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Sonic Youth – Mote Lyrics 15 years ago
my take is that it's about the mote and about all the other things that milhouse counted up and about being horribly stoned all through this.

Why? – Rubber Traits Lyrics 15 years ago
a person is stuck in an emotional rut and finds himself incapable of getting out of it. so after some time of depression the person gets up and starts shaping his life, keeping himself occupied all the time, paying attention to details, telling him over and over again that he's doing fine, even getting better.

then the fly hits the pane of glass and dies, causing the person to get back to his depression. this whole process is being repeated every day and every night the person relives the depression over and over again. he's crying that he doesn't want to feel it anymore, he is doing all he can to make it stop, but nothing helps. he's still stuck with his depression and all the while he's showing everybody a smiling face.

cLOUDDEAD – Dead Dogs Two Lyrics 15 years ago
quite a dark song lyrically. what all the imagery is supposed to mean is anyones guess.
my take:
a person is confrontend with actual death, it reminds her/him of his own mortality. the next thought is thinking about dying yrself, that's pretty much explred in the whole second verse (to be dead center of a curious crowd).

great lyrics. great song. love it.

Modest Mouse – The Stars Are Projectors Lyrics 15 years ago
i agree with both eleventy and seventynine, but i read a lot more things in the earlier verses. i think the song has to do with the fact that in the end everybody is an individual and there can be no universal truth about anything be it god or history.

at the same time people are forced to invent different faces for themselves which they in different situations (it's all about moderate climatese, you gotta be cold and be hot for sure).
this is an all natural thing, but the way this society has gone, it's gone quite out of hand in a way. a lot of more insecure people have a hard time to cope with it (You've got the harder part, you've got the kinder heart and it's true. I've got the easy part, I've got the harder heart ain't this true).
it's a cold world, a lot of people are leading colder lives. the stars that are seen on the earth may even be dead ones.

i hope this makes some kind of sense.

Why? – Waterfalls Lyrics 15 years ago
wonderful. no less.

Sonic Youth – (I Got A) Catholic Block Lyrics 15 years ago
thurston was raised catholic. probably has something to do with it. as a term, "catholic block" could possibly refer to catholic guilt. maybe the guilt is so hard that it's turned into a block in his head that prevents him from doing the things he wants to do.

Sonic Youth – Incinerate Lyrics 15 years ago
wonderful lyrics and a wonderful song on top of that.

to me it sounds like there's this guy who can't get rid of a memory (of a girl) and he's burning out because he obsesses about it all the time. i probably interpret it that way because i'm the guy who's burning out right now.

Portrait – All My Chances Lyrics 15 years ago
the scary thing about this awesome song is that the lyrics reflect the situation i am in right now to the very last sentence. it's like these lyrics would be straight out of my diary or whatever. this is exactly what i feel like right now.

Wolf Parade – I'll Believe in Anything Lyrics 15 years ago
not necessarily online relationship, but a very strong long-distance relationship. not being sure if it's going to last for much longer, but not wanting to give it all up, because it means so fucking much.

A Silver Mt. Zion – Mountains Made of Steam Lyrics 15 years ago
i think edemaomega summed it up perfectly. the best part about the song is that it's not fixed on something in particular. the whole "hope in vain"-theory can be applied to pretty much anything (such as my fucked up life).

i join edemaomega in admiring this group to death.

Pinback – Non Photo-Blue Lyrics 15 years ago
why drugs? sure, building up a pot habit makes you very antisocial, but every song about loneliness is not referring to self-caused pot-habit-loneliness.

i think this song is just about being lonely and wanting to be, but yet still yearning for some kind of social activity. also all the time wasting you do when you've been sitting around on yr ass for most of the time is brought up here. drugs are one of the possible ways to waste time, but i can't find any references to them here.

Broken Social Scene – Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day) Lyrics 16 years ago
i always thought the word pavement in the title would allude to the band, since the song in itself has a little pavementsy ring to it.

Broken Social Scene – KC Accidental Lyrics 16 years ago
i don't usually post comments like this, but i'm so totally in love with the guitars in this song.

Slowdive – Alison Lyrics 16 years ago
sailors striking poses in tv-covered walls sounds like a bad trip to me. too much weed, anyone?

Slowdive – Machine Gun Lyrics 16 years ago
suicidal and lovely. drowning is such a pretty way of dying. even the word 'drown' has such a nice ring to it.

with most of halstead's lyrics on souvlaki talking about the breakup of him and rachel goswell, this song could easily be about how he feels around her. around her, he's happy, but the fact that they can't be together anymore is like the weight of water that's dragging him down.

The National – Abel Lyrics 16 years ago
the biblical character's name is cain by the way. yout comments gave me this impression of a candy-cane bludgeoning someone to death.

Joy Division – Digital Lyrics 16 years ago
i agree with owen. the song is originally off a single from 1978.
it's funny, because a quite similiar discussion was led about a song by at the drive-in here at songmeanings. someone tried to interpret clues for atd-i breaking up from a song from an ep that was released three years before they broke up.
get yer facts right before you start comparing band's lyrics to the history around the band.

Cursive – Mothership, Mothership, Do You Read Me? Lyrics 16 years ago
so what's wrong with sci-fi themes :D

honestly though, coheed's sci-fi is way different than atd-i's sci-fi or this song (mothership). it's like comparing star trek to an isaac asimov novel.

Earlimart – Hold on Slow Down Lyrics 16 years ago
if i had the guts i'd give this song and the lyrics to someone i haven't seen in a very long time.

Wolf Parade – Fancy Claps Lyrics 16 years ago
hmm, sorry about the typo's. i just woke up.

"but i have no idea if such a thing exists"

Wolf Parade – Fancy Claps Lyrics 16 years ago
home is such a relative term. personally i have no idea where i should call my home (from having moved a fair few times during my 20 years and trying to cope with it and yto fit in etc). so this home could be anything. for me, home is something you can always come back to, whoever you are and whatever you've done, wherever you've been.
so for me home would be something i'm completely bound to, but i have idea if such a thing exists. so maybe i'll know when hair has fallen out.

Wolf Parade – Dinner Bells Lyrics 16 years ago
imho the wolf parade-album has some of the best lyrics i've heard in last year. there's a lot of meaning in these songs and the emotion they're presented with (both on record and in concert) is quite overwhelming.
this is a perfect ending for a record (although it's the second last song) because of the sense of finality, but although there's a lot of melancholy in this song, i think it's not meant entirely in a negative way. things are changing and although it's a fucking drag to go through, things are changing for the better.

Mineral – Gloria Lyrics 16 years ago
thank you for that link. it made me able to enjoy the song for what it is.

i guess we all have to realize that christianity is not the only kind of spirituality there is (especially you christians).

Modest Mouse – Bukowski Lyrics 16 years ago
first off. brock is not bashing anything. bashing would be more like "god is gay, i fuck god" or whatever (ok, so i'm european so if "bashing" actually means to give arguments against something, then you can all prove me wrong). i rather read criticism and pondering in this song.

this song in mind, it's quite surprising that major labels are not censoring lyrics like this. actually, i think these kind of lyrics would be more "dangerous" than rappers rapping about cocks and tits when you think whyever they've been putting the parental guidance-sign on records. i mean, swearing and shit like that is just fun in kids minds. these kind of lyrics motivate you to think, and that's not really something that the powers that be (in this case the church) like.

Slowdive – When the Sun Hits Lyrics 16 years ago
it seems like almost all the songs on souvlaki are love songs. then the fact that rachel and neil broke up before the writing and recording of the record and most songs are written by neil anyway. gives you a little insight into what these songs could be about.

Slowdive – Dagger Lyrics 16 years ago
supposedly, if you go by the liner notes to the reissue, neil wrote this about him and rachel (both singers and songwriters in slowdive) breaking up.


Belle & Sebastian – Belle and Sebastian Lyrics 16 years ago
belle and sebastian are friends making music. belle is cool and popular and sebastian's just a freak. sebastian has no confidence and thinks he messes everything up. when he actually does mess something up, he gets even more down. so he falls into a spiral. he can't come to terms with himself. he's nervous, shy and not really social. on top of everything he has a crush on belle, which makes him even more messed up, because he'll always think that he can never get her, because she's the popular cool girl.

i kind of think i used to be that kid sebastian.

Belle & Sebastian – I'm Waking Up to Us Lyrics 16 years ago
i heard a rumour this is about isobel campbell (founding b&s-member). anybody know what's up with that?

Architecture in Helsinki – Neverevereverdid Lyrics 16 years ago
Slender is the finger
points towards the floor
offers you an excuse
to be on all fours

what the hell is that supposed to mean. great song though. i love the way the singer's voice is all paranoid and nervous in that part.

Architecture in Helsinki – Wishbone Lyrics 16 years ago
architecture in helsinki didn't play in helsinki on their eruopean tour :(
the united indie-kids of finland are accusing AIH of not even being aware of what kind of architecture we have in helsinki.

but... i like this song. it's cute and sweet and really annoying but i can't stop liking this band.

Fugazi – Do You Like Me Lyrics 16 years ago
bon soir means good evening. regret would probably be i'm sorry. a demain means until tomorrow.

At the Drive-In – Cosmonaut Lyrics 16 years ago
"After the Kursk sub accident" actionhank, the kursk-accident actually happened after the fall of the soviet union. russia today is just russia. and anyway the politics were changed heavily in the soviet union after the death of stalin.
i'm not commenting on politics in russia today though.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – The Teeth Collector Lyrics 16 years ago
getting rid of someone who's standing in yer way or limiting you somehow. that's kind of what it says to me. reminds me of how good friends of mine used to date girls who tried to control them and their lives all the time. luckily my friends use their brains and dumped the girls.

Mayhem – Funeral Fog Lyrics 16 years ago
"every time this year" great english.

Sonic Youth – Unmade Bed Lyrics 16 years ago
stephen malkmus and thurston rule! thumbs up for tall, skinny, relaxed weirdo-pop singers with a blonde mop top :)

Bloc Party – Helicopter Lyrics 16 years ago
the ever so difficult problem of generalizing. i hope you don't expect to see polarbears or snow in june in the middle of helsinki if you ever pop by :)
great song though. i read a lot of little things not associated with bush, but on the whole it's pretty much anti-bush.

At the Drive-In – Instigate The Role Lyrics 16 years ago
this is one of my favs by at the drive-in. it's punk but still they've got their own shit going. i love the way cedric and jim both sing in this song.
this song sounds like an escape, with lots of running and action, the "white power, white backdrop silhouette" part is like a quick catch of breath before having to run off again.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – BBF3 Lyrics 17 years ago
if you have a chance, get your hands on an album called kings of time by a (finnish) band called magyar posse. i think it's been released in france at least. but you should check out their website, there's a whole concert to listen to there and some other stuff:

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – The Dead Flag Blues Lyrics 17 years ago
colourblind, the record was actually recorded and released in 1997 so it's definetly not about september 11th.
the theory about the native americans is quite good, but myself i'm more on the side of the apocalypse. btw, the vinyl version has a small piece played on a banjo (i think) after the last happy part with violin and glockenspiel. it also has one of the member saying stuff like "what am i supposed to do" "what am i doing" "where's my motivation" i could transcribe the later if there's need for it.

Heroin – I've Got Mine Lyrics 17 years ago
three sentences. enough said.

Amanda Woodward – la décadence de la décadence Lyrics 17 years ago
this song and this band gives me the biggest kicks from this kind of music in a very long time. this is really good post-hardcore. too bad i don't understand enough french to get the lyrics. a translation would be cool though.

Hoover – Distant Lyrics 17 years ago
quite clear to me. being very far away from someone very important. probably there's a situation that it's vitally important to talk through things with the person, but as it's only 3000 miles and rising he can't see that happening.
i love this song.

Evergreen – 250 Dollar Loser Lyrics 17 years ago
does anybody know where to find ANY kind of information on this band? i love this band, but i can't find anything on them.

Evergreen – A Couple of Curled Up Pictures Lyrics 17 years ago
evergreen lyrics! holy shit! thank you!!!!!!

Mew – Am I Wry? No Lyrics 17 years ago
the best intro to a song ever, with the kick-drum and the bass pounding out in unison, then the one guitar and when the whole band kicks in it's the coolest sound you've ever heard.

Knapsack – Courage Was Confused Lyrics 17 years ago
this is just pop-punk but it's still fucking beautiful. i love it.

The Coral – Skeleton Key Lyrics 17 years ago
the coral are fucking stoned out of their minds :D
whatever, so am i!!!!!!!!!

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Mistakes And Regrets Lyrics 17 years ago
fuck. this song fits with everything in my life right now. if all of the shit i'm going thorugh would have occured a week ago i'd have been crying blood at the show during the song.

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Mistakes And Regrets Lyrics 17 years ago
i'd like to know the whispering part too. last time i saw them corad did the whispering part live too...

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Caterwaul Lyrics 17 years ago
alright. thanks :)
trail of dead played in finland a week ago. the best fucking gig i ever saw. jason and conrad are hilarious guys....

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