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Band of Horses – The Funeral Lyrics 11 years ago
i too love this song, but i am not sure if i will ever understand it fully. it has always struck me as being quite spiteful........ bit of a death wish, not sure if the wish is for self or another, or both.... i too love the sweet sounds with the dark theme

Virgin Black – Walk Without Limbs Lyrics 12 years ago
MYSTICA? are you kidding me by saying their fashion is not that christian?
what is christian fashion? jesus sandals? um.. a nun outfit? um like a huge beard, oh no thats evil cos that would be zz top wouldnt it.... gee u got me stumped there. christian fashion. oh i know like a realy christian t shirt with a sermon on it. yeh that must be it. oh yes and something that is totally mainstream cos to be mainstream and normal and socially acceptable is just what Christ was all about and still is.. ok i think ive figured out. thanks for pointing me towards the light. the light of fashion. jesus forgive me for my fashion sins... if its forgivable that is....
this band are amazing. its not just music its art. its performance. its provocative but not sexually.... art is meant to provoke. read what some of history;s earliest performers (old school prophets) were asked to do by God himself, to get across his message..

Sufjan Stevens – The Lord God Bird Lyrics 15 years ago
i also love this song but was stuck for meaning.... this link shojuld explain it speaks of an extinct bird known as the lord god bird...

Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day Lyrics 15 years ago
the day i heard this...i was on the way to see a friend.the ex girlfriend of onf my closest dearest female friends. she had just died of a heroin overdose. i had also just found out my mum's cancer had returned. what a few weeks..months it was/has been.... sufjan's music has been a great comfort because of his faith and his honesty.. he doesnt pretend to know the answers. music to him is not a message but a sharing from the y a thast why his 'christian' music is special... oh and by teh way God did answer our prayers and my mum's cancer is gone..she is healed...

Echo and the Bunnymen – The Killing Moon Lyrics 16 years ago
this is a bit tangential... but have you all heard the version by the GOTHIC PRIESTESS EVA O?
It is on the compilation AN 80'S cover album.... its pretty amazing... if you like this song and u like Eva.....
I think the song meaning is quite open... not so specific.... tho clearly vears around the notions of death and doom...

Steve Taylor – I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good Lyrics 17 years ago
i think this is one of the most wonderfully provocative and sobering contrasts of innocence and violence ever.... love the irony that he wants to 'murder murderers'....
his angle on abortion is ingenius. finding christians with this kind of dark humour is rare..... many dont know how to take it.
of course at the time he paid handsomely for writing songs like this. foolish closed minded arms of the church attacked and labelled him... he was supposed to tour australia and i recall one by one concerts got cancelled....

Cocteau Twins – In Our Angelhood Lyrics 17 years ago
one of my favourites... one of the few more 'gothy' kinds of songs they have which you can actually dance to quite easily... unfortunately never heard it in a club. not sure why.

anyway as for the meaning... i guess the 'chalk you out' is pretty scarey.. its like.. u know when they chalk around your dead body...

its something about a love that kills you.. perhaps religion....


The Smiths – Well I Wonder Lyrics 17 years ago
this is one of my all time favourites. what makes it even sadder is that he says ' do you see me when we pass' which suggests to me that the person whom he desperately loves does not even know he exists... thats the killer and also what makes it so pathetic...

The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead Lyrics 17 years ago
i just thot this was a lovely punsey but just as gritty anarchy song, a little late in the wake of punk.... and i love the way he takes it so lightly using words like a sponge and a rusty spanner.....and yah the bit about the singing and the piano... hahaha
i think its great he managed to get away with publishing these lyrics. especially lines like "her very Lowness with her head in a sling
I'm truly sorry but it sounds like a wonderful thing " and "I say Charles don't you ever crave
to appear on the front of the Daily Mail
dressed in your Mother's bridal veil? "

The Smiths – Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me Lyrics 17 years ago
oh god... so do i have to start it this way?

im 32 and loved the smiths since i was 16 ....

k so am i 'in' now?

i agree that its 'cool' to like them... but anyway..

i just love this dirge-like feel of the song.. that speaks a lot on top of the wonderful lyrics..

i will also add that i think its just wonderful that there are people who listend to smiths as kids... like 10 years old etc... i cant imagine how that must have fucked up your life tho. hahhahaahahahah. no seriously its cute. i mean i was listening to abba and boney m and beatles and others grew up dancing in the living room and doing family concerts to the smiths. wow... im jealous.. hahaah

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now? Lyrics 17 years ago
thanks BOBC for your sharing of the song...(much earlier) i think it has a lot of resonance with the song.... appreciate your honesty too.
i might also add i am resentful the way the song has been mindlessly appropriated for the charmed jingle.... like whats it got to do with anything? i think they just thought they were being cool.....tapping on the alterative/goth audience.... or wannabees..... sigh
all i can say is its very said when a song gets reduced to a jingle like that.

The Smiths – Cemetry Gates Lyrics 17 years ago
finally an intelligent response to a song.... i keep reading block head responses to smiths songs. morrissey would turn in his satin sheets. thanks corrupted tomato.

Radiohead – 2 + 2 = 5 (The Lukewarm) Lyrics 17 years ago
felipevox asked what lukewarm meant. hello, do you not have a search engine..... do you not know how to use an oline dictionary?

and thanks to the dozens of people who have drawn my attention to the link to 1984. didnt catch that one. (btw it seems many people post without reading first so there is a painful amount of repetition going on in a site like this)

Radiohead – The Gloaming. (Softly Open Our Mouths in the Cold.) Lyrics 17 years ago
i just need to say that i hate it when people waste time and space typing out that they dont know what this song is about.... if you dont have a sense or idea, then no need to type anything.. if you want, wait and see what others share. it can be a nightmare scrolling throgh dozens of useless messages to find gems of meaning in them...... thanks :)

k so i will add a little of my own interpretation.... i love the words witching hour. it just reminds me of a witch hunt.. of the crucible... the hype.. hyteria.. the bullshit in accusation... the manipulation.....

i also love the line ' we are not the same as you' because we ARE clearly ALL the same as each other. we all want power, freedom, safety....etc.... i find this as a pattern in thom's writing about war/politics etc.. it has a flipside.... its not always black and white..... good and evil. so while he does make his accusations... there is always the fingers pointing back... if you knwo what i mean....

Radiohead – I Will. (No Man's Land.) Lyrics 17 years ago
what i love about this song.. apart from the beautiful haunting melody and its simplicity... is the fact that in times such as now where there are range of horrible wars going on... and people are taking up sides and being bombarded by limited perspectives from press which take on particular stands according to their agenda bla h blah blah.. this song strips it back to simplicity... what we all have in common.... that inside us all is this urge to fight... even us peace loving people..... when faced with war would likely kill to defend our own innocent child.... and thats what we all have in common.

having said that i also simultaneously read the flipside of it (which is what is great about radiohea. thats what they are there for... largely.. their openness and fullness of meaning) i also see the foolishness behind the words.. i wont let this happen to my children. it can be seen as government war campaign rhetoric... promising the men of war they are fighting to protect their kids future... which is bollocks naturally cos as if we can ever stop war... so the song haunts me cos it pulls me at one end reminding me i would want to fight, but at the other end it reminds me i am helpless.. that war never ends..... it goes on....
enough of my ramble... hope makes some sense

The Innocence Mission – There Lyrics 17 years ago
to me this song, like wonder of birds, is also a looking forward and a longing to ascend to heaven... to be with God.. but again i believe it can be more open that that....

The Innocence Mission – Keeping Awake Lyrics 17 years ago
this song has a lot of meaning for me... i live far away from my family and close friends, and often i listen to it and cry as i travel to visit them , anticipating the warmth of our togetherness...the late nights.. the stupidity.... and just those words about being near sleeping but keeping awake... at special times like that you can be dog tired but you just want to live for that moment.... your love is more precious than your life....

The Innocence Mission – Wonder Of Birds Lyrics 17 years ago
for me this is about the ressurection.... of humankind... when we are brought up to be with God.

The Cure – Like Cockatoos Lyrics 17 years ago
i love this song. i dont think there is a lot to it though.. its clearly about some kind of parting in a relationship.. but for me its more about the mood...the imagery... its dream-likeness. i could be wrong. perhaps there are some references and allusions im not sure about....

The Cure – Fascination Street Lyrics 17 years ago
its about him .... performing... people worshipping him in his concerts....
note the references to putting on his hair and face etc... the audience screaming when he opens his mouth etc.. i believe i heard him explain the meaning in an interview on tv when it was released..
sorry to spoil it for those that had other very valid interpretations... its what it means to him but of course can have various other associations for others.....

The Cure – Friday I'm in Love Lyrics 17 years ago
forgive me for being a complete bitch.... but the fact that we have to discuss the meaning of this song is very very sad.... if you share what particular meaning it has to you thats one thing... but ot me there is nothing at all to analyse.. its so painfully literal and straight forward and i was so disturbed when the cure wrote and released it.. have never liked their stuff since.. even bloodflowers has all been tainted by the track record of releasing songs like this... i stopped after disintegration....

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