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Laibach – Geburt Einer Nation Lyrics 9 years ago
geburt einer nation = birth of a nation

Laibach – Die Liebe Lyrics 9 years ago
the Neu Konservatiw version is even better. noisy as fuck.

Laibach – Die Liebe Lyrics 9 years ago
love is the greatest power that creates everything.

Darkthrone – The Cult of Goliath Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is clearly about not trying to convert people to metal.

Amebix – The Darkest Hour Lyrics 14 years ago
this song has always gotten to me. it opens very negatively with someone ready and willing to accept death. it takes a bit of a positive turn in the middle, but still the narrator greets death, and submits that ultimately his death is of no consequence.

Cannibal Corpse – Vomit The Soul Lyrics 15 years ago
MudvayneFan66 is such a noob.

Nargaroth – Amarok - Zorn Des Lammes Lyrics 16 years ago
there's also a spoken intro to this song (the translation is mine):

Es war einmal vor langer Zeit,
in einem Dorf, das tief im Schlaf lag,
dass eine Wölfin aus der Unterwelt ins Reich der Menschen kam.

Sie wollte niemandem böses tun,
aber es gab jemanden, der ihr böses zufügen wollte...

Also lief sie davon... immer weiter... und weiter...
und sie beherzigte, was sie in der Welt erfahren hatte.

Also lief sie wieder zurück,
zurück durch den Wald.
Sie lief... und lief...
... sie ließ die Welt hinter sich,
und das Dorf, aus dem sie gekommen war.

Sie kroch wieder zurück in den Brunnen,
zurück in die Unterwelt...

A long time ago,
in a village where everyone was fast asleep,
a wolf came from the underworld into the realm of man.

She would do no one harm,
but there were those who would do her harm...

So she ran from there...ever farther...and farther...
and she took to heart what she had seen in the world

So she went back,
back through the forest.
She ran...and ran...
...she left the world behind
and the village from whence she came

She crept back into the well,
back into the underworld...

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