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Maroon 5 – Little Of Your Time Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm sorry, but this song is so good.

Maroon 5 – Can't Stop Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is sweet

Van Halen – Feel Your Love Tonight Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is so fucking sweet.

Box Car Racer – Cat Like Thief Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah if I follow, I think I agree with you, vikko.

To me it means that this guy loves a girl who isn't with him anymore, or maybe never was, but he's into her and she's with someone else but he knows that she's happy so he doesn't want the guy she's with to leave her, thus breaking her heart. Even though he knows he loves her infinitely more.

Van Halen – So This Is Love? Lyrics 17 years ago
I wish I had the luxury of being able to relate to this song.

Van Halen – Take Your Whiskey Home Lyrics 17 years ago
Love this song. Not the best vocal performance on David Lee Roth's part, but he makes the song what it is.

Skid Row – Get The Fuck Out Lyrics 17 years ago
I enjoy the spoken 'get the fuck out'... haha

Van Halen – Why Can't This Be Love? Lyrics 18 years ago
Mmmhmm.. yeah about that? Sammy Hagar does definitely not suck and you should be ashamed of yourself for stating such words, especially on a lyrics page for a song in which Sammy does lead vocals. Classy.

Anyway, this is such a great song and is so true <3

Van Halen – Not Enough Lyrics 18 years ago
I think it means that just loving someone isn't enough and that you have to be completely devoted to that person and they have to be completely devoted to you.. and that you may find that your one true love has 'always been there'.

Van Halen – Dancing In the Street Lyrics 18 years ago
A classic.

Van Halen – Eruption Lyrics 18 years ago
Who cares? It's fixed now.

Anyway, this is a great solo. I can't believe such a solo was created while just 'screwing around' in the studio, no knowledge of it being recorded. Here's to Mr. Eddie Van Halen. \\m//!

Van Halen – Dance The Night Away Lyrics 18 years ago
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance the night away.

Daaance daaance daaance the night away.


Van Halen – Love Comes Walking In Lyrics 18 years ago
This song rocks \m/ another AWESOME ballad from the amazing Van Halen. Sammy Hagar really sings this well.

Van Halen – Best Of Both Worlds Lyrics 18 years ago
The reason for my username. ;)

Box Car Racer – Instrumental Lyrics 18 years ago
Actually, you can hear Tom singing 'Instrumental' during this song. (instrumental...instrumental..instrumental.. and it's fading out each time.)

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