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Q And Not U – Soft Pyramids Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this song is about gentrification.

I think 'Soft Pyramids' refers to just the opposite of what the Egyptian Pyramids have been. They have last thousands of years, and stood hard, firm, and in place. I think what he means by Soft Pyramids is that the buildings constructed from gentrification are nothing but Soft Pyramids, that is they are like pyramids, grand in size, but soft, weak, not concrete, and nothing like the actual pyramids themselves.

"How can we ask for a blanket and a habitat?
How can we ask for a place.
We can't imagine it.
How can we ask for the brightest cities overnight? "

This is where I'm getting the gentrification from. He's asking how can we ask for a wonderful city to be built so quickly, yet provide for the needs of everyone. And he answers we can't, we can't even imagine it.

"Internationally fashioned, like disease.
Patterned always yes, (maybe no)."

I think this part suggests that gentrification has spread globally as well. Globalization. Who knows, this is what I got from it though.

All the chequelist stuff I think is referring to those benefiting from gentrification, and him telling them that they better kiss that money, because look what its cost them.

Beauty about Q and Not U is that it is so open, that everyone can bring something different to the table and give it their own personal meaning, without being wholly abstract (meaning that the songs are not so vague that one guy can claim that a song is about hating black people while another thinks its about fighting racism *bad analogy, I know)

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