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Rammstein – Zwitter (English) Lyrics 17 years ago
This is kinda encouraging! When you love yourself enough, this song is made for you. This song leaves you a big grin on your face, and I feel like I could challenge the whole world :D

Rammstein – Kuss Mich (English) Lyrics 17 years ago
Their guitarist Richard told that this song isn't actually about sex. It just tells a story, how when we were kids, candies tasted amazing. But then, when you grow up, bonbons taste too sweet. And that's how life goes. Richard added that the taste changes when the years go by. We all can find different meanings to this song..

Rammstein – Kokain (English) Lyrics 17 years ago
Actually it's "the most beautiful child of all".. But anyway, I think this song really is the most beautiful song ever! Lyrics are amazing, (though there are too many mistakes here). If it wasn't named Kokain, I guess you could find very many different things there. It could be about a lover who betrayed you. Or about life...

Rammstein – Adios Lyrics 17 years ago
Yeah, it's about drugs. Their lead guitarist used coce few years ago.. So I think they found this drug-theme good. And if you look this song and the other one "kokain", they were absolutely right! They can make even drugs sound good! :)

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