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Ugly Casanova – Parasites Lyrics 7 years ago
hey sherlock,

the early demo version of this was recorded in 1993

so who ripped off who?

... you were saying?

Elliott Smith – Watch the Worlds Collide (I Didn't Understand, early piano version) Lyrics 7 years ago
"....people's pretty side
look yourself in the face
and watch the worlds collide"

About how people idealize each other when in love. You are only seeing the things you like and are attracted to- but he's asking you to look at yourself; and realize we are all imperfect and have our ugly sides. Looking at your face as yourself is colliding two worlds, your outward appearance (doesn't have to just be physical) and your mental perception of that appearance.

He's asking you to look and see the difference between your face (appearance/persona) and your thoughts(truthful existence), and then apply that to your relationships with others. You don't see everything there is to other people, we can't perceive the entirety of peoples existence, and so he's inferring that when people talk about love, a lot of it is foolishness and naivety- in the sense that you are in love with something idealized, imaginary, and likely not genuinely what you perceive it to be. Pretty depressing thought.

Modest Mouse – The Stars Are Projectors Lyrics 8 years ago
Reading what I had just posted, I wanted to add one more thing. What I was saying sort of relates to the idea of stars being connected to our lives. Had one star in our universe been located a million miles away from where it is, that could have completely changed the impact of how existence as we know it is right now. We are connected to everything. There are things that we can't see or know about or likely even undertand that are responsible for our existence, responsible for this song ever being made, and responsible for us discussing it. Things would be different here had things been different elsewhere. That interconnectedness is perhaps "god". Existence is self sustaining in a way. Everything has some impact on existence, however miniscule or significant.

Modest Mouse – The Stars Are Projectors Lyrics 8 years ago
That could be one interpretation, but from the feel of this album and modest mouse in general I take it more to mean that god is a part of you. That everything is one. He doesn't seem to believe in god as it's own entity, as evidenced in "third planet" where he criticizes the idea that people will meet god when they die that has been wattching them, like god is it's own seperate thing from existence. He seems to be saying our existence, in and of itself, is godly. This is reinforced in another song, "neverending math equation", where he says "and the plants and the animals eat eachother, and the plants and the animals they are one". Meaning we all exist in the same framework of reality, we are all connected by that, part of the same whole- were all just a piece of the same existence. No one or nothing that exists, doesnt exist.I don't think he would agree that each person is "their own god" but rather everything in it's entirity is god in some respects. Not just the physical and tangible things in existence, but rather the whole phenomena of existence is god. All the things we can percieve, and all the things we can't. Even the things beyond the understanding of our finite minds is somehow connected and relevant to us. That's just my take on that line using some other lyrics of his to go in depth.

Elliott Smith – Speed Trials Lyrics 10 years ago

A speed trial is basically testing how fast something is. "to run a trial" is to test something by using it first hand, for example: "I was running trials on different cars to see which one I liked best" would more or less mean you were using different cars and examining them to decide which one you wanted. Running speed trials means you are "running a trial" to test the speed of something. It is supposed to be ironic, he is saying that he is running speed trials, but standing still in place (not moving). Speed is a slang word for "upper" drugs (as opposed to downers), they generally give people energy, make them feel alert and unstoppable. So running speed trials while standing in place is more or less a kind of pun (elliott did this a lot in his songs) and can be interpretted as saying he is doing speed/drugs. I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, dont be afraid to ask- I am happy to help.

Elliott Smith – No Confidence Man Lyrics 10 years ago
What makes a song's lyrics interesting, entertaining, or even emotive? Thousands of different things, but I think in this case, part of it is how it tells a few stories at once. I think a lot of the interpretations are right, but thats just the thing; Elliott wrote this song in an ambiguous manner that could tell a few stories at once. I think the "I have no idea what you mean" and things like "just to listen is really tough" could be Charlie talking to Elliott. I just get the picture of some drunk deadbeat (Charlie) saying mean shit like that to a kid (Elliott) anytime he tries to talk. The fact that obvious drug references are placed throughout the song makes me think that Elliott associates drugs with the Charlie situation. Perhaps he blames Charlie for turning out what he thought was fucked up, or blames his shitty childhood for the reason he turns to drugs. Long story short, I don't think its just a song about drugs, or just a song about his stepfather, but rather his attempt to connect the two, or maybe a cause-effect type thing. This is just my take on it, excellent song

Modest Mouse – Tundra/Desert Lyrics 11 years ago
"indecisive people are sick fuckers" - don't let people tell you that, its not true, take your time becoming what you want

People who plan what they want to be from a young age are often disappointed with their life when they get there, they just wonder whats next, because they always lived to be something but they still aren't complete, their goals of a successful occupation doesn't address all of life's circumstances.

"Treat you like desert" - basically people ignoring you or cutting you out, excluding you, giving you the cold shoulder: This could be older successful people giving young fickle people no credit, or it could be the successful miserly man who's own success has isolated him from everyday society. When Isaac says this at the end of the both parts, he is pointing out it works both ways I think...

The song procedes to point out flaws and truths of our society....

thats my take, I have loved this song for years, means a lot to me, thanks for reading my post.

Modest Mouse – Heart Cooks Brain Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with what Andrew said one post up., In the first two heart/brain metaphors, he mentions that he doesnt know where hes going, so making decisions with his heart makes the most sense (just trying to find out what is right for you and where you want to go in life) but when he finally finds a place he can call home, he knows that he has to be logical and cant just live off of his whims and instincts, he has to use logic to survive. this makes the heart jaded or bitter, and the days get long, but you never seem to have enough time (the years go by fast)

anyone have any thoughts on the line:
"we tore one down, and erected another there
the match of the century: absence versus thin air"

Modest Mouse – Tundra/Desert Lyrics 14 years ago
i wish someone knew all of what he was saying. i can make out a few words here and there but for the most part have no idea what hes saying. something about green near the beginning, anyone know what it is?

Modest Mouse – Teeth Like God's Shoeshine Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this song is about the overall decay of society. The orange julius line is just showing how people are wasteful and are focusing their lives around consumerism rather than finding and doing thigs that really make them happy. the line: from the top of the ocean to the bottom of sky i get clausterphobic is just saying how this is everywhere and pretty much unavoidable because everyone is so caught up in this lifestyle even if they dont think or realize they are. think about all the shit you have you dont need. its kind of like that quote "the things you own end up owning you" (fight club) ... just that you can base your life on making money and buying things but that wont end up making you happy. also i think this song also adresses how eventually this corroding society that only cares about money and leisure will collapse eventually (the malls are the soon to be ghost towns)... well thats my take on this song, its probably my favorite song at the moment, what do u guys think?

Ugly Casanova – Barnacles Lyrics 14 years ago
such a good song. ill comment on it here just because. I think its about a guy who is in helpless situation where he is shutting off to the people he once cared about and the people who care about him (painting his windows black). Hes been in relationships that end up bad and always sink no matter how hard he holds on to it (even though the ship sinks you know you can't let go). the music is beautiful and mellow itself, but the lyrics are depressing and paint such a sad image, what a good song

Pixies – Where Is My Mind? Lyrics 14 years ago
i was going to go to the reunion tour with some friends a few days ago in colombia missouri, but some shit came up and I couldnt make it. anyway, my friends called me up during this song so I could hear it, and man, joey santiago was going fucking crazy on the guitar solo. crazy shit ive never heard a guitar do. anyway the pixies fucking rock, and this song is one of the best, but it seems like one of those songs everyone seems to know without really knowing the band that well.

Elliott Smith – Needle in the Hay Lyrics 14 years ago
hey this is my first post, but i thought this was a cool song so i figured i'd register. someone above mentioned that the "good marks" part was probably about heroin and leaving tracks in the arm, which i think is dead on the money because he also exaggerates the s on "marks" really long - almost like a sizzling sound if you are burning heroin to inject it.

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