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The White Stripes – When I Hear My Name Lyrics 16 years ago
About a guy who seems to hate himself.

As for some other posts here.....
Elitist Tool fans. Typical.

"I'm a Tool fan. I listen to the same five bands over and over again. I contribute nothing to my current or local music scene because what's the point? It wouldn't be as good as tool, and every other band sucks because they don't sound as good as tool but i'll rip all over one that does in any way. I refuse to listen to songs under 4 minutes, with 4/4 time, or lyrics i can pronounce. Because I listen to a very intelligent group of musicians, so that must mean that I'm intelligent too!!! Never mind the fact the musical complexity is outside my comprehension, or that i never really will get the lyrics i CAN understand, but i'll act like i do to everyone else. If i find a band that's remarkably simpler than Tool i'll criticize them at every possible opportunity. If God...i mean, Maynard voices an opinion on something I'll automatically agree with everything he says because I'm an intelligent person who has opened his mind. I love Tool!!!!!"

i wish i was here to post this sooner.

Pink Floyd – Dogs Lyrics 16 years ago
The life and times of a sociopath.

KoЯn – Liar Lyrics 17 years ago
Maybe the woman in the song is a metephor for blind faith.

My brother, you love her
But don't give up your instincts
(Think for yourself. Don't let anyone else speak for you.)
Hang onto you know what
They'll be gone fast as you blink
(If you give up your free will to something else and you got nothing.)
They're trained to seduce you
Suck you dry quick as they can
They tried to reduce you
Now you're barely a man
( What he became by letting the controlling force toy with him)

Hey you
You're saying that she's all that you desire
Hey you
You think you can throw water on this fire
(If this is directed at Head: He and the rest of Korn have been playing together and had a close friendship for well over a decade, then he just up and left [and according to Jon, started "a bunch of drama", but i'm not sure of that one]. You don't just turn your back on your brothers, ever.)

On that note, I hope they're all still on good terms. It would suck to let something as trivial as a difference of faith come between friendship and brotherhood, because that's a horrible thing to waste.

Chevelle – Panic Prone Lyrics 17 years ago
This reminds me of the repreated drug and emotional problems that a friend of mine is going through. Much like Themuse97's interpretation, but I wanna say my version anyway.

"Gave in again, the bastard"
(He gave in to his drug habits again.)
"Can't keep refusing rights"
(He doesn't care that he's shoving those who care for him away)
"He'll loan the cash, but the sin
Is on the hands of you"
(Certain people may have introduced him to it, but it was still his choice go along with it)

"So, to care or plead silence"
(Should I do something, or stay out of it and let him suffer the conseqences of his own actions? Would he even listen to me anyway?)
"Weak hands are calling"
(He's just sinking deeper into his problems)

"There's close enough and there's too far
It won't change an empty stare"
(Whether he's high or not doesn't change the fact that he doesn't care)
"But I can't seem to end these images
Hauntingly looks like Hell"
(It's going to kill him if he isn't careful. The more I say I don't care about him, the more I actually worry.)


"Come, enter the foreign
Face, all that's shameful"
(The first time he got hooked)
"Cheat, may the past find
Out, seperating"
(He's shoving away his family and friends that he's known all his life)

Last Chorus:
"To end this catastrophic scene
Awake and breathe in"
(I hope one day he realizes what he's doing to himself and those around him before it kills him.)

Meshuggah – Sane Lyrics 17 years ago
This may be about how most people nowadays think the only to solve their emotional problems is to see a doctor, take medication, and do what he says, instead of using logic and willpower.

Or about a doctor who likes to abuse his patients.

Meshuggah – I Lyrics 17 years ago
Humans are capable of creating great things, and also capable of complete destruction. This is sort of an ongoing debate of whether the character of the song is here to destroy.

That's my take on it, and I think Marten mentioned something to that extent in an interview, but put more of a deep religious/philosophy theme to it.

Meshuggah – Autonomy Lost Lyrics 17 years ago
Breaking boundaries and diving into the unknown.

Meshuggah – Corridor Of Chameleons Lyrics 17 years ago
Possibly directed towards their lable, Nuclear Blast. It just seems to describe to relationship of a greedy entity and the thing it's trying to take advantage of.

"We're the carriers of a new anomaly"
- The band is something new to the lable/Or this is the lable saying "we run the show!"

"Blistered tounges from licking greedward.
Taste the enemy. Throw up their means. Swallow the bits that fit your needs."
- They just want the band to rake in money.

"Keep your eyes searching in all directions, scanning for opportunities."
- Looking for the next big, expendable thing.

"Pick a color to blend with surroundings."
- The lable wants the band to do what's "in."

"Our numbers exceeding the billions.
Everly walking among ourselves down the corridor of chameleons."
-As the band gets bigger, they are bombarded with more greddy businessmen.

"There's a fee for every lie. The currency: Your dissolving integrity."
- I think this is the defining line of this song. These greedy businessmen have sold their souls to making money by trying to control others.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Where Boys Fear to Tread Lyrics 17 years ago
Very good interpretation Geek UK.
I'd like to add maybe "King of the horseflies, dark prince of death" is the next guy the girl goes striaght to after him.

A Perfect Circle – Renholder Lyrics 18 years ago

red lohner

Guns N' Roses – One In A Million Lyrics 18 years ago
There's a big difference between black people and niggers. Blacks being the calm, intellegent, cool ones that actually have a head on their shoulders. Niggers being the idiotic jackasses that try to hold something against me because i'm white, or try to find any reason to use random violence on someone.

Tool – No Quarter (Led Zeppelin cover) Lyrics 18 years ago
I look at this song as someone coming to grips with their own death.

It reminds me very much of a person I just got to know just a few days ago, and we're talking and she brings up the fact that she may have cancer. She's had a cyst in her chest for over a year, which can't be healed, and her family gets different kinds of cancer very easily (she's already losing two close relatives to it). She says she could go at anytime, but she's okay with that.

After she told me that, I listened to this when I got home and it reminded me of her, and her situation.

Chevelle – Point #1 Lyrics 18 years ago
Greed? maybe...

A Perfect Circle – Brena Lyrics 18 years ago
Look at the negative space between the two crescents. It makes a perfect circle.

A Perfect Circle – Vanishing Lyrics 18 years ago
Just about being on some higher plane of exsistance - either getting high on drugs, or spirituallity or something. It may not seem like much on the album, so to get the full effect of the song you HAVE to see it performed live.

Slipknot – Opium of the People Lyrics 18 years ago
Karl Marx: "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, the soul of the soulless environment. it is the opium of the people"

religion maybe? i'm not sure, but that quote popped into my head.

A Perfect Circle – A Stranger Lyrics 18 years ago
For the record he's saying "tornado." I heard it loud and clear at the show i went to, and the unplugged performance i have.

Anyways this, to me, is about a relationship with another person. But their behaviour is so wild and erratic, you stop and think about it, and you just don't know what hit you.

A Perfect Circle – Weak And Powerless Lyrics 18 years ago
A lot of songs on 13th Step seem to tie in with drugs and weakness. I like to interpretate things on my own but Maynard outright explained a few songs (W&P, A Stranger, The Outsider) at an unplugged show i have on a recording. But this one's pretty strightforward - its reconizing the fact that you have a problem.

Marilyn Manson – Cryptorchid Lyrics 18 years ago
in christianity the age 7 is viewed as the age of lost innocence. before then you are considered a pure, unspoiled child. at 7 you start growing up and become vulnerable to the evils of the outside world.

KoЯn – Am I Going Crazy? Lyrics 18 years ago
this creeped me out on the 1st listen. somewhat reminds me of Silent Hill

AFI – Girl's Not Grey Lyrics 18 years ago
sex. plain and simple. (to me, that is)

AFI – Miseria Cantare: The Beginning Lyrics 18 years ago
A great way to start off a great record.
Does the first half of this song remind anyone else of "The Terminator" (part 1, in the intro and all the scenes that took place in the future. and the drums kinda reminded me of the main theme.)

Marilyn Manson – 1996 Lyrics 18 years ago
At this pint in the Antichrist Superstar story his power has taken full sway. Here, he is exterminating everying in exsistance regardless of whether its good or bad, so that life can start over from the very beginning. Along with destorying everything else he even decided that he shouldn't exsist either (Anti me/I don't deserve a chance to be). In the following songs on the album when see his power diminish until his inevitable collapse at the end.

KoЯn – Counting On Me Lyrics 18 years ago
The obvious meaning for this is a sour realtionship. But after hearing it a few times I got a new meaning out of it. I think this song is in a way about the fans. A lot of kids who are drawn to Korn most likely feel SOME kind of rage, emotional distress, ect, ect. I think some fans expect them to keeping writing and singing songs about how they feel and issues they go thru, but here he's saying "You need to solve your own issues. I'm not gonna be here forever."

A Perfect Circle – The Outsider Lyrics 18 years ago
You wern't meant to like the video. It indeed was a big "fuck you" to everyone who was expecting some weird, trippy, complicated video most people wouldn't understand anyways.

Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit Lyrics 18 years ago
i agree with xfesty. Manson does seem to have some of the most stupidest fans.

Tool – Cesaro Summability Lyrics 18 years ago
Cesarean Section anybody????

Alice in Chains – Love Song Lyrics 18 years ago
i read somwhere Tom Araya from slayer did the vocals to this one

Alice in Chains – Love, Hate, Love Lyrics 18 years ago
This song was inspired by one of Layne girlfriends. When they played it live once he said something like "This song is about a girl that makes me feel fuzzy inside...fucking bitch." I think the girl cheated on the character before the song takes place and that tormented him, and when the song starts he goes into this sick act of kidnapping, torturing, and killing her (I want to peel the skin from your face
Before the real you lays to waste/Sweet little angel you should have run Lying, crying, dying to leave/My twisted passion to be your world/Lost inside my sick head)

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