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Beck – Girl Lyrics 15 years ago
i know one of his previous albums was for his x that left him. i think this song is about that too, except hes just stating hes better off now and shes the dumb one

head pound on a vending machine- cause hes happy and shes regretful
now im gonna make her die and put her soul were it belongs-- hes putting her in her place
white noise, her ears are ringing-- cause he probably talks about her and how she fucked up

thats what i thought when i first read the lyrics.

of Montreal – Climb the Ladder Lyrics 16 years ago
this song...romantic

Loudermilk – Ash To Ash Lyrics 16 years ago
perhaps someone he loved died.

Loudermilk – The Twisting Lyrics 16 years ago
seems to me like he wants to live in the sea. its obvious with the blood red sea, forget the world above, you might panic for the air. im thinking to get away from the world and live in the silk water.

Loudermilk – Kreates A Presence To Blush Lyrics 16 years ago
oooo great song....but cant think if what hes talking about...oh well

Loudermilk – California Lyrics 16 years ago
the beganning i find to be something deathful due to the devils morning, with his arms stretched, month of juliet when she killed herself. then the sun and rain and carcrash left someone at fault. theres a girl involved and perhaps she left him for some dude. theres more but i cant quite think of it right now

Loudermilk – Estrogen Oxygen Aches In The Teeth Again Lyrics 16 years ago
hummm lets break it down a bit....."birthing a nation we just cant fail" i would think thats u.s. " if i wasnt with you , we'd all fall down, a capital horror" like if the u.s. didnt have people to back them up they would fall down and how horrible would that be. ummmmm "estrogen oxygen aches in the teeth again" well estrogen ox. is the shit us girls have, not too sure about aching in the teeth. " falling for your love was not the biggest mistake that i made, it was just an introduction to the violent mess we'd lay" im guess falling for you wasnt that bad compaired to the mess that we had later, i guess after the break up. blahh but what do i know

Loudermilk – Anthema Lyrics 16 years ago
yes this song is super great and i can see how it would have that particular message of seperation and how the children can be tangled in the situation of seperation. whatever happend to loudermilk though...i know they have some other band but i forgot what there called. anyone know??

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