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Battlelore – The Cloak And The Dagger Lyrics 12 years ago
Beren and Luthien sneaking into Angband to steal a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown. Beren was cloaked as a wolf, and wielded the dagger Angrist to cut cut a silmaril from the crown.

Battlelore – Third Immortal Lyrics 12 years ago
Probably about the coming of the Istari from Valinor, Specifically Gandalf, as he is the only one who 'bows to the greater light.'

The best guess as to the song title I can think of is that the Istari were the 3rd immortals to come to Middle Earth, although that may be debatable. The Eldar are immortal, and also Melian who is a Maiar and presumably immortal came before also. Additionally, Morgoth as well as Sauron as well as other Maiar who are presumably immortal were there before the wizards.
The Istari are thought to also be of the Maiar, so thinking is terms of 'classes' of immortals, there would be 3:
Valar, Maiar and Eldar.

So there it is.

Battlelore – The Star of High Hope Lyrics 12 years ago
Seems to be about the journey of Earendil to Valinor to appeal to the Vala for aid against Morgoth.

Opeth – In Mist She Was Standing Lyrics 16 years ago
...This song is so fucking beautiful.....brings me to tears.....Opeth rulez

Metallica – Battery Lyrics 16 years ago
First off, I wanna say that this song is bad-ass.

Now as for the meaning....I think that throughout the song, all the possible meanings of the word 'Battery' is implemented in some way i.e.....

"Lashing out the action, returning the reaction
Weak are ripped and torn away
Hypnotizing power, crushing all that cower
Battery is here to stay"
~This refers to I think the 'assault and battery' definition...

"Smashing through the boundaries
lunacy has found me
cannot stop the Battery"
~I am sorta certain that this refers to the usage of Sieging batteries used in warfare(smashing through a fortification perhaps). Furthurmore it is noted that people wo have experianced warfare do come out of it with a certain degree of lunacy due to a traumatic experiance.

"Circle of Destruction, Hammer comes crushing
Powerhouse of energy
Whipping up a fury, Dominating flurry
We create the Battery"
~A Battery is a form of sustained electrical potential, a powerhouse of energy, this verse can also be interpreted as teh siege batteries used in warfare....wihpping up a fury, dominting flurry...

about the guitar intro....the intro to be sounds European...perhaps spanish or Italian.....umm I may be way off...but perhaps the inspiration for the sound may be because of the fact that the battery was pioneered in Italy by Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta.....just a thought..

oh, and I agree also with un 4 gvn 1's deeper interpretation..

again.....bad-ass song.

Metallica – Blackened Lyrics 16 years ago

This song fucking ownz. I love the intro to the song, along with it's actual meaning.....which is touched upon in earlier posts...but never thouroughly here goes.

The above posts talk about nuclear winter, apocalypse, and humans killing the Earth....who is right?
The Answer: All of you.

There is obvious evidence that points to thermonuclear weapons:
'Blackened is the end
Winter will it send...

If anyone was ever a Nuclear weapons afficianado like I am, and if you have seen pictures of nuclear devastation, you will notice that human bodies are litterally charred 'blackened' due to the intense heat of a nuclear blast. Considering that the heat generated but a nuclear bomb compared to the surface temperature of the sun is greater by a factor of 100, blackened indeed is the end.'

If you are familiar with the apocalyptic book 'Alas, Babylon', then the statement of an apocalypse caused directly by nuclear war is correct.

Lastly, humans, by using nuclear weapons will indeed kill the earth and all carbon based life. Nuclear Fallout or Black Rain will saturate the atmosphere with deadly radiation. Other radioactive constituents would promote genetic mutation NOT on a natural level 'Evolutions end...Never will it mend'.
The amount of particles in the air would most likely be in a great enough concentration to severely limit the heating effects of the sun, thus initiating nuclear winter.
The desolation would kill virtually all life.

Needless to say....a song that perhaps may not be far from the truth.. considering how things are going right now..
Population lay to excellent verse.
SO....we have nukes causing much apocalyptic havoc, which thus hitherfore kill the earth...which is already dying anyways.
Good job human race, for being big dum-dums...

Blind Guardian – War of Wrath Lyrics 17 years ago
Ostensibly, about the fall of Morgoth and the rise of Sauron as the Enemy of the Valar. The ruin that Morgoth carries of probably the Silmarils.

Blind Guardian – Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns) Lyrics 17 years ago
I am not entirely sure, but I think this is about when the house of Feanor abandoned the house of Fingolfin in the cold plains of dispair called Helcaraxe upon landing in Middle-Earth to wage war on Morgoth. This song probably also aludes to the First of the Kinslayings at Alqualondë, as thats where the Noldar got the ships the used. Again, most likely I think this is from teh perspective of Fingolfin and his kin being abandoned by Feanor in an icy hell.

Blind Guardian – Nightfall Lyrics 17 years ago
DragonXero666 "The Silmarillion"
My favourite book btw.

Nightfall of course depicts the darkening of Valinor when Ungoloant the Great literally sucked the light/life from the Two Trees, Melkor/Morgoth taken the Silmarils, and Feanor and his kin leaving Valinor for Middle Earth to make war upon Morgoth.

Blind Guardian – When Sorrow Sang Lyrics 17 years ago
hmm.....Necro has the idea methinks

I would like to add the 'Can't change the way of his/her kind'
probably represents how Beren cannot dwell in the halls of Mandos as a Man, and neither can Luthien travel beyond the heavens where the souls of men wander, as an elf. And therefore it takes Luthien becoming Mortal and living a 2nd life with Beren for them to spend eternity together.

Blind Guardian – Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill) Lyrics 17 years ago
Fingolfin is indeed a of the few elves I have any respect for.

Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror Lyrics 17 years ago
um...I HOPE you are referring to 'The Silmarillion'
Feanor lays a curse on his sons to recover the Silmarils(duh!) that he forged from the rogue Valar Melkor, whom he names Morgoth. And...Morgoth is NOT a badass....he's retarded. Also I think Post 2nd age middle earth is retarded as all the hardcore people are dead by then.

Blind Guardian – The Bard's Song (In the Forest) Lyrics 17 years ago
hmm......of Old is told the Tales of the Bards of Esgaroth.....roughly the area of the Lonely Mountain and Lake Town..Dale, etc.
If anyone has read 'The Hobbit', then you are familiar with'Bard'....or rather 'King Bard', as he is of noble lineage that ruled that land before the coming of lesser men from the south and east. Bard's songs are akin to sagas the Vikings told.
FYI: There was great love between the Bards and Dwarves in Esgaroth before the waning of men, and the Bard...of that lineage, probably learned of his ancestry through these 'Bard songs'..and so on...perhaps.

Battlelore – Fangorn Lyrics 17 years ago
Highly Retro-Progressive death metal song that is absolutely hard-core.
Basically about the 'rousing' of the Onodrim(Ents), namely, Fangorn(Treebeard), and their subsequent siege of Orthanc. of my favorite songs ever, especially how the female vocals come in when they do.

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