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Led Zeppelin – Since I've Been Loving You Lyrics 14 years ago
extremely emotional performances by both page and plant. by far one of the most convincing of their careers. Personal favorite song, hits close to home.

Nicolai Dunger – All The Love, Days, And Tears Lyrics 14 years ago
Nicolai Dunger is not well known for his lyrical ability. Dunger is swedish, most of his stuff makes no sense. However, this song is fairly clear that it's about a relationship (similar to his song "ballad of a relationship"), the ambiguity of love, and the relationship coming to an end. An EXTREMELY emotional song both vocally and instrumentally. Beautiful. Find a song with more real emotion in it, I dare you. (Besides, "Since I've been loving you" -Led Zeppelin)

Nicolai Dunger – This Town Lyrics 14 years ago
The first line says it all. The second you're ready to move on in your life, leave town, start a new career move, etc, "love comes around".

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