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Brand New – Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades Lyrics 17 years ago
wow, mabye this chick i WAS seein was tryin to tell me somthin by wanting me to hear this song. but i put it off and never did. Now weve gone our seperate ways and 4 months later i decide to lisiten to the song and realized what i missed out on =(.

I was a virgin and was takin it a lil too slow at the time... all i wanted was to hold her but she was probably only looking for ...

Punchline – Play Lyrics 17 years ago
.... interesting.....

Punchline – Cold As You Lyrics 17 years ago
I so wanna see them in Concert... =( do they ever come to California? most the tours ive seen dates for they didnt... and i dont drive so it would have to be somewhat close. I think Texas was the closest or somthin like that.

Punchline – A Beautiful Green Lyrics 17 years ago
A little too Repetitive for my likings.... but still a good song

Punchline – Here Goes Nothing Lyrics 17 years ago
Wow, I never looked at it like that for some reason.... makes sence.

I like the last few lines the best

Punchline – The World Lyrics 17 years ago
I have no idea, but its one of my favorite songs on Action.... What the hell am i talkin about? Theyre all my favorite =P

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