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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside Lyrics 12 years ago
To everyone who is getting it horribly wrong:

In the book "Scar Tissue," Anthony explicitly states that Otherside is about drug addiction.

There you have it! amazing! Crazy! Wow! Who knew? Who could know?

Stone Temple Pilots – Big Empty Lyrics 12 years ago
her name is what it means = heroin, perhaps?

dunno. makes sense.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Long Way Down Lyrics 12 years ago
this song reminds me of the 90s :D

The Goo Goo Dolls – Black Balloon Lyrics 12 years ago
kaaceday, you're wrong. stop making stuff up. most heroin users can find their veins without the use of a tourniquet.

black tar heroin often comes packaged in balloons.

and there's no way in hell this is about abortion. "that was your womb".. = "that was your protection"

i hate when people find the smallest details in a song and make it relate to something completely unrelated

D12 – Purple Pills Lyrics 13 years ago
Does Bizarre smoke crack?
Can't get jobs 'cause our arms show tracks

Nirvana – Downer Lyrics 13 years ago
portray sincerity
act out of loyalty
defend your free country
wish away pain
hand out lobotomies
to save little families
surrealistic fantasy
bland boring pain

all we know is restitution
living out your day of fusion
it's the police coming faster
don't feel guilty masturbating

somebody said that they're not much like i am
i know i can make enough of the words
you go along, i sing then some

sickening pessimist
hypocrite master
conservative communist
apocalyptic bastard
thank you dear god
for putting me on this earth
i feel very privileged
in your debt for my thirst

Modest Mouse – Four Leaf Clover Lyrics 13 years ago
a correction to my correction:

"You act like you're plenty okay and are you okay though?"
There's a 'like' in there, i left it out :P

Modest Mouse – Four Leaf Clover Lyrics 13 years ago
I hear this:

got an open mouth and open sores too
got an oversized opinion of you
got a long race with no chance to lose
got an oversized opinion for two

got an open mouth and open sores too
got an indifferent opinion of you
got an open mouth and nothing to lose
got an oversized opinion of you

oh, knocked down
take back these pictures off the ground
oh, knocked down

you act like i'm plenty okay and i'm not okay though
well think it over, i've got a four leaf clover
you act like i'm plenty okay and i'm not okay though
think it over, i've got a four leaf clover

you act you're plenty okay and are you okay, though?
well think it over, i've got a four leaf clover
you act you're plenty okay and are you okay, though?
you think it over, i keep just getting nauseous

And, assuming these are the correct lyrics, you can see that this song's about a break up. :)

Modest Mouse – Convenient Parking Lyrics 13 years ago
Isn't it ironic that he hides the word plastic like he would hide the word "cut"? :)


Modest Mouse – Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice on Ice, Alright Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is one of the many on LCW that deal with crystal meth. It seems like just about every song on this album is dealing with one substance or another. Contrary to what the above poster said about meth, it doesn't make you numb. You could be mentally numb, but it isn't an anesthetic. Also, it's not very hard to discern day from night, it's just easy to lose track after staying up for a few days straight of what happened when.

The first part of the song Brock has not yet tried methamphetamine. The reference to the mafia and christ are metaphors for the effects of crystal meth. You've got to be an unlucky person to be killed by the mafia, just about as unlucky as being addicted to crystal meth. You can swim normally but styrofoam boots are keeping you under. You can't fight it. = Addiction.

The reference to walking on water is obviously an allusion to the meth high.
Then, he tries it.
"and i'll be damned, they were right"
he's damned because he didn't believe them..but,
by this point he's tried it. he feels unlucky (drowning upside down) now that he has the burden of addiction, yet he's care free (afloat like christ's)

the heaven part is humorous, without a doubt, but it can be seen as isaac's new thought of heaven after having tried meth. he thinks nothing is as good as meth, so there can't be a heaven. peter is laughing because he knows isaac is tweaking. tweakers are notorious for cleaning, etcetera, so he can put him to work "polishing halos,"etc.. the "some guy" isaac is talking about is god. In the christian belief, god created humans in his image. If he looks like "anyone I've ever seen" then he looks like everyone. Thus, god.If he "moves like crisco disco, breathes 100% listerine".. He doesn't have body ailments and he doesn't have bad breath, so he's perfect.
and then the next part deals with the christian idea of sin. god fashioned all these rules in the bible based on things that people had done to piss him off long ago. "he says looking at something else" - god's making rules for a certain people
"but directing everything to me" - but really, he wants everyone to follow it
"any time anyone gets on their knees to pray, well it makes my telephone ring.."
up until this part, this man follows a pretty good description of god.

"you were right noones running this whole thing"
this is where isaac is further enforcing his idea that the only heaven is crystal meth.
"god takes care of himself and you of you"
he can take care of his addiction

then it breaks into the most obvious part, with the sporadic loud drumming like found in the beginning of the most obvious meth song, trucker's atlas.
"it's all nice on ice alright"
you're carefree on meth, as long as you're high.
"it's not day and it ain't night"
lost track of time

Modest Mouse – The Cold Part Lyrics 13 years ago
Isaac references cold things alot, and most of the time you can find a reference to crystal meth in any of them.

Modest Mouse – Truckers Atlas Lyrics 13 years ago
Haha, this is my favorite modest mouse song. I've tried to analyze it pretty well, but I guess here's my last shot.

It's not a simple conclusion. It's an obvious one.
This song is filled with symbolism.

The main idea of this song is that Isaac is a trucker. He is riding around with, possibly, a friend. The thing is, truckers are notorious for being involved with speedy drugs. Isaac is most likely selling ice to other truckers along the way, or at stops that he needs to make.

The beginning drumming is very sporadic and speedy, reminiscent of muscle spasms or jittering your legs.

" unload my head"
You do ice and you get the clearest, most sober head in the world.

"sex on the rocks all warm and red"
That imagery is pure bliss, euphoria, passion, heat.

"and we bled"
Most likely nosebleed

"and the writing in the stalls said 'we write our maps in the stalls'"
the 'we' who wrote on the stalls signifies either Isaac and his roadbuddies or truckers in general.
This song has one main element, using a map as a surface for snorting. When you >draw< out a line of crystal meth, it can be thought of as "writing" on the map.
Drivers are snorting meth in the stalls of truckstop/convenience store bathrooms to keep them awake.

"I'm going to get off scot-fucking-free
and we all did"
Isaac made profit from selling ice of course. What better to do with the remaining product than use it for yourself and a road buddy? He's going to 'get off' on ice without having to pay. A good play on words makes this line seem like they're not getting into any trouble also.

"The buzz from the bird on my dash road locomotive phone"
This lyric breaks down, literally, into this:
The buzz is the incessant calling he is getting from customers. The bird (slang for a kilo of tweak) is causing the dash phone to buzz (or ring). All the tweakers want their shit, so they constantly call him. They know he's got a kilo. He's carrying a shipment, hence the 'road locomotive' description.

"I don't feel and it feels great
I sold my atlas by the freight stairs"
This is pretty literal. The atlas described here is his meth.

"I do lines and I cross roads
I crossed the lines of all the great state roads"
He snorts and travels..

"You got yourself a trucker's atlas
You knew you were all hot, well
Maybe you'll go and blow a gasket
beeline you might drive three days
and three nights to the tip of Florida"
The 'trucker's atlas', here, again, isn't meant to be taken as a literal atlas.
It is some amount of meth that the subject bought off of Isaac.
Whoever bought it is getting cocky, he thinks he can snort it easily. Isaac's shit is (apparently) good.
'Blow a gasket' and 'b-line...' refer to the insane tweak the customer is probably going to get after snorting.

"Do you speak the lingo? Oh no, you don't know"
Isaac is asking someone if they tweak. Oops, they don't. Nevermind.

This song's highest point is the end. Notice one thing about this song and most of the other songs on LCW.. It's 11 minutes long. The ending is mainly instrumental and 6 minutes. This symbolizes the insane amount of time methamphetamine lasts.

And to really, further potentiate the methamphetamine interpretation, look at many of the other songs on LCW. They could easily be shown to be about meth too.

Convenient parking - distribution of rocks.
Out of Gas - "You will come down soon, too."
Long Distance Drunk - "Hang it up now or never" (addiction)
Shit Luck - Not only is 'Shit' slang for meth, but this song symbolizes the downward spiral addiction brings. The title is almost an oxymoron, a very good play on words.

and the most obvious of all

"Styrofoam Boots/It's all nice on ICE alright"

So tell me isaac's tweaking habits didn't influence this song or much less this (wonderful) album :)

Ugly Casanova – Ice On The Sheets Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is about crystal methamphetamine.
It references addiction --
"As soon as I can walk, I walk out the door and never stop"

After slamming meth, it seems as so he falls on the floor "Ice on the sheets and I'm on the floor; i never stop"

It also references the euphoric, energetic, and often restless feeling of the drug
"A wholeness comes and you feel it, the phenomena. I can't die, I just keep growing old."

I believe it also somewhat cryptically references the usual disgust a tweaker has for food. He says, "I'm with the girl, she said that she was hungry. We just got done swapping our IDs"
While those two statements don't hold much correlation to each other, you could almost see it as Isaac having regret for asking a girl out on a date (swapping ids) when he finds that she's hungry (most people on meth could vomit at the thought of food).

Last but not least, it references the expensive cost of the drug
"Ice on the sheets, a week's worth of pay"

Modest Mouse – Truckers Atlas Lyrics 13 years ago
someone could easily do coke or meth while driving a truck. in this song, it's obvious he's talking about meth. coke doesn't benefit truck drivers like meth would..
since he's talking about lines, he's snorting it.. not shooting, so he's not getting any major rush.. meth doesn't effect your perception too much at average doses.. truckers just snort, gradually feel good/clearheaded and end up having no want to eat or sleep for 24 hours. :p

Modest Mouse – Never Ending Math Equation Lyrics 14 years ago
whoever posted these lyrics missed the best part of the song, the last line.

Well, he said he said he said he said
"Where we're going I'm dead."
^^ makes no fucking sense. are you stupid?

"Well he said he said he said he said
'plan where you're going when you're not dead
lived my life in a sea of pain
i don't know what's right but i do what i can'"

that sounds much better.
thank you, and goodnight.

Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice (Rehearsal) Lyrics 14 years ago
The lyrics are from the box set.

Nirvana – Milk It Lyrics 14 years ago
Some parts of the song should be seen like this..

Look on the bright side of suicide:
1) Lost eyesight
2) I'm on your side
(You lose eyesight when you die, and him committing suicide will fulfill the subject's wants (side))

He has an angel left wing, but the right wing is a broken wing

(angel left wing, right wing: broken wing)

the observer would never assume he was dead
(lack of iron and/or sleeping)

See You Next Tuesday – 8 Dead; 9 If You Count The Fetus Lyrics 14 years ago
it's not SYNT, it's CUNT.
get it right

Modest Mouse – Parting of the Sensory Lyrics 14 years ago
There's no work in walking in to fuel the talk
(you don't need to do anything for the talk to start, the 'talk' being life itself. you're just here, and you can't explain it)

I would grab my shoes and then away I'd walk
('grab my shoes' is saying he's going to somewhat prepare for the 'walk', the 'walk' being life)

Through all the stubborn beauty I start at the dawn
('stubborn beauty' is also analogous to life, as it is both hard (stubborn) yet awes us (beauty). the 'dawn' at which he starts at is birth, of course)

Until the sun had fully stopped
(the life he speaks of can be compared to an earth day. the sun never stops, even though it disappears sometimes. when the earth does stop spinning, i.e. the sun stops, his life ends.)

Never walking away from
(you never walk away from life, your decomposition will be consumed by other life and used, and so on..)

Just a way to pull apart
(pull apart could be seen as your conscious and body pulling apart at death if seen from a theist view, but from an atheist perspective it can be seen as just a way to get out of life [nonexistence])

Dehydrate back into minerals
(self explanatory)

A life long walk to the same exact spot
(you start as nothing and you leave as nothing, and it takes all your life to do it)

Carbon's anniversary
(the span between your birth and death is the carbon's anniversary)

The parting of the sensory
(your five senses and conscious thought make up everything you do. part with it, and you no longer participate in reality)

Old old mystery
(forever, humans have tried to come up with an explanation for the mystery of life)

The parting of the sensory

the next verse is almost ultimately seen in a theist's perspective:

Who the hell made you the boss?
(who made you 'god'?)

We placed our chips in all the right spots
But still lost
(we did everything you wanted, but still didn't win)

Any shithead who had ever walked
Could take the ship and do a much finer job
(even an idiot would know how to be a better god)

This fit like clothes made out of wasps
(the life that the god gave to him wasn't fit to what he needed. also, a little fact: some indigenous people use the paraponera insect in their adulthood rites by knocking them out with a natural chemical and woven into sleeves. the adolescent wears it while they come back to consciousness.)

Aw, fuck it I guess I lost
(no matter what he says, he's still going to die)

Joan of Arc – Post Coitus Rock Lyrics 14 years ago
i love the fragment sentences in these lyrics. it's alot like basil's kite by cap'n jazz

Modest Mouse – Red Hand Case Lyrics 14 years ago
my interpretation:

Blame it on the red hand's weight
Getting hateful, a little fed up - oh no
Sent you a note from my cage:
"I need the kind of cigarettes to stay shut up"

Blame it on the red hand's weight
Getting hateful, a little fed up - oh no
Sent you a note from my cage:
"I need the kind of cigarettes to stay shut up"

I guess that's just the red hand's fate
How is it that I have stayed shut up? Oh no
Oh no


Horse the Band – Purple Lyrics 14 years ago
I love everything about this song. Especially the tiny bass solo, if you'd call it that.
The thing in the beginning is from a movie called mulholland drive. it's about lesbians, nonetheless. o.o

Ed Gein – robert flaig Lyrics 14 years ago
I do believe it is..
"AAAAAAAAH! Take off your fuckin' pants!"


Nirvana – Territorial Pissings Lyrics 14 years ago
anyone who likes smells like teen spirit does not like nirvana at all. listen to the box set. listen to incesticide. if you tell me you like that, then you'll be a nirvana fan, but if you stick to smells like teen spirit, come as you are, and lithium, then thats like saying "im a led zeppelin fan because i love stairway to heaven!"
stairway to heaven has to be the most overrated song in the fucking world.

Modest Mouse – Truckers Atlas Lyrics 14 years ago
another interpretation..maybe someone can add onto this or correct..
"I'm going to Colorado
to unload my head"

-- He's doing a line of crystal meth from one point to colorado to get shit off of his mind...

I'm going to New York City
and that's in New York,friends

-- He's doing a line up to new york now

I'm going to Arizona
sex on the rocks all warm and red
and we bled

--From new york, he does another line to arizona and then has sex with his partner? Their noses bleed.

I don't feel and it feels great

-- He's numb and he's happy.

I sold my atlas by the freight stairs

--No idea.

I do lines and I crossed roads
I crossed the lines of all the great state roads

-- He's snorted lines across all of the map, covering alot of road.

I'm going up
going over to Montana
You got yourself a trucker's atlas
You knew you were all hot, well
Maybe you'll go and blow a gasket

-- He's talking in general. You think you're so cool by snorting meth, hopefully you'll blow a gasket (overdose)

Start at the northwest corner
Go down through California
beeline you might drive three days
and three nights to the tip of Florida

--He starts snorting in washington and goes all the way down through california. He does an even bigger one on this meth binge all the way to florida and ends up staying buzzed for a long time.

Do you speak the lingo?
Oh No. No no

--Maybe just a `filler` lyric?

How far does your road?
Oh no, you don't know

--in other words, "what's your tolerance?" ie. how big of a line can you do compared to the roads?

Modest Mouse – Truckers Atlas Lyrics 14 years ago
He's doing lines of meth off the same map he uses to travel from place to place. He does a big line that stretches from california to florida, and coincidentally that line keeps him up for three days and three nights, just enough to drive that far.

Modest Mouse – She Ionizes and Atomizes Lyrics 14 years ago
so.. this song hits home for me. im pretty sure i love modest mouse.

The Decemberists – We Both Go Down Together Lyrics 15 years ago
Is it just me, or does this sound like REM's Losing my religion? :\

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Lyrics 15 years ago
It reminds me of what they would play in the background of a chinese sweatshop while the workers were working. Don't ask me why o.o

Nirvana – Token Eastern Song Lyrics 15 years ago
This song does sound like he's trying to keep someone from hurting themselves.

I'm not gonna make you cruel
Something else, something new
I'm not gonna make dream
Suicide is something mean
I'm not gonna make you cruel
Something else, something new

Hold it in your gut, yah. (x8)

I'm not gonna make you cruel
Suicide is something new
I'm not gonna make you scream
Suicide is something mean
I'm not gonna make you cruel
Something else, something new
I'm not gonna make you dream
Suicide is something mean

Hold it in your gut, yah (x8)

Nirvana – Don't Want It All Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is EXACTLY what you should expect from Kurt.

I believe it's "Following far" instead of follow it far..
"never finished a sentence
remained in seclusion for the next few days
the family circle knew
how he had removed her of all the styles of heresy
finally he appeared unexpectedly looking for company"
and the only relation to misery loves company is by misery being "he" in the song..
but apparently grohl + noveselic + (sometimes courtney/channing) knew the name of this song.

Nirvana – Seasons in the Sun Lyrics 15 years ago
These lyrics = incorrect.

you just copied them off of some website.

Goodbye my friend it's hard to die
When all the birds are singing in the sky
And all the flowers are everywhere
Pretty girls are everywhere
Think of me and I'll be there

Goodbye Papa, p(l)ease pl(r)ay for me
I was the black sheep of your family
I won't remember all these words
I have potty turds
If I could be god I would kill birds

We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the hills that we climbed
Were just seasons out of time

All our lives we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the stars that we reached
Were just starfish on the beach

Goodbye Michelle, my little one
I was the apple of a setting sun
And now I don't have a room
All my tears are salty
I think now I will start to read

We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the hills that we climbed
Were just seasons out of time

We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the stars that we reached
Were just starfish on the beach

We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the hills that we climbed
Were just seasons out of time

We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the stars that we reached
Were just starfish on the beach

Nirvana – Oh, the Guilt Lyrics 16 years ago
It's "She likes to think she has to alter it," not "She likes to think she has all of it. "

Nirvana – Polly Lyrics 16 years ago
Whoever said Kurt raped a girl is a complete idiot. He found his life useless, so one day he went over to the house with a girl who had down's syndrome. She just didn't talk. He sat on her lap and said "let's fuck", she went back to her room and took off her clothes. He messed with her breasts and kissed, but he was so disgusted with the smell of her vagina and her sweat that he left in disgust. It got out in school and he was afraid he would have been called a "retard fucker" but he was pretty well known then so the sides were about even. Kurt never showed up for yearbook photos that year so she couldn't pick out his picture, but eventually she remembered is name or something, and told, but she was 18 and NOT retarded, so nothing could be done.

I read it this morning.

Circle Takes the Square – Kill the Switch Lyrics 16 years ago
This is a great song. I love his voice and the quiet parts.

Nirvana – Milk It Lyrics 16 years ago
I've always seen this song as..maybe..from a teenager perspective.
They want to be individual, ie: all the host/parasite/virus stuff.

"look on; the bright side is suicide"
any teen in depression won't be able to look ahead of the issue. they always think suicide is the way to go
"lost eyesight; i'm on your side"
they can't see what the things really mean, and the "parasite" (themselves) are telling them that it is worse. there is no help.
"angel left wing, right wing, broken wing"
i'm not sure about this one. maybe it's how every teen falls into a certain group.. not sure.
"lack of iron and/or sleeping"
depressed people sleep alot. maybe this was what this was about?

Bright Eyes – The Calendar Hung Itself . . . Lyrics 16 years ago
Is he coughing now on a bathroom floor?
All the ways that he asks before the bathroom floor thing..are like..real meanings. Conor is trying to ask her if he does those things for her, but then he gets to the bathroom floor.
It kinda throws it off, him being almost sarcastic, because when I hear that, I can imagine conor laying on a tiled bathroom floor, coughing from hurting himself/process of suicide/drugs/drunkeness..etc..

Circle Takes the Square – Eleven Owls Have Eyes Lyrics 16 years ago
one more thing..the stuff about owls..
owls are nocturnal, they can see in the night, so basically..
those who are from the night (darkness/evil?) or who have "sinned", can see the ideals of a religion better than those who are simply conformant believers

Circle Takes the Square – Eleven Owls Have Eyes Lyrics 16 years ago
I think this is about religion. How you always seem to pray and noone seems to answer.
"Someone's calling but there's no one on the line"
Praying to an unseen god, and not ever getting a response

"father son and holy ghost, you cant find us in the dark"
talking about religious figures not being able to retrieve someone once they've turned bad..thanks to the miscommunication

"now as we pray, we are prey"
becoming so naive as to expect your life to be saved once you pray
"lead the way, forever is too long to wait"
seems like forever before you get an answer, if any

"time keeps pulling the seconds away, preaching abandonment.."
losing hope that there is a god, because lack of contact
"intentions remain to embrace the sweet impossible"
but yet people still pray and glorify this unseen god, whom most others think is a fairy tale

"time succumbs to the rhythm of a slowly fading pulse"
time stops to the rhythm of a slowly fading pulse..basically you pray for so long, until you die almost, never receiving and answer..

"loose connections connected tight"
quite paradoxial as it may seem, showing that no matter what other people say to the people who devote their lives to some religion, the people who live for the religion are still devoted, even though the others see it as a faulty and obviously loose belief

the rest is pretty much filler lyrics, i guess. white old woman of the night really has no meaning in my meaning interpretation..

The Mars Volta – Son et Lumière Lyrics 16 years ago
Actually...Julio took his mother's morphine and shot it up. He went into a coma, and after he woke, he killed himself.

If you listen, the keyboard sounds like an ambulance, and the violent guitar/drum parts sound like a defibrillator..

The Mars Volta – This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed Lyrics 16 years ago
actually..some people think that moatilliata is Ben, the guy who pushed Julio Venegas to his suicide..

The Mars Volta – Cut That City Lyrics 16 years ago
Actually, I have always thought of centrocircuiphobia as a fear of central supreme power maybe..

Tore the wings off the seraphim, fed them to the anglophiles..

I've always thought of the Anglophiles as...someone obsessed with angels?
Sort of like pedophiles, only not in that sense.

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