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Pink Floyd – Jugband Blues Lyrics 16 years ago
well youre just a geek

Queen – Cool Cat Lyrics 16 years ago
ooo, get you! i think the first person who commented and the italian one made a few good points and you seemed to disagree. plus why wouldnt someone choose this one to comment in.

maybe they just choose a random song with no comments,

maybe they like this song

or maybe they just felt like it.

Queen – Cool Cat Lyrics 17 years ago
geek are a loser uk so change your name. if you dont like this song why did you read the comments. good points are made here. shame some people (loser uk) are losers. what are they thinking?

Queen – Too Much Love Will Kill You Lyrics 17 years ago
i agree with katherine and gmandi, i suppose it could be open to interpretation but the man said it himself. some of u just seem to think that every queen song is about freddie having aids. losers.

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