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Pixies – Break My Body Lyrics 15 years ago
I think the first line is actually "I'm a horny loser." At least that's what it sounds like to me.

Pixies – Oh My Golly! Lyrics 15 years ago
La vida total es un porqueria, porqueria
is basically saying life is shitty (like swine)
Hecho menos mas que vida
is saying that he blames himself for it. I made this life.

One thing to keep in mind with this song and the Pixies other Spanish songs is that they are in Puerto Rican Spanish which is a notoriously bastardized version of the language. I remember having the original vinyl of this album which has the lyrics to this song printed on the cover (god, I wish I still had that) and I showed them to my highschool Spanish teacher who was Mexican. She laughed and told me that while she could translate all the individual words, the actually meanings of the sentences were all but lost on her. Combine that with Charles' already weird poetic sense and you've got quite a head scratcher.

Pixies – Bone Machine Lyrics 15 years ago
Charles Thompson has spoken at length in interviews about his lyric writing saying that usually his lyrics are added as an afterthought to the music and usually chosen mostly for the way they sound and feel thematically and not so much for what they specifically mean. So, trying to pick out any specific meaning for a Pixies song is a bit futile. I think the person who suggested that the lyrics are an inside joke is probably close to the mark.
This song fits in well with a lot of Charles' early themes of women of loose morals (whores), obscure culture (Japanese fast food) and generally macabre stuff.
I think "rice and beans in horse's lard" specifically refers to the diet Charles has often spoken of subsisting on when he lived for a short time in Puerto Rico. He even named his publishing company Rice and Beans Music because of this. It's hard to tell what he is saying about "our love" with that metaphor, though. Is he saying our love nourishing and simple or is it boring and a bit disgusting? Who knows. I don't think it should matter too much, but it sounds cool which is really the point.
By the way, I'm pretty sure that the line written here as "the days are lit like everyone" should actually be "they taste a bit like everyone" referring to her blistered (herpetic?) lips. I have a dvd of a live performance of this song and it seems pretty clear that is what is being said. It seems to fit better with the theme too. You know, her lips taste like she's been unfaithful to him with "everyone."

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