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Blink-182 – Reebok Commercial Lyrics 14 years ago
Never heard it, but hey, it's origional Blink, right?

I'm downloading it right now.

Oh yeah... it's late, and I'm REALLY tired!

Blink-182 – Degenerate Lyrics 14 years ago
Pointless indeed... somehow, I think it's best that way.

Blink-182 – Just About Done Lyrics 14 years ago
In my not-so-humble opinion, you are not a true Blink fan unless you LOVE this song...

First time I heard it, I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world. It IS the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but I laugh every time I listen to it. Bless those Blinkers.

Jimmy Eat World – Work Lyrics 14 years ago
the song is about sex after prom...

think about that while you read the lyrics; it all makes sense.

PS: let me make it simple. EVERY song from this CD is about sex!

Green Day – Give Me Novacaine Lyrics 14 years ago
Dude, you guys overcomplicate things... All I know is that this is DEFINATLY a drug song. I was going to quote a line to prove it, but I couldn't pick which one... SO MANY!

Green Day – St. Jimmy Lyrics 14 years ago
Just how much time DO you guys have?

Get a job; wait... no. GET LAID!!!! WEEEEEEE!!!

Fastball – Sooner Or Later Lyrics 14 years ago
First to write... nice.
Anyway, this is a great pick-me-up song, kinda like Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle". Basically, it's about a guy who's been pushed around, and is finally making a stand for himself (WATERBOY!). Props to Fastball.

Green Day – Outsider (Ramones cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
Cool song; heard it in "The New Guy," my favorite movie. Rock on!

Feeder – Buck Rogers Lyrics 14 years ago
The name "Buck Rogers" comes from a space hero who was sent 500 years into the future and returns to earth. My suggestion is that the part where he says "let's start over again" has something to do with this.

Good song; rock on!

Blink-182 – Josie Lyrics 14 years ago
so many replies mine will hardly make a difference, but anyway...

mark says he wrote this song to describe the PERFECT girl. notice it says nothing about the way she looks... that was a great idea, dude.

my favorite blink songs: josie, GOING AWAY TO COLLEGE (i dont think anyone put that), apple shampoo, m+ms, wasting time ('nother great love song), carousel, dammit, online songs, all the small things, and the rock show (mainly for the awesome music video).

props from another fan, guys

The Commodores – Brick House Lyrics 14 years ago
wow... i thought more people would like this. well, it's a great funk song, and besides saying this woman is a "brick house" (whatever that means), it has no meaning.

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