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HIM – The Beginning of the End Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this is also my favorite song...or Our Diabolikal Rapture.

Both are amazing songs.

HIM – Gone With The Sin Lyrics 17 years ago
____Ok dude, just for the record, I'm not trying to start a fight either, it's just that my sister and a bunch of my friends are into HIM, so I am forced to listen to them a lot, which has resulted in me hating them even more____

You could go kill yourself, for me? Please?

Either way, I find it funny how you hate the band sooo much, yet instead of going onto other bands that you LIKE and using your time to get with other fans, you come onto a bands board you hate, and talk shit. I just find it funny.

Anyway, just go kill yourself please.

Thanks ;)

HIM – Buried Alive By Love Lyrics 17 years ago
What's that? Fuck you quiff? oh ok, look at what you posted

----My sister listens to this drippy shit, and it makes me want to put a gun in my own mouth.

Valo is a turd, cashing in on a bunch of girls who are going through puberty and are all hormonal, there is no other reason for their success, it certainly isn't because of talent, because they haven't got any. ----

You were pushing every HIM fans fucking buttons, so go die please.

Lol...HIM belongs to teens who feel they need to fit would be shitty ass Disturbed, Slipknot, and other "I-wish-I-was-angry" bands.

The only bands you listen to that are good, are Tool, RHCP, Pearl Jam, and Queen. The rest is shit.


HIM – Join Me In Death Lyrics 17 years ago
---A question for the fans: I'm kinda new to the band and for some reason, I've seen HIM broken down as "His Infernal Majasty" and "His Internal Majesty" and was curious which was correct. Thanks to he/she who answers.----

Nah, they are just HIM, His Infernal Majesty is a completely different band, and His Infernal Majesty was recently just changed to Infernal Majesty

and quiff, obviously no one here that likes HIM, likes you, so....leave? ok, thanks, bye.

I love HIM
and I like Bam, people think he needs to give more recognition to the band...but...without Bam, HIM would barely even be known in the US.

Eminem – Ass Like That Lyrics 17 years ago
^^^ no, he's making fun of Triumph. if you remember when Triumph went to talk to Marshall, and he pushed him away, and it was this big huge thing. Triumph just pisses Marshall off, as does TRL....sometimes

Linkin Park – Numb Lyrics 17 years ago
this song reminds me of taking shits

cause they sound similar

Tool – Maynard's Dick Lyrics 17 years ago
LOL reverend....

that was fucking hilarious

and yes, Tool is amazing

HIM – Dark Sekret Love Lyrics 17 years ago
awww how cute

screenwrite thinks he understands HIM!


HIM – Poison Girl Lyrics 17 years ago
do you notice the way he says "as we grew apart LIKE NEVER BEFORE"? something in his voice that makes me think he really feels that way

Its probably cause he does =)

HIM – (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
quiffporn likes it up the ass

HIM is fucking amazing, even better live =)

HIM – Don't Close Your Heart Lyrics 17 years ago
HIM and His Infernal Majesty are two different bands =)

HIM – Buried Alive By Love Lyrics 17 years ago're starting shit by talking shit about HIM. So go fuck yourself.

HIM is the best fucking band in the world

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge Lyrics 17 years ago
___Its about the pain caused by the band when Hillel Slovak died.
And its a fucking awsome song!!!!

I am the 1 numba Chili Pepper fan!!!
Any1 who thinks otherwise can challenge me to a duel!!! ____

Yup, you hardcore fan,

too bad that's not what the song means/

And whoever said it's about suicide..because of "the city of angels"


Everyone else that said it's about his heroine addiction is right, "where I drew some blood" someone said blood seeps out, and that's right.

and someone also said city of angels = LA thats also right =D


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