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èéô÷ñ – éù ìé çáøä Lyrics 18 years ago
This song means so much to me. I cry everytime I hear the words. I sit there and go 'Ouugha-frahdfm-bigglesworth' (which is how it is pronounced)...

in other words its a load of s......ymbols.

Franz Ferdinand – Michael Lyrics 18 years ago
I think Fraz Ferdinand's entire self-titled album is one big story. It goes from 'him' (the protagonist of the songs) meeting a girl he likes, taking her out and seeing that she's pretty cool and actually beginning to fall in love with her. Then he cheats on her with Michael, a prositute or erotic dancer... whathaveyou. Then he realises more fully what he has actually done and in the final song (40') he throws himself off a cliff.

Pretty heavy stuff... I can identify really strongly with this song... I have "thrown myself off a cliff" so many times it isn't funny, although I've never cheated on anyone, never been with a prostitute and I've never been in love with a girl before, I can still relate really closely. That's the beauty of this song.

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