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Wolf Parade – Father's Son Lyrics 16 years ago
i believe its:

i'll go in through your mouth
i'll draw three figures on your heart
one of them'll be me as a boy
one of them'll be me
one of them'll be me watching you run

Andrew Bird – Action/Adventure Lyrics 16 years ago
Though in the album version of this song he doesn't say "another" or "goddamn", he does sing it this way on several live recordings. And the rest of these lyrics are spot on, according to Andrew Bird's official website:

The c n b scene is correct.

Andrew Bird – Tables and Chairs Lyrics 16 years ago
*on red telephones
**there'll even be a band

i think the album sort of builds up to this song and that this is about heaven of some sort.

Elliott Smith – King's Crossing Lyrics 17 years ago
Not to mention he was playing the song live well before this album was recorded.

Tool – Opiate Lyrics 17 years ago
To the mad scientist, Inviltrist:

Micro evolution is not a fact. It's a well supported theory. Scientific tests have proven this, as well as disproved it. So while most scientists do indeed believe there's hard evidence that supports it, I'd hold off on calling it factual. Macro evolution, on the other hand, is not well supported. It requires one to believe that an entire isolated species can die off, and years later come back to life in the form of a new species. The gaps in fossil records is precisely why it's *not* very clear. As for the other things you mentioned regarding the world, nature, life, and why it needs a creator, let me ask you, since your knowledge is so abundant: Where did life originate? Are you under the belief we and this perfectly working universe are all the result of some strange cosmic accident? I ask you to ponder this:
and then tell me it's all just coincidental.

To Hail Maynard:

The bible has and cannot be disproven. The contradictions you speak of are a result of people's interpretations, much like many of Maynard's lyrics. There's obviously a good bit of reading material out there on this subject. You'd do yourself a favor by starting with a book called "Faith on Trial".

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