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Garth Brooks – A Friend to Me Lyrics 6 years ago
this song is not called 'a friend in me' this is 'friends in low places'.

Bonnie Tyler – Blame Me Lyrics 14 years ago
she cheated!

Tabitha's Secret – Forever December Lyrics 14 years ago
im listening to this song right now, its a beautiful song.

Modest Mouse – Float On Lyrics 14 years ago
i love this song, makes me laugh my ass off everytime i hear it. really brightens my day =0)

Garth Brooks – She's Gonna Make It Lyrics 14 years ago
this reminds me of someone, not my own situation, but someone close to me. i still worry about that guy even though i havent seen him in a few years.

its a sad song, but its pretty.

Garth Brooks – Callin' Baton Rouge Lyrics 14 years ago
when i used to drink with my friends, garth brooks greatest hits cd was the one most commonly found in the cd player, this song and many others will always remind me of a simpler, more difficult time, nonetheless a very special time in my life. this song is a beautiful song, and every time i hear it, i see faces in my mind, of a bunch of drunk people butchering the shit out of this song lol, thats my story, i love this song though and thought it deserved comment.

Garth Brooks – A Friend to Me Lyrics 14 years ago
this is an excellent song, with excellent lyrics, and it reminds me of an excellent person.

Hootie & the Blowfish – Goodbye Girl Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this song is about a guy thats in love with a girl, but she wont drop her guard because shes been hurt before.

whatever it means, i think this is a beautiful not sire who sang the original, but im sure every version is good.

Phil Collins – Can't Stop Loving You Lyrics 14 years ago
obviously, he cant stop loving her lol. i love this song. at first it was kinda annoying, but the more i listened to it, it grew on me. its kinda touching, and in a way, i understand.

Yellowcard – One Year, Six Months Lyrics 14 years ago
this song reminds me of another time. it brings me back to another me, and old feelings. i love this song, it touches my heart.

Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue Lyrics 14 years ago
this is one of those songs that i could listen to a million times and not get sick of it. its kickass

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