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40 Below Summer – Power Tool Lyrics 17 years ago
No, Max wrote it regarding the way he felt about groupies and women at the time. He used them because he had so much pain inside, then he'd leave them for someplace else and never speak to them again.
He wrote this because part of him felt bad for it and another part wanted to understand why it felt good.

Nothingface – Here Come The Butchers Lyrics 17 years ago
It's not just that. It's about all the shit Christians have done in the name of their religion. All the crimes they have committed because their god told them to. And how hypocritical they are.

... and priests fucking little boys...

A Perfect Circle – Blue Lyrics 17 years ago
and Pikki... huh?
You made sense but you didn't at the same time.
I enjoy drugs, I drink, I smoke, and I have sex. I'm suicidal and depressed, but I still enjoy the fact that there are things to live for.
Most of what maynard writes is from either personal experience or observation. It's often said that he finds something in himself or other people he'd like to change so he writes about it. Media and music are the easiest ways to get a message across, especially if you're trying to get a political or personal one across.
As heard in "Counting bodies like sheep..." most of the message is through rhetoric, but it's still audible and comprehensive. It's the video that really gets the message across.

Pikki, pls explain, cause you confused me partly.

A Perfect Circle – Blue Lyrics 17 years ago
I percieve it to be about not getting too close to someone. "Best to keep things in the shallow end cause I never quite learned how to swim."
I think the song is about not wanting to be emotionally dependant on someone who could hurt you. I think the third person use of she is the speakers love interest, and the 'you' is the same person. He's seeing it as two different people. One when he's alone with them and one when he's not. We all have those people.
He doesn't want to be dependant on this person for emotional comfort and wellbeing, but he is, and he's trying to push away after seeing her in her element, which he doesn't like.
She's a harmful person to be around, to him, and he's trying to pull away.

It's mostly metaphorical, as most APC and Tool songs are.
It is aftermath, BTW.

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