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Black Star – Children's Story Lyrics 10 years ago
tribute to slick rick, not as good as the original but still bad fuckin' ass.

Gravediggaz – 1-800-Suicide Lyrics 11 years ago
great post xeno, excellent song and couldn't have said it better myself!

Dälek – Spiritual Healing Lyrics 11 years ago
damn badass song!
how has no one commented anything by dälek yet?! amazing underrated performer.

the song is about religion, and how you can choose to follow a "god" and be ignorant of the real things around us we're being affected by(such as how we're more concerned with abortion laws than who processes our food supply, or the Abner Louima situation) or we can rely on truth and honesty for the sake of humanity:

"Sick of true blasphemy,
Religion pure alchemy
And gold lines no lead streets
Blessed are the meek who reek in honesty"

thanks for posting lyrics!

Tool – Opiate Lyrics 14 years ago
woohoo, they played this at the gorge last nite!!

stoked. my fav tool song.

obvious meaning.

Atmosphere – Scapegoat Lyrics 14 years ago
kickin cool rhymes by mr slug
wish the lyrics here were all correct, but still a kickdick song.
straight up, werd, no lie, mhm, fo realz, indeed.

Atmosphere – The Woman with the Tattooed Hands Lyrics 14 years ago

Atmosphere – National Disgrace Lyrics 14 years ago
about the corruption of corporate america?

i think so..

i like the whistling, kickin' cool beat.

Neutral Milk Hotel – Glue (The Gerbils cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
prob one of my favs from magnum and co. beautiful song.

The Flaming Lips – The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat) Lyrics 14 years ago
I do indeed love this song, unfortunetly, i dont think the CD is all that good... but still do love the lips... seeing em in May.

Sublime – Don't Push Lyrics 14 years ago
One of my personal favs by this band..
One question though..."smokin' crack cocaine better than sensi"
What's sensi, though i do believe it's spelt sinse.

311 – Lovesong (The Cure cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
How could you insult this song when it sounds incredibly similar to the original. I enjoy both versions...

The Smashing Pumpkins – Destination Unknown Lyrics 15 years ago

no comments.

one of my fav pumpkins songs.

The Presidents of the United States of America – Cleveland Rocks Lyrics 15 years ago
Does Cleveland rock?

never been there...

Built to Spill – Goin' Against Your Mind Lyrics 15 years ago
What an awesome new song for this band

love the instumentals

its not leaked, its on myspace, and many indie radio stations....

good song, much anticipated album..april...

Lovage – Sex (I'm A) Lyrics 15 years ago
so sexual

i love it

it shows how the prostitute can fulfill the roles of anything sexual

TV on the Radio – Mr. Grieves (Pixies cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
Such a good cover, much more different than the original. Was expecting something completely different, but came out pleased. :)

Muse – Stockholm Syndrome Lyrics 15 years ago
Yo La Tengo

The Flaming Lips – Talkin' 'Bout the Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants to Live Forever) Lyrics 15 years ago
Excellent song, one of the greatest bands around, pretty easy meaning as you said.

Mindless Self Indulgence – I Hate Jimmy Page Lyrics 15 years ago
Wow Im startin to get sick of these bitches posting lyrics that arent the real lyrics. "kick us faggots off the stage" WTF!? and its "fight the future, fuck the past" I wish people could change em, same with the song two hookers. Im sure this sean person screwed up many other times but oh well Im not botherin readin thru em. Good song though :)

System of a Down – Violent Pornography Lyrics 15 years ago
Wanna my favs off the new album, a bit short of an album but great songs. They have a new one comin out this fall as well?

Kings of Leon – Rememo Lyrics 15 years ago
wow, great song one of my favs from the kings of leon

Tegan and Sara – Walking with a Ghost Lyrics 15 years ago
I just watched these guys open for the killers last nite, they are pretty good, they twins both have good voices...

Benefit – If I Owned A Midget Lyrics 15 years ago
wow, another hilarious song by benefit, i suggest all of you go out and get this song!!

Benefit – Warp To World 6-9 (the Mario Song!!) Lyrics 15 years ago
w3rd, this stuff is hilarious!!

The Presidents of the United States of America – Love Everybody Lyrics 15 years ago
Wow only one post about this song?! definetly another happy song by none other than PUSA themselves

Len – Steal My Sunshine Lyrics 15 years ago
omg!!!!11!!!one!!11! greatest 90's song ever, just found it too, i rmember singin it when i was like 8

Beck – Hell Yes Lyrics 15 years ago
I personally love this song, but of course im not the biggest beck fan (as of now, soon to be perhaps?) very catchy tune.

Hed PE – C.B.C. Lyrics 15 years ago
If you were to just read the lyrics it'd look like a rap song, all this new album is about is bangin ho's, drugs, and being a "punk." Definetly not their best work.

Pixies – Into The White Lyrics 15 years ago
Why would they sing about space and meteorites? I think this song is about death, no day or night in heaven. Deeper than your sleepy head, and how you'll go real far. Just makes sense to me that this is about death. But I may be wrong...

Pixies – I've Been Tired Lyrics 15 years ago
wow this song is great, makes me laugh every time i listen to it

They Might Be Giants – They Might Be Giants Lyrics 15 years ago
I thought it was Alan Alda that says those things but I might be wrong. Very catchy lil tune.

Massive Attack – Light My Fire Lyrics 15 years ago
I happen to like it, Im not as much of a Massive Attack fan as you tho Im sure. Is this a cover of the doors?

Chronic Future – Stop Pretending Lyrics 16 years ago
They have an interesting sound which is cool. This is way more rock than their old albums, if you've heard they're old stuff you'd know this a lot more 'rock' than the old stuff. Great song, and great album. I suggest you go and buy the album if you havent done so aleady.

Chronic Future – Static On The Radio Lyrics 16 years ago
Yeah Im pretty sure this is about how much crap is on the radio, which i agree with 100% Good song, good band

Modest Mouse – The Good Times Are Killing Me Lyrics 16 years ago
I just bought Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again and this is an awesome track on that CD, probably better than the one on Good News...

Mercury Rev – Goddess on a Hiway Lyrics 16 years ago
I love how they mic goddess and got us, great song.

The Unicorns – The Clap Lyrics 16 years ago
He is gay... Dont really understand the song, it could be about anything really.

Rage Against the Machine – The Ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
I have to disagree, I love this song better. Lyrics never leave your head, I love it! I must go out and check this book out.

Transplants – Romper Stomper Lyrics 16 years ago
Anyone else recognize the name of this song off of that South Park episode?

The Presidents of the United States of America – Naked And Famous Lyrics 16 years ago
Wow I love this song, one of my personal favs off of the album. I think i might make a new screen name or 2 usin this title...

The Reindeer Section – Budapest Lyrics 16 years ago
One of my personal favs, even though ive only heard a few songs from them...

Eminem – Without Me Lyrics 16 years ago
ummm yea, im with all 500 or so ppl :)

just addin another comment for the hel of it mwahahahah cuz i can mwahahahahahhahaha

The Nails – 88 Lines About 44 Women Lyrics 16 years ago
Love this song, however, when i first downloaded (legally of course) it said it was by They Might Be Giants, oh well still a good song.

Moving Units – X and Y Lyrics 16 years ago
I love this song! its kickass. kinda reminds me of a beat franz ferdinand would come up with...

Ludacris – The Potion Lyrics 16 years ago
My favorite track off the new album, love the girls voice throughout the song...

Franz Ferdinand – 40 Ft. Lyrics 16 years ago
The opening riff of this song is awesome, cant stop listenin to it haha...

Sublime – Krs-one Lyrics 16 years ago

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics 16 years ago
wow so many posts...

Pixies – U-Mass Lyrics 16 years ago
I think hes trying to be sarcastic, like its educational, when really going to colege probably wasnt that big of a deal to him...

Taco – Puttin' On The Ritz Lyrics 16 years ago
Okay i just downloaded this song and it said it was by They Might Be Giants... and it sounds just like TMBG. Great song, but who sings it?

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