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Remember August – Hope In Things That Fail Lyrics 17 years ago
Well I was searching for depressing lyrics just because that's what kind of mood I was in, I went to google typed it in and remember august popped up, well THIS site popped up. The reason I was in such a poopy mood was due to stupid male problems....gotta love em, love to hate em. Well we have this friends with benefits thing going on and that’s EXACTLY how this song came across, I found it quite ironic. In public we're strictly friends.....I mean I playfully smacked him in the head...and he hit me back. I have the reputation as 'one of the guys' yippy for me. Then in private it's all behind closed doors. Give me a break, well I grabbed these lyrics shoved them in my profile BWAHAHAHA eat that Justin haha I found my new favorite song :)

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