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Black Sabbath – War Pigs Lyrics 17 years ago
I don't see why everyone is arguing about the war against Iraq when the song is based on the First and Second World Wars, and if you can't tell that by looking at the lyrics then i don't see why your posting in this thread.

The Shizit – Gak Bitch Lyrics 17 years ago
This is an amazing song, and the Shizit rule, because of the stuff they sing about, and the fact it diss's the Government completely, and what it says about them is actually true. I hear this song being played every week at the local "Club" (Cathouse in Glasgow) And teh floor is always full... cause its just a total and utter mosh-out/pitting song. :D

System of a Down – Chop Suey! Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this song has a mixture of two themes - Suicide from domestic abuse and Religion, and is being seem from the point of a youngish girl, living with her father.

"Wake up. Grab a brush put on a little makeup, hide the scars t fade away the shake up" -- It speaks for itself... he is basically torturing her by making her get up in the morning, and telling her to cover the scars from where he has been abusing her.

"Why'd you leave the keys up on the table. There you go creating other fables." -- He is now basically going to the extreme, just to maybe feel the rush of abuseing her. And she is obviously trying to defend herself, but he once again is not believing her, so that he can beat her.

"Why I don't think you trust, in, my, self-righteous suicide." -- This is her now talking to God *notice the the change in melody to a slower one, maybe for effect* and asking/telling him that if she where t take her own life... would it be wrong?

"I, cry, when Angels deserve to die." -- This is her saying that she "cries" *feels upset, hurt* when an innocent, loving creature, deserves to be beaten and broken *die* in the way that she is.

"Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father, Father. Father into your hands, I commend my spirit." -- This is her now crying out to God *Father* And she wants to commend her spirit, as all forms of murder, including Suicide, is wrong by God's view, and therefore offering herself to God... so that she can leave this abuse.

"Why have you forsaken me... In your eyes forsaken me. In your thoughts forsaken me. In your Hearts forsaken me." -- This is her asking God what she has done to deserve the life that she has been given, and is allowing her to continue being "forsaken" in this way.

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