploitation of women. I liked Kanye and i HATE rap. He was unique in a good way, that made him stand out better. I first thought this song was about African's killing themselves over the Diamonds rich people buy, but I guess not. It's just another call out, or whatever they call 'em.

Sugar Ray – Under The Sun Lyrics 16 years ago
One part of the song seems to mention him missing someone, possibly a girl (guy?). As if he misses someone he used to be with, and now he's calling her out, asking her to come back to him. He's been thinkin' about her, and all he has is the memories. He doesn't want memories, he wants that person.

Coldplay – A Message Lyrics 16 years ago
Where are people getting the live versions from?

Michael Bublé – Feeling Good Lyrics 16 years ago
Great song. This guy's music is really growing on me.

About the song, it's pretty self-explainitory. He's singing about his new life, and how good he feels. Maybe a life-changing type thing. Nothings keeping him down. He has the world to explore.

Doves – Caught By The River Lyrics 16 years ago
I don't think it's a bad thing to like this song because you heard it on the O.C. The O.C. has done a lot of great things for those unheard artists that don't get played on the radio.

I'm tired of all that mainstream rap bullshit. Radio stations need to play more good music like this, a LOT more often, if they do at all. :-\ Which is kinda' why I dont listen to radio at all. (AT ALL!)

Great song. Nice comments in reference to its connection with suicide, and getting those to have fate in better times for life.

Destiny's Child – Soldier Lyrics 16 years ago
Haha, i gotta' laugh at some of the peoples comment who actually consider this "music."

And thanks strykerchick for clearing up the meaning of BK, cause until I read your comment, everytime i'd hear this song, i'd be reminded of Burger King and get hungry. Haha.

So this song has a metaphor huh? of being a "soldier" supposed to be tough, and "gotz sum street cred, yo!" Fuck off. I'm tired of these "thugz" (white or black, i'm not racist), pounding this shit "rap" music about 20 inch rims, and gold "TEEF." Makin up there own words, and just ,wow. "Hey dawg, les go cruize in my 5 MPG Escalade with 29 inch rims, and show off that i'm in debt to my knees. Hell yeah, i got 10 TVs in my ride! Shit!"

I like how some brought up that Desiny's child was all independent, and now they are relying on there thug boyfriends for "cash money dawg." Haha.

"IT"S JUST A SONG!" haha, yeah, well, this is just my comment. ;-P

Shakira – La Tortura Lyrics 16 years ago
It'd be cool if someone could translate some of the parts to this song. Cause i dont understand waht i means ;-)

Staind – Right Here Lyrics 16 years ago
I picked up the promo. I love staind. They helped me get through some tough times when i was a kid. All the albums rock, and hoping the same will happen with the new album coming up.

About the song: Sounds like a relationship between two who have the usual arguments and quarrels. But in the end, they can't let eachother go. Also, it's as if they are asking eachother, "will you be here for me, if i leave, cause I will be here for you, if you do."

Jimmy Eat World – Big Cars Lyrics 16 years ago
So does anyone understand the meaning of this song, cause I can't figure it out.

Jimmy Eat World – Big Cars Lyrics 16 years ago
I like this song, it was better then lying dressed imo

System of a Down – Lost In Hollywood Lyrics 16 years ago
Wow... SOAD, what can I say... they say what others don't with great vocals... glad someone high up there, with a voice thats being heard is saying the right things.

The Offspring – Can't Repeat Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is great. I just can't tell you how happy I get when I hear this song. It reminds me of how great the things in the past were for me. It seems that they can't get better, and this song just tells me that life will continue regardless. You can't stop time.

Nelly – Air Force Ones Lyrics 16 years ago
Nelly... oh man, what can i say that hasn't been said. He writes pointless songs, makes up his own words no one understands until they are decyrpted, and he's just... wow. RE-FU-CK-IN-TA-RD-ED.

I wonder how much Nike payed this dumb-fuck rapper to sing this song. People are fucking dying, and have never worn a pair of shoes in there life, this asshole writes songs about some shoes he replaced every day. I dont think Nelly knows these shoes he replaces everyday are being made my the innocent hands of lil kids in sweatshops.

Nelly, I dispise you along with all the other superficial fuckin retarded rappers out there who sing about materialistic shit.

I prefer rap that has soul, meaning, and emotion. J5 for instance.

T.I. – U Don't Know Me Lyrics 16 years ago
This songs for retarded gang bangers.

Rob Thomas – Lonely No More Lyrics 17 years ago
Some of the girls from the video are beautiful.

And Rob Thomas, yeah, he did sell out. How you might ask? He left his band to go solo, and make some pop song, when he used to be rock.

Why? Why would he do such a thing you ask? For more money, not for the music. Basically, he "sold... out." Say it now.

Although the song is catchy, knowing it was sang by someone who used to be a rock band makes it acceptable, just not in a way I'd like to have accepted it.

Audioslave – Be Yourself Lyrics 17 years ago
I always see people saying, "I love Soundgarden. I love RATM." Is this band made up of members from those other two bands?

Destiny's Child – Soldier Lyrics 17 years ago
Wow... are these girls serious? This song is extremely super-ficial and basing who your interested in by money, and "street credibility." That is just ridiculous, this song is ridiculous.

The name is what bothers me the most. "Gang bangers" and hood-lums running around on the street are NOT soldiers. Soldiers are people who fight for there country, and actually have meaning in life. These "gang bangers" and "hustlers" are not soldiers, they are dumb losers who run around shooting people with there "glocks."

Dumb, VERY dumb song. >:-\

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