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Placebo – Haemoglobin Lyrics 14 years ago
i always thought this was about he's discovered that drinking blood for its haemoglobin keeps his heart going, even when medically he should be dead and now he terrifies the world. the thing about his feet not touching the ground ties in with him being kinda dead. and the reference to teeth

Spinal Tap – Sex Farm Lyrics 14 years ago
its a sophisticated view of 20th century sex...on a farm

Mother Love Bone – Come Bite The Apple Lyrics 14 years ago
he went of smack to record this album but wanted one more bite of the apple, so to speak

NOFX – Always Hate Hippies Lyrics 14 years ago
a big part of punk is acceptance of other cultures. i dont think this is a song to be taken too seriously. it's one of the songs that werent good enough for their other records, remember?

i love my stereotypical hippie-ish ways so fuck off hippies are cool

The Who – My Generation Lyrics 14 years ago
i think i read somewhere that the stutter was meant to show that the guy in the song was still a touch unsure of what he was sayin. anyhoo we cover this song, its great fun to play, really simple with some nice bass solos!

Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys Lyrics 15 years ago
brilliant track, why hasnt anyone commented yet? :( ahhhh second coming methinks or something similar. fairly nice view of the apocolypse. course i could be wrong.

The Who – Boris The Spider Lyrics 15 years ago
haha naw what happened was the band were asked to write 2 songs each as part of a contract (or something along those lines). entwistle was talkin about unusual names for animals one day in the pub and one of them was a spider called boris. later he was asked what his two songs were about (everyone else had done theirs, even keith moon) and he said one was called boris the spider. then he wrote it in about ten minutes later.

The Who – The Quiet One Lyrics 15 years ago
entwistle wrote this one...pretty self explanatory. his solo stuff's great too...i love his voice and petes guitar here.

Mother Love Bone – Stargazer Lyrics 15 years ago
geez no one comments on mother love bone :(

xana was andrew's girlfriend from what i know

Pearl Jam – Lukin Lyrics 15 years ago
matt lukin was the bassist from mudhoney, does that have anything to do with this song?

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