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George Michael – Father Figure Lyrics 17 years ago
it about to have sex .... as usual !!

George Michael – A Last Request (I Want Your Sex, Pt. 3) Lyrics 17 years ago
this song means " dying to fuck ..."

George Michael – Shoot The Dog Lyrics 17 years ago
this song is really show how george is concerning about what happening in the world cause of muslims terrorist ... you can see him mentioning Ayatollah in his lyrics which this word related to muslims .. he means by that all terrorist muslims will bomb a lot of innocent people in the world and ofcourse he was right and now muslic are tagetting westerns everywhere. This song also show about islamphobia everywhere in the world. So, george means by this song about all arabs terrorist and i thing he trys to tell people in the world all muslims will sooner or later will attack us everywhere if we do not do more effort to stop them from the first place but ofcourse not as bush and blair way !!!

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