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Bishop Allen – Chinatown Bus Lyrics 12 years ago
the chorus is actually:
"I, I am a passenger tonight,
I watch the world
From inside"

anyhow, i love the cute details in all of the stories bishop allen sings. i'm seeing them in sf... yay!

Bishop Allen – Butterfly Nets Lyrics 12 years ago
probably my favorite by bishop allen (though it's so hard to choose!). the melody has such a sweet sentiment throughout, it reminds me of being young and filled with wonder. and though it might be about letting go of someone special, it's about doing so without any resentments or regret, and welcoming whatever may happen. i like to listen to it when i'm sad because it makes me hopeful. the saxophone part just makes me float...

Bishop Allen – flight 180 Lyrics 12 years ago
it's about how we might go through the mundane motions, but underneath whatever we do or say, we just want to be loved (find someone to dance with)... i love to listen to it when i'm feeling lonely.

The Network – Roshambo Lyrics 14 years ago
About having faith in someone no matter what. Someone you can always count on... damn, I wish someone sang this to me.

Green Day – She's a Rebel Lyrics 14 years ago
i just love the way billie says the word "saint"

Grandaddy – Why Took Your Advice Lyrics 14 years ago
i guess it's about following someone's advice but things didn't turn out as expected or it only let you down; now you're wondering why you bought into it in the first place

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