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Prince – Let's Go Crazy Lyrics 17 years ago
(\ /) (^)
(^-^) \|/ |=====|
<((__))>3 | $ |
'" "' ---,--'<@ |_______|

tulipbunny rose money

Prince – Paisley Park Lyrics 17 years ago
This was the first song that ever made me cry when I found out what it meant. .

Ashlee Simpson – Lala Lyrics 17 years ago
I guess SOMEONE in the Simpson family isnt waiting until theyre married...

I think lala means masturbate.

Pink – There You Go Lyrics 17 years ago
This is a solid first single


Pink – Lonely Girl (feat. Linda Perry) Lyrics 17 years ago
best song on the album hands down.

How many of us have this life!!!???!?!


Prince – Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? Lyrics 17 years ago
the vocals have a lot of feeling. I like it.


Prince – The Beautiful Ones Lyrics 17 years ago
right from where you left off 2 years ago:

Said I want you
tell me baby, do u want me
I gotta know, I gotta know
baby baby baby
listen 2 me
I may not know where Im goin baby
Said I may not know where I'll be
but one thing, One thing is for certain
I know what I want, yeah
and its to please yu baby, please yu baby
Im beggin' down on my knee
I want u
Yeah I do
baby baby baby I want you
yes I do.

I had to write that down to cause thats where all the passion is. Thats when the girls go nuts at the concert. I was amazed when I heard/saw this live.


Prince – Alphabet St. Lyrics 17 years ago
This song means a whole lotta fun to me!


Prince – Adore Lyrics 17 years ago
No on has commented on this because....?
This song makes me melt.
I went to the Musicology tour and he sang it live.
I almost died.

Prince – When You Were Mine Lyrics 17 years ago
This girl cheated on him until she left him, for the the guy she was cheatin with. And now he watches both of them.
Good song!

Prince – 1999 Lyrics 17 years ago
Oh yeah. Big mamas and papas fan. keyboard based on 'monday Monday' ba da, ba da da.

Prince – Pussy Control Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is about Heidi Fleiss. He went to her on of her parties when Jack Nicholson was their back in 92.

Prince – Little Red Corvette Lyrics 17 years ago
The line "you need a love thats gonna last"
is about actual love. He is repremanding her about having loveless sex all the time. Even the he knows he will succumb, because, hey its saturday!

Evanescence – Going Under Lyrics 17 years ago
This whole album is like a story to me. (some songs seem out of order, I would put "everybody's fool" as a further down track) It opens with Someone rebelling against God. God is infringing on this persons supposed rights. This person thought she was doing so much for him, And this person has seen nothing in return from God so far. Thats this person feels the need to break free. Free into the world.

"My Immortal" Describes how hard it is to be apart from God.

In "Everybody's fool" she realizes the truth about the world.

"Bring me to life" Should be at the end of this Story, where this Fallen angel reconciles with God

This is just my theory, thats how these songs make me feel. Very Dramatic. I play them in the order of the story (whish is mostly in order in the first place)

Evanescence – Everybody's Fool Lyrics 17 years ago
Hiya synth shadow.
I was totally on to that "Babylon" thing from the very moment I heard it a few years ago. OK I didnt actually think Babylon, rather the whole 'badness of Earth'. the way the planet has turned out, doesnt she have lovely temptations and superficialities?
That being said, this song is older than the video (which I havent seen yet, I will LAUNCH it) So I dont know how it effects the meaning.
But it is sad how shallow the song seems to people, that will never understand how deep it is.
The whole album seems like a storybook to me.

PS doesnt her voice sound mournful in this song?

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