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Tori Amos – Hoochie Woman Lyrics 14 years ago
From what I understand it's not actually about the relationship between a man and a woman, but more a comment on the way record companies screw people over.

Tori Amos – Cars and Guitars Lyrics 14 years ago
Um... from what I've read this has nothing to do with children. I think it has to do with a guy, presumably husband. I'm looking for the quote...

"Do you ever start screaming in a car? Just having an argument, reliving an argument? And you go, 'What is it gonna take? What language is it going to take for us to communicate on this issue?' So I thought, what is the language that this guy understands? So I decided to become a car. One with the stick that he can put his hands on and maneuver. He can polish my rims. He can step inside me. Then I decided I could also become a guitar. He could pick me up and play me and I could listen to what he's trying to say. If I could just change my shape we could maybe get through this because it never was the cars and guitars that came between us."

Tori Amos – Blood Roses Lyrics 14 years ago
I would hardly call it "nonsense"

Tori Amos – Gold Dust Lyrics 15 years ago
I don't think it's about loss or regret at all. I believe the songs on this album were written while she took a year touring America... unless that was just a gimmick. So this could be about everything she saw and experienced. But in any case, it's about looking back on good times (childhood, perhaps?) fondly and realizing how lucky you were to have been able to have that experience. I deffinately don't think she lost anyone... I suppose it's possible that a relationship was ended but I think she's saying she's still friends with the person and doesn't have any resentment, because it's written as if she's talking to them.

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