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Avril Lavigne – Don't Tell Me Lyrics 17 years ago
you teenies dont know what punk is to even say anyone needs a kick in the head ...

god , teenagers are DUMB . i know youre retarded version of adults but come on ..

Starguitar , youre so l33t teh teen .. bleh dumbass

the song is about a girl who is getting used and controlled by her boyfriend .

Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi Lyrics 17 years ago
DA-Sponge , youre elitist and a moron . why are you here you fuck up .

its songmeaings not artist meanings.

youre born in 1986 hahhahaha !!!

Tori Amos – Silent All These Years Lyrics 17 years ago
tori was raped .

Dont Look Down – Can You Hear Me? Lyrics 17 years ago
all about love and expressing how much you love someone and how much you need them . how it makes you feel etc... hopeless romantics , great stuff...

Simple Plan – Crash and Burn Lyrics 17 years ago
if you want a less poppy simple plan .. listen to their old band ''reset'' .l... yeh this doesnt have that loop formula .. hopefully they stick to this more.. we can only hope .

yeh , i agree about it being about a person who pretty much changes and ditches you ...

Common – Retrospect For Life Lyrics 17 years ago
Very good song about deciding and all that comes with such a situation . best of both worlds here with Lauryn Hill and common . i truely enjoy commons work .

The Black Eyed Peas – Hey Mama Lyrics 17 years ago
Fergie was never in the group before .. this group is much older than people know . anyhow , i like her outfit , its cute . this song reminds me of 90's hip hop . the beat and how creative it is . the dancing in the video . all comes together as very enjoyable ..

Adema – The Way You Like It Lyrics 17 years ago
Nicoleinwonderland should be banned .. i checked my name for comments and that bitch is everywhere starting crap with everyone ... go pop a pimple teeniebopper..

anyhow , one of their singles .. it was fun when it came out .. nothing ground breaking but fun for a single ...

Adema – Skin Lyrics 17 years ago
this was one of their softer songs before the cd that just was all painfull and depressing .. giving in is another sad song .. this dude keeps trying and trying but it never seems to work out .. i know how he feels

Adema – Rip The Heart Out Of Me Lyrics 17 years ago
expecting more , getting less ...

Adema – Betrayed Me Lyrics 17 years ago
being betrayed is a bitch ..

Adema – Promises Lyrics 17 years ago
so sad. i listen to this when i feel hurt by someone and fed up .. i know what hes talking about ..

Buju Banton – Love Sponge Lyrics 17 years ago
this song has a great feel to it and great mood ..

Linkin Park – Drag Lyrics 17 years ago
''Life is much to short to be intoxicated '' agreed ..

Linkin Park – Hole Lyrics 17 years ago
''I like to control you
Cause I can't control myself ''

ooo man .. this song kicks ass . before linkin park hit radios or tv , i had this song . it was from chesters old band grey daze . i loved chesters voice and when i found he was in linkin park it was really interesting to see his element added to that kind of a band ...

well , the song being about someone whos life is crap and they find it easier to direct someone else cause it keeps them from focusing on themselves...

Reveille – bleed the sKY Lyrics 17 years ago
hmm you teens are morons .. anyhow , really good band but they broke up a long while ago ..

''How I love breathing into this lifelessness
Reminds me I can't paint like God ''

i sware this song sounds like someone on drugs ..

E-Town Concrete – First Born Lyrics 17 years ago
i think this is about abortion ..

Linkin Park – Breaking The Habit Lyrics 17 years ago
''I don't know what's worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don't know why I instigate
And say what I don't mean
I don't know how I got this way
I'll never be alright ''

this song is so mine . its such a sick cycle .

Linkin Park – NTR/Mssion Lyrics 17 years ago

Linkin Park – Lying from You Lyrics 17 years ago
this being who you ar enot and then finally breaking away ..

Linkin Park – Krwlng Lyrics 17 years ago
ahh the way they formed this song to go from low to loud ... not too loud but it changes up a bit . this is such a depressing song and its exactley how ive felt for a long time .. pretty much like ill never heal and no mater what i do , ill always fall back into horrible depression ..

Linkin Park – Pts.of.athrty Lyrics 17 years ago
i love how they made a remix cd such as this ..

''You love the things I say I'll do
The way I'll hurt myself again just to get back at you ''

sad how some people enjoy others pain...

Linkin Park – Easier To Run Lyrics 17 years ago
this is pretty much just trying to start over though you know it all comes back to bite you in the ass...

Linkin Park – Nobody's Listening Lyrics 17 years ago
no , this is to the people who are talking crap about them . most of these people are hypcorites anyway .. like the dude said above ''try to make decent music'' like youre the oen to know ''decent music '' .. what did you earn a degree , what an ego .

Linkin Park – System Lyrics 17 years ago
yeh , this really makes me think of the movie . it fits perfect with the feel of that movie ...

Linkin Park – Morning After Lyrics 17 years ago
this song is pretty painfull . nice to hear in a drunken stooper..

Linkin Park – My December Lyrics 17 years ago
this isnt artist , its song meanings . you dont like the artist , get the fuck out of their page .

this song is very touching . very sad and lost .lots of regret and guilt in this song ..

Prince – When Doves Cry Lyrics 17 years ago
song sorta speak for itself .. realationship going bad but following a very common role both male and female play in the realationship which makes it turn sour ..

Prince – Diamonds and Pearls Lyrics 17 years ago
i used to always sing along to this song when i was younger .. memories . very well known song of prince ..

Prince – Darling Nikki Lyrics 17 years ago
Growing up , everyone kept singing this song to me ... and no , not cause im like this girl or did anything she did in the song .. my name is nikkie

The Cure – Boys Don't Cry Lyrics 17 years ago
ahh thats painful . to want to break down but holding back cause it wouldnt seen as ''normal'' ... then ultimately losing something cause you couldnt just show sides of you that were ''real''

The Cure – Pictures of You Lyrics 17 years ago
lost love ... ahh heartbreaking .. beautiful song ofcourse..

Primer 55 – Loose Lyrics 17 years ago
yeh , it is . i liked them a lot .

Bobaflex – Doom Walker Lyrics 17 years ago
these songs are interesting .. the way they put them together catches my attention ..

Bobaflex – Midnight Nation Lyrics 17 years ago
seems like one of my dreams ..

Shakira – Whenever, Wherever Lyrics 17 years ago
sarah_phoenix , not americans . you mean ''white'' people ..

anyhow , this latin princess did this cross over album and it was fun .. i enjoyed her work in spanish , even though i dont know spanish ..

Avril Lavigne – Two Rivers Lyrics 17 years ago
wow youre soooo teenager. !!

Britney Spears – Boys Lyrics 17 years ago
its song meanings , not discuss the artist ..dipshit ..

Britney Spears – Dear Diary Lyrics 17 years ago
why come to the artists page and bash . i

ts song meanings , not what does the artist mean to you . dipshit .

negative teenie boppers need to go pop a pimple ..

Britney Spears – Toxic Lyrics 17 years ago
read the bottom of the cd to your fav. band 80 % do not write their own songs.i noticed that when i was 12 , most of you are slow .

there are a few who do . mostley those are the legends to music .

anyhow . this song is actually better than her others . this is more adult .

.. little (teens) boys are about to cry and scream slut when most .. yes im sorry to say . most teen males are sluts by default . my little brother even said it . so yeh .get over it . not all but most teen boy are uncontrolable sluts , just deal with it but dont put us ladies (adults) down for having a sexual side and more control . sounds like a personal problem you have with yourself . maybe some soul searching ...truth hurts eh ..

last but not least . if you hate the pop singer . why are you here ? ill answer. you think people take your opinion into consideration ...reminder : its song meanings , not artist meanings dipshit.

its rare i take a teenagers negative opinion as anything important and most adults i know just ignore your dumbass for a reason ... growing pains blah blah but i just like to knock you on your little ass every now and then .. kinda fun :D

now go slam your keyboard , kick a puppy or pop a pimple .. hahahah

Britney Spears – Lucky Lyrics 17 years ago
yeh , cause a woman whos sexual is bad .. if its too adult for you teenieboppers , then move onto barney .

you all retarded pervy little boys. teenagers sicken me cause you talk like idiots .

funny thing is youre pissed she is saying exactley what you pimple poppers bitched about .

SixMeterPeter , look whos talking . your name makes me know youre a whore ...and yes , guys can be dirty whores . most are . :D

Britney Spears – Everytime Lyrics 17 years ago
This reminded me a lot of the pain ive been facing in the past 3 years .. really a sad song . the beat behind sounds all lullaby .. :/ depressing ..

Avril Lavigne – Don't Tell Me Lyrics 17 years ago
the lengths people like em2000 will go to , to bash a singer that the wagon hoppers bash .

this is seriously starting to get pathetic .an opinion is one thing but ego stroking is another .sad.

Avril Lavigne – I'm With You Lyrics 17 years ago
o you are so original . in a new trend of bashing avril you actually try to sound like you have found something bad to say . wow , the lengths teens will go to to jump on the wagon of poser...


anyhow , this song is pretty depressing . it seems to be about people moving on . trying to find your nitch . a lot of you are too young to understand this yet but when you become an adult and move out , a lot changes and it gets very lonely and hard to figure what direction youre going to go into . this never work out as planned , life always has a way of doing almost the oppisite or what you would never guess ..


wow , from reading the reviews teenagers are retarded . youre like retarded version of adults . keep trying there slappy , you will get it someday :D

Avril Lavigne – Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
guns n' roses did this song also but avril made a cover and really its my fav. from her ..
some canadians have told me she is pretty good live ...

Avril Lavigne – Losing Grip Lyrics 17 years ago
pop jus means popular . if anything avril is pop alternative rock etc..

she never said she was punk . some teeniebopper who hates modern punk prolly seen her clothes and somehow firgured to trash on their own gen. more so they can place their lips on the ass of 70's punk people ..ha , it happens .. :D

anyhow , this song is nice and has a pretty mood with it ..

Avril Lavigne – My Happy Ending Lyrics 17 years ago
''You've got your dumb friends,
I know what they say,
They tell you I'm difficult,
Well so are they''

aint that the truth .. hahha , avril gets points for that , msot of her songs are very carefree and poppy . this one is but that was good right there ...

Avril Lavigne – Unwanted Lyrics 17 years ago
this song is pretty good .

'' She's not the only one who writes them. Which really surprises me because her lyrics just plain suck.''

flip the cd over on any band . 90 % are like that and not just pop/mainstream .

i think Sha34 pretty much got the meaning of the song .

''Try indie or true punk for a pleasant change. ''

yeh be a real poser cause that wouldnt be like following the radio at all .. oo ive seen the poser light .. do any of you hear how stupid you really sound ..

Mary J. Blige – Don't Walk Away Lyrics 17 years ago
''Cause you can't never lose the love that you never had
And if the nigga never did love you
Then you ain't lost nothing ''

Mary knows .. everything she says , i totally agree .

Linkin Park – High Voltage (Remix) Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is so true . not even just run dmc , i grew up on the beastie boys and there were many more bands in the 80's .. now people label music with rap and rock elements ''nu-metal'' .. that label does not exis and ive been trying to explain this to many people online but its like talking to a wall . ignorrance is bliss ..

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