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Janet Jackson – Livin' in a World (They Didn't Make) Lyrics 3 years ago
Awesome... I live in the Netherlands and when I bought this cd in 1989 I never heard of a school shooting as in the newsflash at the end of this song. Unfortunately I do now, and the whole world I suppose. If you google it, you will find a chronological list on wikipedia. It's heartbreaking. The one in this song could be Stockton, CA, January 17, 1989. I don't know what to say about it. Awful.

About the song though, it is great. Starts with a nice piano as in a lovesong and in a sense it is. The love Janet has for children I guess, eventhough she didn't have them at that time (does she now? I don't know). I do have kids, two boys and I obviously love them with all my heart. And they ARE born innocent people until stuff happens in their lives which makes them resentful and do bad things. I really believe that if somebody never got hurt or mistreated he/she would still be sweet as a child. Unfortunately that is nearly impossible in this society we've created.

I hope people will keep listening to this song and remember to give the good example because that is the best you can do. Be kind and forgiving. Do what's best for the kids because they really are the future.

Garbage – Run Baby Run Lyrics 3 years ago
To me 'run' should also be interpreted as 'hurry' in some sentences.

in "Run from the noise...." it is obviously just run, as in flee. But the last line in chorus, right after 'too late for solutions ....' I think she means HURRY! Get up and do things!

Because the bridge "Find out who you are before you regret it / 'Cause life is so short there's no time to waste it " implies that too. No time to waste. RUN!!!

If you look at your life as a day, when the 'sun is setting' e.g. you are in your last days or years. Solutions are too late! You have lived your life thinking 'what if... ' but did not do it until too late.

Hurry, hurry. Do it! And also: run away from evil, awkward negative people. You don't need them. Do your own thing!!!

Faithless – Bring My Family Back Lyrics 3 years ago
What a beautiful, eerie, sad song is this! Brilliant, all these emotions (although the beauty comes from the music only, in my opinion).

I think tropical 21 has it right: the same situation seen from three viewpoints, the last one being a building. I think an abandoned school, now a drug using spot, because "children where educated / I'll probably get pulled down / it gets busy at night / derelicts sneaking in to fix / roof leaking" and so on. Pretty clear actually.

Writing this makes me kind of sad. I have some experience in the scene, fortunately I was able to escape it and now I'm doing quite well but I know there are (and always will be...) addicts. People who -mostly because of circomstances and coincidence, meeting wrong people- create a dependence of narcotics of some sort. To escape feeling, fleeing from situations or responsibilities. If you do not have any experience with 'drug users' please do not judge them too hard. It is true that most of them can't help it and I know it is very difficult to get clean. They really should get help.

Bran Van 3000 – Mama Don't Smoke... Lyrics 3 years ago
The lyrics itself are pretty easy to understand. What's interesting is to know if it is a cynical song? If she sings that she only gets high twice a day, does that mean she is high 'all day'? Because she uses heroin or some other drug instead of weed?

And how much does mother smoke?

And who is she to tell her mother not to worry? If she's getting high twice a day, I think any decent mother would worry. I would, and I'm a father.

I did smoke 'twice a day' or more. Didn't get me very much. Used to be fun at first but in the long run it's not that funny. Glad I managed to stop it, clean for almost a year now (no drinking either). What is sort of funny is that i 'used' this song as an excuse to minimise the consequences of smoking weed. See, BV3000 does it twice a day to keep the blues away. No worrries!

Yeah right.... I know better now.

Do it, but don't overdo it!!!

Queens of the Stone Age – Go With The Flow Lyrics 3 years ago
Saw them yesterday (12-11-2017) in Amsterdam where Josh stated that this song was about NOT not giving a shit. Yes, that's a double negative. So to DO give a shit. He told a short story that when they were young it was cool to not care about anything. But as he grew older, he realised it is cool to care. He said 'we wrote a few lines "I want something good to die for <> to make it beautiful to live". And then he said some more about when you really care about someone or something, the rest doesn't matter, but THAT does. The thing or person you love most. So that's what this is about. To care, to be passionate about something or someone.

And then the song started and everybody was ecstatic of course :)

Jam & Spoon – Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) Lyrics 3 years ago
After all those years still sounds pretty good actually. Maybe even better than it was in my memories. Nice to hear from time to time.

Lyrically it isn't too bad either. Universal truths like 'you get wat you send out' and don't hang on to the past, amongst lines about doing good.

Nice song. Not great, just nice. Better than many other tunes from that time...

Tesla – The Way it Is Lyrics 3 years ago
I think it's another version of a very common theme: life goes on. And doesn't always (almost never) unfolds the way you want it to.

Bad things happen, love goes wrong, people die, all those things are part of life and there's no escape. Sh*t happens....

This song also looks at the beauty of it. The acceptance of what is. By saying 'the way it is, the way it goes' he accepts that unwanted things do happen but nice things also happen. Just keep on breathing, although sometimes it's not easy...

Faithless – Reverence Lyrics 3 years ago
Submitted edit. Listened to the lyrics very well once more and I now have even more admiration for this song. It really is marvelous!!!

I think it's about his life vision and experiences

In the beginning he raps "I'm from a street university where we learn to earn even in times of adversity (=do crime) And I would find the easy way out of a hard time (=do wrong, take the easy way). Petty crimes, some time ( =spend time in jail) but now I'm inclined to find a fresh direction (=change his life for the better) ..."

Also: "I have to admire your persistence/In sticking to a game plan that brings you pain man" and "Now who's that false idol I see you kissing? Money, success and untold wealth"
I think that is about wanting material things while all you need is love. WOW, I just typed that. That is that Beatles song, but it is true! That is what this song is about too. He says:

"all you have to do is love yourself"

And I know that is true. It all starts with loving yourself. Accepting yourself. Because what doe you want if you don't love yourself? A nice car? If you don't love the driver? A beautiful house, if you don't love the owner? No, that all is worthless, shallow superficial stuff. Love yourself and the rest will follow.

Beautiful, very deep song. And nice music too. One of my all-time favorites!

Anastacia – Left Outside Alone Lyrics 4 years ago
Many good songs have lyrics that can have multiple interpretations. To me, this is about a person ( ' I ' ) and drugs ( 'you' )

When I hear it, to me it goes "All my life (not really my entire life, but my using period) I've been waiting for you (the drugs) to bring a fairytale (nice times, fun, good laughter, numbing, forgetting worries and so on) my way" and

"I wonder if you know, how it really feels to be left outside alone" is about me being isolated (actually, I did it myself) from friends and family because I was on drugs.
I heard this song many times before but when I heard it in rehab this meaning occurred to me. From that point, this song became special to me (I've been clean since rehab, already an extended period of time, thank God!) and I'm no longer the victim of my self-chosen misery. Clean and happy now!

I am not against drugs all of a sudden. I did have some fun moments and great memories but when I became too hooked it was bad, really bad. I am really glad I got some good help getting me off that stuff. People should think well before trying. It's not very innocent. All drugs, including alcohol...

dEUS – One Advice, Space Lyrics 5 years ago
Beautiful musically and also textually. Look at the rhyme-scheme: AAAA BBBB c DDDD EEEE c FFFF GGGG and an outro.

Really great song!

As to the meaning: I wouldn't know. Appears to be some sort of love song but it's too cryptical to figure out.

Faithless – Reverence Lyrics 5 years ago
My name is Maxi Jazz
And I ain't no joke
I make you choke on the mic when I go for broke
when I come into a jam I tear off my shirt
I have no knowledge of fear 'cause I'm here to do work

And a whole lot more.... Why are the lyrics so incomplete? I'll try and post an improvement.

On topic: This is one hell of a song. A terrific album opener, a wise set of words and very nice music to listen/dance to. Love it, from the first time I heard it and will untill I stop breathing. Excellent!

Filter – Cancer Lyrics 5 years ago
When over 500 years people are still alive on this planet and they look back in their history books, they will immediately say the same; the people now are the cancer of the planet.

Mind you, this is not some depressed though I want to place here, because (in many situations) cancer can be cured. We also have to 'cure' the planet now. Otherwise there will be no humans here over 500 years.

Great song with a brilliant message!

Faith No More – Black Friday Lyrics 5 years ago
About (or better: anti-) commercialism.

Buy buy buy... stuff you don't really want and don't really need. And feeling sorry later. Meanwhile destroying earth, or the people you (should) love: 'to kill your mom'

Took some time to get used to. Angel dust is still my all time favorite. Great album though.

The Posies – Everybody Is A Fucking Liar Lyrics 6 years ago
As a young boy at the time this was played on the radio I really liked to sing it out loud. Now a bit older and better in English (non native speaker) I think the lyrics are a bit deeper than just being a liar.
I read somewhere once that it was about the press or people writing or judging other people. Also I read a lot of hypocrisy (whoever's in the room is your friend).

It remains a great song, also to think I was young and just wanted to scream the f-word out really loud!

Marillion – The Space Lyrics 6 years ago
Such a beautiful way to and an album, the literal words of the last bit. We are one, we are all the same.

The beginning of the song could be open for multiple interpretations. Maybe a state of being, a phase of life? I don't know.

Timmy Thomas – Why Can't We Live Together Lyrics 6 years ago
The first second I looked these lyrics up and saw there were NO COMMENTS I thought WHAT? Nobody commented?

But then I thought: OF COURSE! If there is one song that is so absolutely obvious and outspoken in its meaning it has to be this one. And a good meaning that is too!!!

We ARE all brothers. We do not want war. Why can't we be together? That is what everybody wants, isn't it?

Beautiful. almost brings tears to my eyes if I think of all the sh... things we do to each other. STOP IT. Be as one! Listen to this song!

Monster Magnet – Stay Tuned Lyrics 6 years ago
Awesome song. I think it's meant to take a look at the world/western community and how 'things' are now. "every piece of dung is the next big thing".

In a pretty sarcastic, yet sort of serious way.

Like it a lot! Look forward to see them on tour next year!

Republica – Luxury Cage Lyrics 7 years ago
As in more songs on 'speedballads' I think it is a sarcastic view on the (Western) society we lived in end of last century. Everything was possible, money had to be earned (or gained) as much as possible and then men could live in eternal luxury. Wouldn't that be great?

Love this song, and many others on the album.

Fish – Big Wedge Lyrics 7 years ago
Sort of prophetical lyrics "... you sell the ground beneath your feet; your oil, your trees. You ideals and integrity, your culture and your history,Your children into slavery, to labour in their factories..."

He wrote it in 1989 and has eversince gained relevance! Great song on a great album!

Faithless – Baseball Cap Lyrics 8 years ago
Pretty straightforward but nice metaphor for realising what is worth fighting for and when to just let go. The brilliance of this song is that is doesn't give an answer, it just makes one see that there are two options, and you better choose the right one:
"Sometimes you have to let the world know you're not bluffing, But enough is enough, don't loose your life over nothing"

Nicely sung and great music too, just like the entire album!

Queens of the Stone Age – The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret Lyrics 8 years ago
Also Morcheeba; first song on 'the antidote'. Wonders never cease.

Another commentator/user says this: "this song reminds me of the other planets out there, and the rest of the universe. It makes me think of the trillions of different places in the cosmos that are yet to be discovered, and the mysteries that still remain on our own planet. I'm not sure who the "we" refers to where it says "We'll find the time to show you." The part that says "All that we've been through brings my soul so close to you" reminds me of two people who have been through or seen a lot in this world. They are ready to stop trying to control everything in their own little world, step back and appreciate the bigger picture."

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