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Tapes N Tapes – Insistor Lyrics 13 years ago
Kelly, Kelly, it's not your right
To be cheating, fighting and starting life

"starting life" can refer to her pregnancy too, maybe the guy doesn't want her to be a single mother "fighting". The child might be accidental and his father cheated on her mother...

Arctic Monkeys – Leave Before the Lights Come On Lyrics 13 years ago
the correct lyrics can be found here (official site):

Patrick Wolf – To The Lighthouse Lyrics 13 years ago
i studied Woolf's "A Room of One's Own" last month and her life as well, and i find this sentence striking:

"stop collecting stones, and the river bed shall not be you home"
which directly refers to her suicide, after she left a note for her husband.

A song in honor of Virginia Woolf ? :]

Iliketrains – The Accident Lyrics 13 years ago
My favorite =]

The Rakes – Ausland Mission Lyrics 13 years ago
"mit keine illusion" literally means "with no illusion"

The Rakes – Ausland Mission Lyrics 13 years ago
Alan's voice sounds a bit different here but i love it!
Lyrics weird but who cares! X)

The Pigeon Detectives – I'm Not Sorry Lyrics 13 years ago
story about a guy convinced to be right and doesnt want to apologize for.
Anyway, great song! i love the singer s voice, powerfuul

Forward, Russia! – Eighteen Lyrics 13 years ago
Great great song and video clip. The meaning of the song isn't that obvious, but i guess it deals with the pursuit of love and the protection of a loved one.

The Divine Comedy – In Pursuit Of Happiness Lyrics 13 years ago
I can't help laughing because of the 2 last lines, so romantic

Hot Hot Heat – Dirty Mouth Lyrics 13 years ago
I think he is kissing her goodbye, he knows he's not goona see her anymore.
And while kissing her, he can almost feel this bitter taste of departure.

Rinôçérôse – Cubicle (Edit) Lyrics 13 years ago
My favorite Rinôçérôse' song of the moment to dance to (with My Demons)

Snow Patrol – Headlights On Dark Roads Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree more with Mklyrics, but Grego's explanation is appealing too. But in the booklet of the limited edition, Lightbody wrote :

"The verses are as dark as i've ever written" and
"... the chorus delivered such a release"

So i guess suicide is a possible explanation

Broken Social Scene – Stars and Sons Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it deals with death and life. Maybe a game?
"Just wanna know, how far to live on
You're the same when you're living"

He's playing with his own life, trying to know where are the limits. Red refers to blood too.
"You can see through the red" might mean people are scared of dying, but it's only blood and flesh.

Well, that's what i feel from this song!

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars Lyrics 14 years ago
"Chasing cars", so much innocence in these two words

Franz Ferdinand – Missing You Lyrics 14 years ago
i've just found this on CNN:
Alex: The ones I feel the most personal about? I don't know, maybe it's a song we don't play very often- a song called "Missing You" , in fact we've never played it live. It was only a b-side, but it's probably the most personal song for me. Because it's about somebody I really miss.

Franz Ferdinand – Sorry Angel Lyrics 14 years ago
They sang it several times at french television, with Jane Birkin. It's not the original lyrics (apart the "Sorry Angel désolé" part) though I love the way it turned to.

Franz Ferdinand – Missing You Lyrics 14 years ago
He's remembering of a person, he tries to imagine what he/she would be doing ("So I'm trying to pretend you're out in the garden") but at the end he realises it's just a ghost, and sees him/her slowly vanishing in front of him.
It seems like it was someone who enjoyed life but died too soon.
A beautiful song underated, as Love&Destroy

The Reindeer Section – Cold Water Lyrics 14 years ago
Lightbody said he wrote it after his grandmother's death. The album is dedicated to her

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – House Fire Lyrics 14 years ago
'Your pretty face is soaked in blood'

Kind of lyrics that moves me

The Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle With Me Lyrics 14 years ago
And also it's not "Travelling so tires " but "Trouble is sometimes".
The lyrics can be found on the official site

Happy song, the lyrics are as mysterious as the band

Cake – Friend Is A Four Letter Word Lyrics 14 years ago
Agree with wwjd2075!
I didn't think it could mean this, but now it seems ... logic

Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To Lyrics 14 years ago
gay references?! hmmm ... why not?

The Departure – Arms Around Me Lyrics 14 years ago
This song sounds really different in live and so, sounds much better, stronger. The lyrics are sweet, who can't resist ?

The Departure – All Mapped Out Lyrics 14 years ago
Really great song ... I saw them in concert at a festival (Rock-en-Seine, Paris) and now i love them. One of their best song

Franz Ferdinand – Love And Destroy Lyrics 14 years ago
i think you forgot this verse :

I'm so free as I'm naked
Shining silver under the moon
I'm high above the Muscovites' sky
I'm gonna rip, rip, I'll never sleep
I'm going to meet you at midnight (x2)
You see, I'll forget about living alone
As I learn how to live and to die

Thanks for your explanation!

The Reindeer Section – Your Sweet Voice Lyrics 15 years ago
Amazing, beautiful, ... not enough strong words to describe this song.

The Reindeer Section – Sting Lyrics 15 years ago
How shy is that Gary lightbody !
"You just want to take their hands and tell them you understand"

The Reindeer Section – Will You Please Be There For Me Lyrics 15 years ago
it's so sweet !! and so sad !! makes me cry !

Snow Patrol – We Can Run Away Now, They're All Dead And Gone Lyrics 15 years ago
My favorite song !! Can listen to it all night long.
"We Can Run Away Now, They're All Dead And Gone" ... love this title !

Snow Patrol – Run Lyrics 15 years ago
Lightbody wrote this song after cheating on a girlfriend ...

Snow Patrol – Spitting Games Lyrics 15 years ago
Lightbody said "birds" stand for "girls"

The Reindeer Section – You Are My Joy Lyrics 15 years ago
love hte video clip =)

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