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Rise Against – Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up Lyrics 11 years ago
They sold long ago...right when Siren Song came out. They haven't been "true" since Revolutions. Also, Tim is a dick in real life. Really soured my opinion of these guys. Mr. Precision is awesome though, check out his current band Zero To Sixty.

Hot Water Music – Trusty Chords Lyrics 13 years ago
Such a beautifully tragic song.

Atom and His Package – The Palestinians Are Not The Same Thing As The Rebel Alliance, Jackass Lyrics 13 years ago
Have you guys even READ what the freakin album liner notes say? Apparently not.

Atom says himself the song is about how a lot of left-leaning people jump so quickly to defend Palestinians, regardless of what they do, which makes them no better than those on the right who jump so quickly to defend Israel, regardless of what they do.

Atom himself is far from prowar, you dolt.

My New Life – Broken Heart In Hand Lyrics 13 years ago
Amazing song. The piano to "auld lang syne" at the end is beautiful, and really brings the album full circle. The song "auld lang syne" isn't just a song for the new year, but to remember those who have passed in the previous one. To me, that part symbolizes the close of that relationship for good, and perhaps the death of a former self, and he is looking onward for the new year.

Lucero – Fistful Of Tears Lyrics 14 years ago
No one has commented on this song? Gah, this song is so effing beautiful....and extremely depressing too. I love it.

Maybe its just my ears, but i think it's "Now I've done one thing right, now I'm saying goodbye" but I could wrong.

Boys Night Out – Composing Lyrics 14 years ago
These lyrics are absolutely fucked up, but it's a really good song nonetheless.

Piebald – If Marcus Garvey Dies, Then Marcus Garvey Lives Lyrics 14 years ago
Shakur is also wanted for several murders in the New Jersey area, and currently has political asylum in Cuba.

Yes, she is cosidered a domestic terrorist and has a $1 million reward for her capture.

She's also the godmother of rapper Tupac Shakur.

Flogging Molly – Grace Of God Go I Lyrics 14 years ago
Yes, it is "There for the Grace of God" not "therefore"

Yeah, this song appear to be about the famine.

However, the the line originally is "There, but for the Grace of God Go I." which actually originates from the persecution of protestants in England. The neighboring Irish later adopted the phrase.

Bad Religion – Sinister Rouge Lyrics 14 years ago
Jesuits are "The Society Of Jesus", a Catholic organization. They're educators...Jesuit universities are everywhere, including Georgetown, Saint Louis University, Holy Cross, Marquette, all of the Loyola universities, etc. As already said, "pontiff" is another word for Pope.

Yeah, this song is a take on catholics.

But Clark I disagree with the sentiment that Greg knows everything about religion simply because he's a doctor. Plenty of doctors happen to be Christian too, you know. None of his degrees even cover religion.

Rancid – Solidarity Lyrics 14 years ago
Solidarity was the movement to get communism out of Eastern Europe...not sure what that has do to with this song though.

Atom and His Package – (Lord It's Hard to be Happy When You're Not Using) The Metric System Lyrics 14 years ago
I'll stick with the american system, thank you very much.

Mêlée – Perfect Mess Lyrics 14 years ago
Beautiful song.

Amber Pacific – Always You Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is amazing, I absolutely love it.

Mêlée – New Day Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't have much to add other than this is a really good song.

The Vandals – Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government) Lyrics 14 years ago
Marxist? I'm sorry.

The Vandals – N.I.M.B.Y. Lyrics 14 years ago
NIMBY was (maybe still is) an actual political movement, supporting nuclear testing, building prisons, and a slew of other random things, as long as it's not near where someone lives so they wouldn't be negatively affected by any of it. (not in my back yard)

Zao – Praise the War Machine Lyrics 14 years ago
To me, I think this song is more or less Armageddon in the album. It is prophecized in "The Rising End" and it is actually carried out here.

Joanna Newsom – Sadie Lyrics 14 years ago
I could be totally wrong, but I think this song is about a dog of hers that has since passed on. "White coat" could be referring to the color of the dog, "bury this bone" "dig up your bone" seem self explanatory.

Rancid – Sidekick Lyrics 14 years ago
Can't really say I like the line "every single cop got a bullet in the head"

They're just doing their job, not like they were doing it for a bad reason. (I know this song is fictional, bear with me). I mean really, bums living in abandoned buildings generally involves things like illegal drugs and all sorts of other illicit things.

Still a fun song.

Rancid – Harry Bridges Lyrics 14 years ago
It's a slightly depressing song lyrically, but musically it gives me good vibes. I dig this song alot.

The Sly Caps – The Boring Life Lyrics 15 years ago
Hey, I like this song. Whatever happened to this band? Their website hasn't been updated in about two years. I guess they fell off the face of the earth before they ever took off.

The Rise – The Fallacy Of Retrospective Determinism Lyrics 15 years ago
Refused weren't that revolutionary, get over it. This song rules.

The Vandals – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Lyrics 15 years ago
The music rips on both "fuck armageddon this is hell" AND "we're only gonna die" by bad religion.

For example, the intro is "armageddon" and the breakdown part is "die"

The Vandals – I've Got An Ape Drape Lyrics 15 years ago
Can someone clue me to what norco and riverside are? I know that they are locations obviously, but I'm not familiar with them.

Zao – Resistance Lyrics 15 years ago
Some of the lyrics are incorrect

Every Time I Die – I Been Gone a Long Time Lyrics 15 years ago
^^^I agree

The video illustrates that point pretty well too.

Zao – Live...From The Funeral Of God Lyrics 15 years ago
Well, he doesn't actually say "we shall mis him" but in the liner notes of the album the official lyrics say "we shall miss him" so I added it anyway. I assume they couldn't find a proper place to put it in the song but was in their intention to put it in.

Rise Against – 1000 Good Intentions Lyrics 15 years ago
When I saw them live a few months ago Tim turned the last part into a sing-a-long and it was great. The whole crowd yelled during the backup vocals....the "ONE!" "GOOD!" parts. You know what I'm talking about.

Ace Troubleshooter – Today Is A New Day Lyrics 15 years ago
This is probably my favorite song by this band, but as far as I can tell it's not even on an album. Is it?

Blindside – King Of The Closet Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm a vampire.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock Lyrics 15 years ago
Nothing much to add to this song, other than I always laugh when I listen to this song, because it sounds like Billy is saying "Who wants that hiney?*"

*for the idiots, hiney is another word for ass.

Rise Against – Dead Ringer Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm not a big fan of this song on cd...but live, shit, it's always insane. Great crowd pumper.

Rise Against – Swing Life Away Lyrics 15 years ago
Yikes. I like acoustic songs, but please, this just sucks. This is the worst "I'm an emotional rockstar" attempt I've seen in a long time. A crappy song on a mostly mediocre album. They should've waited instead of rushing another album so soon.

MC Chris – I Want Candy Lyrics 15 years ago
yeah, the lyrics here are pretty off

Joanna Newsom – Sprout and the Bean Lyrics 15 years ago
I normally don't listen to this kind of music, but something about this song has me captivated. Her voice takes getting used to, but once you get over it its not so bad. Not to mention a pretty awesome music video, with the animations across a chalkboard.

Hidden in Plain View – Shamans Witches Magic Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is really cool up until the breakdown part after the last chorus. it starts off fairly fast and upbeat, then they slow it down and they start bleeding estrogen or something. I don't get it.

Something Really Dirty – Daniel Lyrics 15 years ago
At the time, metrosexuality was the big fad....straight people acting gay. Still kind of it, I guess.

Though now that I read these lyrics, they seem to describe more of a transvestite, as opposed to a metrosexual. Deal with it.

This is one of my favorite songs to play, with my bad attempt at blues guitar in the verse, and the punk chorus.

Something Really Dirty – Jam Maestro Lyrics 15 years ago
Honestly, we have no idea what the hell a jam maestro is when we wrote it, and we still don't. In our very first few jam sessions back in early 2003, I was combining words to see if anything cool came up. Back then we had a strict rule of all lyrics being created spontaneous, as we were jamming. Each time we practiced, some more lyrics were changed (spontaneously, of course) and now we have this.

This was our very first song, which is a sort of punk, sort of not, song.

Something Really Dirty – Ninjas and Pirates Lyrics 15 years ago
Here's the background of the song:

In the summer of '03, me (jake - guitar/vocals) and ryan (drummer) had a huge fascination with ninjas, because they are so sweet. Ryan went around polling people to see their preferences regarding ninjas and their arch rival, the pirate. Strangely, most men preferred ninjas, and most women preferred pirates.

And thus, a song was born.

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