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Queens of the Stone Age – The Bronze Lyrics 14 years ago
that guitar is fucking amazing.

Death Cab for Cutie – A Movie Script Ending Lyrics 15 years ago

Death Cab for Cutie – A Movie Script Ending Lyrics 15 years ago
I was at a Death Cab concert in Seattle, and I live in Bellingham. They asked if anyone was from Bellingham, and we jumped up and down and screamed, etc. Then they played this song...this is about Bellingham, Washington, one of the best towns to ever grace the earth. Yes, Railroad does smell, and there are a few porn shops on Holly. I love it, and I wish they would come back and play a homecoming concert....

Death Cab for Cutie – Sleep Spent Lyrics 15 years ago
i'm so proud of death cab...they are magnificent. they're from my town, bellingham. this song makes me think of a lazy sunday here, sun on the bay and the mountains. and whenever i listen to this song, i can imagine them playing at one of our venues. gives me a smile. beautiful. i wish everyone could experience this.

Pearl Jam – Fatal Lyrics 15 years ago
i LOVE this song. simple and beautiful. vedder's voice is an instrument in itself.
i think its talking about a corporate businessman, and his daily life and decisions, and the lyrics are eddie's look into his life from a third person point of view. no matter how successful or high-up in the food chain you get, 'the answers are fatal'. i especially love the ending, how soft eddie's voice gets as it fades into the next track.

Violent By Design – Sing The Sorrow Lyrics 15 years ago
I wonder if this has anything to do with AFI's record, sing the sorrow?

Johnny Cash – A Satisfied Mind Lyrics 15 years ago
this is beautiful because it is true. lots of people don\'t learn this lesson before they die, and therefore die with an unsatisfied mind.
i hope johnny cash died with a satisfied mind.

Eighteen Visions – Motionless and White Lyrics 15 years ago
yup cocaine, yup addiction, yup a lost and high lover.
haha i love their drug references.
and yeah, they did go overboard a little bit later on.

Eighteen Visions – I Don't Mind Lyrics 15 years ago
this song gets kinda boring, a song that begins to stick in your head after a while.
their old stuff rocks, and the new videos and such i don't think are that good.
as for the SONG MEANING.....a guy whos screwing a drugged up whore, and doesn't care. simple enough.

The Mars Volta – Son et Lumière Lyrics 15 years ago
a good intro.

The Mars Volta – Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) Lyrics 15 years ago
ahh...i am in love with the mars volta.

Hawthorne Heights – The Transition Lyrics 15 years ago
ahh...emo people.
its about a transition.
who has diamond eyes? i think they added that because its just catchy.
and that line is why i like this song.

Hawthorne Heights – Do You Have A Map Cause I'm Lost In Your Eyes Lyrics 15 years ago
a really bad pickup line.

Incubus – Nowhere Fast Lyrics 15 years ago
i like the sitar, or whatever the hell it was.

The Smashing Pumpkins – X.Y.U. Lyrics 15 years ago
i like the drumming in the intro.
i also thought that their bassist has her own band now, aufdermaur.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Stumbleine Lyrics 15 years ago
my favorite line is the last:

come around ruby i could never sleep alone

if i remember correctly, 'thru the eyes of ruby' comes before this song on the mellon collie album.
a good song, i first heard it last night after a painful breakup. very soothing.

The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979 Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is my childhood between the riffs.

Courtney Love – Mono Lyrics 16 years ago
wow, phoebe_wheatherfield, thats really mature. hm...lets take a minute to step back and analyze, okay? i'm going to this site to say that i don't like courtney love, not to start something. you're starting something by choosing to take offense to someone you so obviously (and stupidly) idolize. i'm only stating my opinion, and according to you ("ok i respect that everyone has their own opinion"-phoebe_weatherfield) thats totally fine, so whats the point of making that ignorant remark? oh i know, because i don't agree with your teenybobber antics! that must be it! get a life? that comment is straight out of fourth grade, thus suggesting you have the brain capacity of someone who would belong there. find some music that i really like? why don't you go to my artists page on songmeanings and look at THOSE artists, i pray that miraculously you will find an artist worth listening to, instead of someone who admits that she 'lies' in her lyrics.

Dropkick Murphys – Fields of Athenry Lyrics 16 years ago
lol. true irish.
i downloaded this song (arrest me bitch) and i always remembered the line

Against the Famine and the Crown
I rebelled they ran me down

i don't know why that stands out in my mind, but it just does. simple but important line...
the famine affected my family, my dad's side moved from there to eventually kansas, and my mom's to idaho. fuck the british, they always think they are better than everyone else, in india, in ireland, in america. screw them. it just pisses me off. but then again americans themselves during the famine werent exactly welcoming to the boatloads of starving irish, it's like the british lineage here has carried on that attitude.

Courtney Love – Mono Lyrics 16 years ago
she killed him, plain and simple. and for you, phoebe_weatherfield, to deny something so obvious is just another ingredient contributing to your overall ignorance. give me a break.
look, i don't want to argue about who killed who, we should'nt. this is about SONGMEANINGS.
and what i have to say about this song is that i think it sucks.

Marcy Playground – Sex And Candy Lyrics 16 years ago
dude i listened to this when i was a little girl and i just heard it on my radio a few days ago. so sexy....i've always loved this song.

KoЯn – Right Now Lyrics 16 years ago
die all of you

Interpol – Specialist Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is so sexy....i was with my bf and my friend turned this song on.....soooo hot. when we heard "i don't like my clothes anymore" we laughed...good times... :-)
as for the meaning.....its defenately about sex...but in a weird way....its like he is controlling the girl...thinking that he is the "specialist". or maybe its just off the movie.

French Kicks – So Many Cakes Lyrics 16 years ago
i think this song is about someone helping someone else throw a party...and the person is the same to every person that comes through the door (your face sings from--from friend to foe). kind of like a dysfunctional christmas party. then when the party is done, sex with the person who helped you throw it!
actually.....thats probably the way it turns out anyway in real life.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – Speakers Push The Air Lyrics 16 years ago
'the girl heard an album that changed her life and she uses music to escape.' -ohpioneer
thats just what happened to me when i started listening to music and really getting into it.
i love this song, it speaks to me. kickass, man.
sevenislucky is right...those are the best parts...but i really love it when the guys come in...and the drumming accents the entire thing.

The Walkmen – We've Been Had Lyrics 16 years ago
i like the piano in this. good song.

Rise Against – State Of The Union Lyrics 16 years ago
i can't believe no one has commented on this song!
well i think that this song pretty much explains itself. i love the screaming, the intro, and the first verse. very nice. its just about how america can suck sometimes, and yes, it can. and about the hell we will recieve because we've slaughtered thousands of innocent people. sucks.

Interpol – Evil Lyrics 16 years ago
to me, it seems like two things in this song jump out at me....the setting of the beach (Feeling real tan, Yea maybe to the beach, The faces in the sand) and the instance of the "trial". i think its a song about something that happened on the beach, and how he was set up to look like he did it: (Leave some shards under the belly, Lay some grease inside my hand) and about the trial (It's a sentimental jury, It took a life span with no cellmate , But, hey, who's on trial?) and how she could have testified against him and now she's "evil": (tell them how your pleasures set up on slow release).
maybe, i don't know, just trying to piece another thing together.

Led Zeppelin – Since I've Been Loving You Lyrics 16 years ago
wow i actually do hear the squeak while i'm listening to it right now....
yeah this is a good love making song...and a exceptional blues song.
is that a keyboard in the background?

I open my front door, hear my back door slam,
You must have one of them new fangled back door man.

not my favorite part of the song but the best lyrics in my opinion...also the 'since i've been loving you' repetitiveness by itself is the best part.
the guitar is so sexy! makes my spine tingle. page really is a god.
thanks for the idea...i'll play this when my boyfriend is over next time.

The Darkness – Givin' Up Lyrics 16 years ago
i agree with gimpy all the way. long live zeppelin.
i like this song because its about drugs. lots of song about "brown" rock.
this is also an easy song to figure out.

Coheed and Cambria – A Favor House Atlantic Lyrics 16 years ago
so what if its about some stupid comic book i dont give a shit i like the somg because it remindes me of a girlfriend i had i loved her so much and she left me dead inside. without her i cant go on happy it will never be the same she was the only thing that ment something to me ill never forget her

Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild Lyrics 16 years ago
im like just turnning in to a teen and i cant get over this song i love it. its still ROCKS OUT LOUD!!! its still a number one ASSKICKER!!! and its #64 on vh1s hard rock bands so it shows that the legend lives on.

Misfits – Fiend Club Lyrics 16 years ago
i love this song it kicks so much ass its not even funny its pure evil. and thats the way it should stay evil all the time. see i cant stop go old school misfit rock on...evil all the time

The Mars Volta – Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) Lyrics 16 years ago
this is a kickass song ilove it. in fact i'm listening to it now what do ya know?

Leftover Crack – Gang Control Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this song is about how cops suck. and they do. and how about this govenment in general sucks, and how everything around the world is out of control thanks to us:

around the globe it's outta hand
from the states to iran
across the ocean, back again
England, Zaire and Japan

this is also about how we're controlled ourselves by the government and their minions, otherwise known as cops, civilians recruited by the U.S., 'palefaces in blue' 'hunting' their fellow citizens:

Protecting the money and out serving the state
Crushing the people with the laws they created

making sure we 'abide to enslave':

With municipal shovels they're out digging our graves
Under threat of reprisal we abide to enslave

but it's also about how we can resist:

Policia, policia; why can't you see
Your bullets will never pacify me
I don't fight the world; the world fights me

very good song, kickass band.

Something Corporate – Forget December Lyrics 16 years ago
one time i had a really bad december, and this song makes me think of it. just like everyone else that has commented here. i don't want to think about it.

Something Corporate – Konstantine (Live from Ready...Break) Lyrics 16 years ago
um....his voice sounds like a backstreet boy's on this track....
but i do like the part:

And Konstantine is coming down the stairs
Doesn't she look good standing in her underwear?

that just struck me in a slightly perverted way.

Melissa Auf Der Maur – Taste You Lyrics 16 years ago
I need feeling come on
I need it louder than bombs
Come to me plug it in
So I can digest you

wow i really like this song and the music itself is wonderful but the lyrics are a lil nasty if you know what i mean. kind of sick yet pleasing....probably is about anal sex....

Evanescence – My Immortal Lyrics 16 years ago
thats what practically everyone is saying. *oh it's so beautiful it makes me cry amy lee is an angel blah blah blah*. you're all a bunch of losers that would'nt know real music if it fucked you in the ass.

Evanescence – My Immortal Lyrics 16 years ago
when i saw that video i wanted to cry, not because i was touched but because i could'nt believe what the mainstream was coming to. britney spears is bad we need this pathetic goth-poser that just so happens to have a beautiful voice! miraculous! i can only take so much sluts hanging off buildings wearing tattered dresses...but when record companies want to sell rock using the same tactics that the goonies hired by pop singers come up with then it truly angers me. amy lee makes me sick! even the lyrics suck! that song could'nt have taken the people they hired more than 20 minutes to write. maybe there is some soul....i heard that bitch and her lover broke up or something and that sucks but why don't you deal with it and actually write some lyrics instead of expressing it by wearing rags on your feet? the image only lasts so long. but the meaning lasts forever. it's the goddamn truth.

Something Corporate – If You C Jordan Lyrics 16 years ago

Something Corporate – If You C Jordan Lyrics 16 years ago
hey. who cares if she is a redhead. i mean, come on.

Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down Lyrics 16 years ago
i dont really like DC...i'll put up with them though. it just seems to me it's always about some dude with some chick loving each other and it ends up beautiful or tragic....which is nice. FOR PEOPLE WITH INCREDIBLY SHORT ATTENTION SPANS. come on...find another subject, will you? i'm sure not all the songs from DC are about that....i'm sure they're heartfelt or whatever about another subject but it just seems that whenever i hear them it is always about loving someone....and that is important but there are some things that are just as important.

Sum 41 – We're All To Blame Lyrics 16 years ago
wow. i scoll down here and i'm seeing DIE DIE DIE.....c'mon ppl relax. killing does prove much. wisewiz is right, so verbally slaughter somewhere else. settle it on aim or something. get a grip.
anyway......i love this song. i dont like sum 41 all that much, but to me this is a song that whenever i hear it i like it a little bit more. it's simple and it gets the point across....and i don't think that they are only talking about iraq....this applies everywhere. i especially like the part about 'the man of the year'....looks like the man for the next four years though....

Pearl Jam – Do the Evolution Lyrics 16 years ago
To me this song is like man mocking himself; saying 'oooh look how advanced i am!' and when someone questions him and asks why things are the way they are he just answers with 'it's evolution baby!'. i know, simple. i love the song though, i'm addicted to it. on my comp i have the live version instead of the album version, and frankly i think it sound 100% better, the album version sounds like shit....eddie sounded like he had a throat thing or somethin going on....

Modest Mouse – Ocean Breathes Salty Lyrics 16 years ago
i listen to modest mouse for the guitar.....i do like this song though.
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