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Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Lyrics 16 years ago
I don't dislike it cause it's old. There's plenty of old music I love (possibly more so than anything out at the moment).

But Rolf Harris' version is far superior.

Pulp – Underwear Lyrics 16 years ago
I have been the girl in the song.

It's about being slightly too drunk to make a rational decision, and then realising rather too late that you really don't want to go through with this. Standing semi - conscious in his room thinking of how the **** you're going to get out of this one, cause you're really not ready, but being too drunk to do anything rational and sitting down on the bed in a blind panic.

Pulp – Wickerman Lyrics 16 years ago
I like the sample of the song from "The Wicker Man" in the middle of the song.

I'm not sure of the name of the song, but it's the one Britt eckland sangs when she's dancing around nekkid trying to seduce Edward Woodward.

Pulp – Mis-Shapes Lyrics 16 years ago
I love the part of the video in the toilets, and on the wall, there is a list of "Pulp" "Wet wet wet" crossed out by the fans of the other band.

Hee hee!

Jarvis really does despise Wet Wet Wet, doesn't he?

This was our anthem when it came out. We were 17 and we were big time geeks.

For the first time in forever, we were actually cool!

Pulp – I Want You Lyrics 16 years ago
This makes me think of my ex.

He was a bit of a nutcase.

Crowded House – It's Only Natural Lyrics 16 years ago
It's sexy! I can't help glancing over at my other half, or at least thinking of him when they sing
"Please let me have my way with you".

Crowded House – I'm Still Here (Author Unknown) Lyrics 16 years ago
I love this.
It's like they didn't to end Woodface on a bad note, so they stuck this on.

More recently it has made me smile hearing Paul voice singing "I'm still here". It's a bit weird, but it does kind of stop you feeling morose about his death, by remembering what joy he brought.

But hell, I miss him.

Chris De Burgh – The Girl With April In Her Eyes Lyrics 16 years ago
MC Hammer, now there's a man who knows his own trousers.

I wonder if any of his lyrics are on here..not that I'm sure there is any deep and hidden meanings in them....

David Bowie – Alabama Song Lyrics 16 years ago
Kurt Weill did write this, but he wasn't a broadway writer.

He wrote songs to accompany the plays of Burthold Brecht as part of the Berliner Ensemble who ended up in America in the 1930s after being hounded out by the Nazis.

This is from the Play "Baal" in which Bowie appeared.

Kurt Weill also wrote "Mack the Knife" from "The Beggars opera" amongst other things.

Radiohead – Morning Bell/Amnesiac Lyrics 16 years ago
I much prefer this evrsion. But it is genuinly terrifying.

It makes me have nightmares about drowning.

*Must take valium now*

David Bowie – Across the Universe (The Beatles cover) Lyrics 16 years ago

I love David Bowie, he is a truely brilliant and original artist, but christ almighty, he crapped all over this from a great height.

I think it was when he was on the coke.

Suede – Heroine Lyrics 16 years ago
Not sure about it being about drugs, but the prostitute thing, yes.

To me it's about the romanticism of tragedy, and the aspiration ,almost, that some people have to like a tragic life like Marilyn Monroe.

And the character in the sone is one of these people, he doesn't see her as just a prostitute, he sees her as his tragic heroine, like the black and white pictures he has pinned to his wall.

Chris De Burgh – The Girl With April In Her Eyes Lyrics 16 years ago
Why thank you, (), I hope it inspires you to listen to some of the greatest and most beautiful druidian meglomaniac music ever written.

If you like Warhammer and the paintings of the pre-raphelite school, then I am sure you will love this.

Queen – Keep Passing The Open Windows Lyrics 16 years ago
It's also a recurrent line in The Hotel new Hampshire By John Irving, so maybe one of them is a fan?

Super Furry Animals – Juxtapozed With U Lyrics 16 years ago
It always struck me as being about a bit of casual sex.

Queen – Tenement Funster Lyrics 16 years ago
Not keen on the song, but I love the piano outro into Flick of the Wrist.

Queen – Misfire Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it is about sex.

John Deacon has about 39 children, so he's always been very careful not to "Misfire".

It's the only one where John played lead guiter. I think it's great.

Chris De Burgh – The Girl With April In Her Eyes Lyrics 16 years ago
You like chris de Burgh!

And you admit it.

And you can't spell you.

And it appears that a sense of humour has sadly eluded you. (but aparently you do "hgave shit hole")

See ya!

In fact... GOD BYE! (What ever that means).

The Beatles – I Call Your Name Lyrics 16 years ago
Hiya wok, took a while, but I just think it's about someone who's cut up about a split.

Asking himself over and over again what he did wrong, yadaya, you get the idea.

Split Enz – Bold As Brass Lyrics 16 years ago
Well, I never!

Split Enz – Stuff and Nonsense Lyrics 16 years ago
A realist love song maybe.

I like it because it's honest.

Crowded House – How Will You Go Lyrics 16 years ago
It's about Tim's alchoholic friend who dies of chirrosis.

Crowded House – When You Come Lyrics 16 years ago
I have to go with the obvious here, maybe it's my filthy mind, but:

"Burning and exploding like a slow volcano"????

What's that's about??? A Faulty hosepipe?!

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Lyrics 16 years ago
Nothing as hilarious as satanists.

Like evangelists with better clothes.

Split Enz – Bold As Brass Lyrics 16 years ago
I have no clue about what this song is about, but it makes me happy and dance like a berk.

Lots of leg shaking, maybe carrying on even though you look like a berk and doing your own gubbins.

I love this.

Rob Gilies wrote the words, but I dunno much else....

Split Enz – Dirty Creature Lyrics 16 years ago
Wow! Monsters!

I like the bit where he gets his head chopped off in the video.

Split Enz – Amy (Darling) Lyrics 16 years ago
Maybe I'm biased, but this is brilliant!

Ah lovely lovely!!!

I like Phil's little posh jiggerpokery at the beginning. And Tim's just fab.

And evn though it makes me need the toilet, I like the way it runs in from Under The wheel via a stream.

It's just about love, but that's enough cause it's the best song ever.

Ever ever ever!

Queen – Thank God It's Christmas Lyrics 16 years ago
Now, stop me if you think I'm going over board, but I think this song is about celebrating christmas........

Queen – Get Down, Make Love Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this song contains a subliminal message to skip to the next track, as I always feel strangely compelled to do so when it comes on...oh bollocks!, it's sleeping on the sidewalk..skip! Skip!!! SKIP!!!

And it's even worse on Live Killers.

Queen – Headlong Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it about the fantastic portability of Batchelor's Cuppa Soup.

Hence the line about "soup in the laundry bag" - you can even take it down the lauderette!

Queen – A Human Body Lyrics 16 years ago
I do love your argument about 50 Cen,t kinda perplexed as to what it has to do with a Capatin Scott, quite.

This song makes me laugh.

He wrote about cars, he wrote about tenements, and then he wrote about antarctic discovery!

Roger Taylor's greatest hits!!!!

McFly – Room On The Third Floor Lyrics 18 years ago
Is Michael J Fox planning to sue?

Chris De Burgh – The Girl With April In Her Eyes Lyrics 18 years ago
This is the tale about Chris in his crazy, psychadelic uni days.

The "snow" refers Chris' burgeoning cocaine problem. He refused to share his huge stash with the other students wheo became resentful.
As a prankl, one of the female students pretended to faint outside of Chris' door, knowing that hewould not be able to resist the lure of a young maiden who could not put up a fight.

Sure enough he winched her into his room (he is only 3'2"), and went off to get some robes and a pointy hat to "bedeck" his lady in.

When he left the room, the girl went over to his table, piled high with columbia's finest. As not to damage the varnish on his priceless antique bureau desk, he had been doing his lines on a clander, decorated with pre raphelite woman (obviously). So the girl bent over to suck some of his stsh up, when chris came back into the room, and she jumped, causing the calender to become lodged in her eye.

Chris then took advantage of the situation and chained her up in his student dungeon, and made her his bride.

They are still together till this very day.....

The End

The Beatles – I Call Your Name Lyrics 18 years ago
I love this ong, but I prefer the Mamas and the Papas cover. I think what it's about is kinda obvious.

The Beatles – Glad All Over (Carl Perkins cover) Lyrics 18 years ago
Maybe, but it's the Dave Clarke Five who sang it, not the Beatles.

The Beatles – A Taste of Honey Lyrics 18 years ago
I don't really like this version. I like the tijuana sound of Brass version, which was later propelled to fame as the "4DJ" song on Chris Evans' breakfast show on Radio 1.

Pulp – Little Girl (With Blue Eyes) Lyrics 18 years ago
I think it is about the victim of child abuse.

Queen – Tie Your Mother Down Lyrics 18 years ago
Incest rears it's ugly head again...

Queen – I Can Hear Music Lyrics 18 years ago
I think this means they really like the Beach Boys.

Queen – Coming Soon Lyrics 18 years ago
Sex on a train.

Crowded House – Walking on the Spot Lyrics 18 years ago
This sounds like the dying rasp of a loveless marraige. They try to keep up the pretence, but it's no use.

Crowded House – Kare Kare Lyrics 18 years ago
Kare Kare is the beach where they made "Together Alone", and they used a friend's house as a recording studio. Lion's rock on Kare Kare Beach is also referred to on "Into the Sunset" on One-Nil By Neil.

Chris De Burgh – Spanish Train Lyrics 18 years ago
And they never let him back on the 3.15 to Paddington again.

Tom Jones – Delilah Lyrics 18 years ago
This is referring to a night at a swinger's club and the role playing games invloved. The same night was alsothe inspriation for "Patricia the Stripper" by Chris De Burgh

Chris De Burgh – Patricia The Stripper Lyrics 18 years ago
This alludes to a night of role play, that Chris and his wife had at a swinger's party. Tjis is also refrred to in "delilah" by Tom Jones.

Chris De Burgh – Don't Pay The Ferryman Lyrics 18 years ago
This is about an unfortuanate trip to Wallasey, in which Chris was short of change, and pretended that he was dead.

Chris De Burgh – The Painter Lyrics 18 years ago
This is about our hero (the rumplestiltskin-esque De Burgh), having another one of his medieval acid trips.
He often visualises a demonic painter trying it on with his missus. When actually we already know Chris has her cahined up in his 1350 castle dungeon.

Split Enz – Dirty Creature Lyrics 18 years ago
I thought it was about depression, nasty pasty that it is.

David Bowie – Little Bombardier Lyrics 18 years ago
This is the most tragic song I have ever heard, and I think all those stupid people who keep harrassing innocent people (like paediatricans) and accusing them of being kiddy fiddlers, should take heed!

George Michael – Careless Whisper Lyrics 18 years ago
Careless talk costs lives!

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