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Scar Symmetry – Seeds Of Rebellion Lyrics 15 years ago
I guess its talking about war will rage on until the very end.

Lamb of God – Walk with Me in Hell Lyrics 15 years ago
Wow, love this song, it gives me that warm fuzzy evil feeling down inside my gut, especially that clanging at the end of the song like Mike said, maybe the sound of this song is a consequence of being on tour with slayer , ha!

Anyways, the song sounds like its about people that rely on religion, and Randy is saying that there are plenty of people out there that make it just fine without religion controlling and holding together their lives.

Slayer – Jihad Lyrics 15 years ago
"okay, they've come out and said what its about already guys... Its about 9/11 From the Terrorist Point of View... a lot of people are pissed about that, but you gotta love Slayer for giving them a big "Fuck You"..."

Ofcourse it is satire, to show how idiots are running around blowing/burning up themselves and others for their god, and there are plenty of ppl on all sides of the war that are doing it in the name of their god. Its like, Good job you just murdered a bunch of people for your god, im sure he is happy with your deeds and he will treat you good in

Nickelback – Side of a Bullet Lyrics 15 years ago
Yea, I appreciate Nickelback making an effort to try to live up to a higher level of heaviness when making this song(for the sake of dimebag), but it turned out great in the end.

Caliban – Certainly, Corpses Breathe Cold Lyrics 15 years ago
Awesome song.

I guess its about being in a mindset that puts you into deep depression, and not having the strength to change your mind is in general. Maybe he's searching or "dreaming" of someone to come along and change his mind...but noone does.

"steel colours my skin deep red,
no death, but eternal toture "

Still not sure if he's commiting suicide, or if he is then maybe he believes he will spend an eternity in toture for killing himself? or something along those lines.

Trivium – Dying in Your Arms Lyrics 15 years ago
Even tho this is their "softest" song, I have to give Trivium credit, cuz the guy can sing scream and play guitar like a mofo. I'd say they have plenty of talent.

In Flames – Vanishing Light Lyrics 15 years ago
Yea, this one was my favorite on the cd since the first time i heard it, sounds like it belongs on clayman or something.

In Flames – Brush The Dust Away Lyrics 15 years ago
Oh yea, and as for the rape your mother part...I'm glad its in there...adds a little shock factor(very little). Sometimes that gets ppl to think.

In Flames – Brush The Dust Away Lyrics 15 years ago
For some reason gang warfare in urban places comes to mind when listening to this song,but maybe im missing something.

"In the most desolate corner
A bad case of the urban blues
Another brick in the living shadow
All inhale the downward spiral"

This could possibly refer to people living in an urban ghetto... the "living shadow"

"Hey, get in line for tragic
Let us dance to the pistol magic
Just aim and end another
But think, as I rape your mother"

This could refer to someone joining a gang or something of the sort to try to make life easier but actuallly they are just "getting in line for tragic" getting involved with guns and violence(turf wars).

"Another player joins the table
Who I can or cannot trust
When do we get assigned?
Pure and precious with bad intentions"

Maybe this means people come and go, lose power, go to jail or die frequently, new ppl are coming to the table, and how often can you trust someone, especially when everyone is out for themselves.

"Hey, come and join the show
All the cameras are ready to go
Just aim and end another
But think, as I rape your mother"

Maybe this refers to how gangs, violence, etc are glorified sometimes ...mostly in america or rap music.

"A single step - a garbled life
Where's the profit?
Your rage - the pain
Will it all be worth it?"

Maybe this is talking out about how it only takes a single step in the wrong direction and u could be down for life, and wheres the profit in living this way? Will it ever be worth it?

"Genetic, it seems to be....
Abandon, the mass ideal
We think we're in control then we become the things we hate
Lets re-unite and brush the dust away"

Maybe this is talking about how we as humans seem to always think we can get ahead by living a certain lifestyle but we are for sure always gonna screw things up, and we need to abandon these ideas that seem to be everywhere in the media etc. Ppl think they are all big bad and tough and think they "are in control" but yet they "become the things they hate". He's asking these people to "reunite and brush the dust away", but like i said, i could be wrong.

GG Allin – Terror In America Lyrics 15 years ago
I wonder if he's ever had to go through an airport?

GG Allin – Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass Lyrics 15 years ago
Wow, a song documenting all of the warrants that were out for GG at any given time, how did he get away with it all so easily?

In Flames – Suburban Me Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm 99% sure that me_tall_i_ca is right on this one, this is actually one of the only In Flames songs that I believe I really know the entire meaning.

In Flames – Artifacts Of The Black Rain Lyrics 16 years ago
and also...

"Whoever they're talking about is an extremely dark and mysterious, definately dangerous person. Words like "voyeur" adding a sickness and perversity to him. He seems one of a dark clan, who feasts on the night and lives in it."

Could this dark, mysterious person that feasts on the night, and lives in it, represent the darkness of space and the universe somehow?

In Flames – Artifacts Of The Black Rain Lyrics 16 years ago
"Stood there carving on the monument to lies
digging of the earth, making friends with the soil
as the all-mother rises and bares her bleeding thighs
he disappears into her cold, icy womb " i guess..
"he" represents mankind. "He" is making friends with the soil by constantly making war, destroying the world around him, and the massive numbers of dead returning to the soil, as in "he" is more familiar with death than with living life.

The all-mother is ofcourse the earth, that has been around for some 4 billion years, man only being around for an extremely small fraction of that 4 billion years. "The all-mother rises and bares her bleeding thies", meaning that she(the earth) has given birth to man. Just as soon as she gives birth to man, "he disappears into her cold, icy womb", meaning that in the very small amount of time man has been on earth, he manages to DESTROY himself and "he" returns to earths cold icy womb/is buried in the ground.

Thats what the end of the song seems to mean, and if so, then the rest of the song has to relate to it in some way or another, or maybe I'm way off.

In Flames – Coerced Coexistence Lyrics 16 years ago
Are you sure pine doesn't mean "to grieve for", I can't find anywhere that ping relates to lust or desire?

In Flames – Come Clarity Lyrics 16 years ago
The name "Come Clarity" itself, just makes me wonder if Anders really is a Buddhist or is it just me?

In Flames – Dark Signs Lyrics 16 years ago
"You’re told that you’re trapped below
And dark signs help to prove
You got to reach further
for what life shall provide"

Feeling pressure from the fold
He believes the dream is over
Drained blue eye - scorching fire
The whole meaning becomes undone. "

Have you ever had someone tell you that you were "headed in the wrong direction" and then point out so called "dark signs" to help them try to prove their point. Where that someone says that your headed in the wrong direction and point to the people you hang out with, the music you listen to, or maybe what you believe?...and then it makes you feel like you have been "Cut down to half a member" because you are different?... and then you just have to try harder and harder in life to suceed to make sure they are not right... Thats what this song is beginning to remind me of. Of course I've listened to this song like 25 times and about every 3rd time I listen to it , I get a different meaning. I just got through listening to the song while writing this post and I dont even know if what I said in the post makes since anymore...why in the hell can't you just tell us the meaning Anders? lol

In Flames – Subterranean Lyrics 16 years ago
Seems as he's hopelessly in love with someone yet neither of them can have happiness.

In Flames – Borders and Shading Lyrics 16 years ago
"Linkin Park is more emo than this"...

"You're so far
Behind be my hero"

hmmm...are you trying to make sense of the song through riddles?

DevilDriver – End of the Line Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is the bombshell for me, I remember waiting for the new album to come out, and then i was able to hear this song first, while hearing the first 50 seconds where its kindof slow and soft i was freaking out like "Damn they sold out on their new album, they sold out!", then the heaviness kicked in and that long as hell scream and it leveled my ass. There hasn't been a day of my life where this song couldn't put a smile on my face lol.

In Flames – Leeches Lyrics 16 years ago
I really like this song, and its strange how anders sings the lyrics...some not even remotely sounding like what the actual lyrics are.

I remember findingn where someone wrote a review on the internet about come clarity sometime in December...wayyy before anyone knew the lyrics, and somehow they decided that the lyrics to this song was "down right shameful" or something along those lines. lol It kindof reminds me of the guy that wrote in his come clarity review that there were no solos on come clarity. Pretty amusing.

"Leeches like leeches" Maybe he's talking about someone that may be bitter or angry, somone that a group of people may put their trust in, and use their time trying to decided how others should live, believe, and behave... leeching off of other people's happiness instead of trying to live and create a happy life for themselves...but who really knows what anders is writing about? lol.

In Flames – Take This Life Lyrics 16 years ago
Yea, it is rained, my bad

In Flames – Vanishing Light Lyrics 16 years ago
Vanishing light
The end of a compromise
in fury in rage
a dream will deminish

Behing enemy lines
Learn to survive
Find way to clone
make friends and a place to call home

Take a picture and jump before we crash.
Take a picture and jump before we crash.

Slide away
Learn your ways and fire when ready.
This is a race to no mans land.
but who knows the directions.

You're on the easy route.
Money up front?
There's no doubt.

It's so sad, but pay no mind.

In Flames – Versus Terminus Lyrics 16 years ago
When all is said and done.
We'll know whats right, whats wrong.
But does it matter then when all is said and done?

When all is dead and gone
We'll know who lost, who won.
But does it matter then when all is dead and gone?

See everything go
End of all things.
The life that we know.
Shift your point of view
You've been warned.
This one-way ticket is for you.

When all the lights go out,
We'll know what life's about.
But does it matter then when all the lights go out?

When all the laughter dies
We'll see nothings and realize.
But does it matter when all the laughter dies?

Posted lyrics were pretty close

In Flames – Dead End Lyrics 16 years ago
But I will do it for you
We'll start among hypocrites
"but I won't do it for you.
A star among hypocrites"

In Flames – Leeches Lyrics 16 years ago
Leeches like leeches
"Ignorance we Trust"

If you say this way
I'll take that way
Fuel for the fire on which I thrive.

Spit me out
I'm glad I don't belong
Save me the speech
I know you'll be forgotten and gone.

It burns It rips It hurts
They make you bleed your turn
The chance of a lifetime,
How does it feel to be alive.

Leeches, They preach to us.
Words of wisdom from blocked minds.
A tear for the poet.
That can't be heard
Praise the artist that steals.

In Flames – Take This Life Lyrics 16 years ago
It's not so much the pain
It's more the actual knife
Pretending the picture is perfect,
I cut myself to sleep

I close my eyes for a second
and meet a fragile soul
I scream to hide that I'm lonely,
The echo calls my name.

If I ever...
If i never...
Make me understand the thought whatever
Make me see...
Make me be...
Make me understand you're there for me.

Take this life
I'm right here
Stay awhile and breathe me in.

The water drops just beg to hit me
Why now?
Haven't ruined for days.
No time to play hide and seek
I call upon you to take me on.

Break me down to pieces
Put me back, do it right this time.
Struggling to fill this empty shell
Burn my efforts in the end it means nothing.

In Flames – Crawl Through Knives Lyrics 16 years ago
The black hole, forever mine
I need fear. Push me out.

Be brave show me signs.
Should I feel shame
for the questions that I have...

If you could be the things I need.
I'll crawl through knives an inch per year.
These knees, they bleed for you.

Feed the lie
Force the reason
Leave me in doubt
Need some motivation

It's in my hands
The sky is so bright It's burning
It's for me to decide
If flames will reach heaven tonight.

Nailed to the floor
Emotions drifting
Touch the new...

If you could be the things I need.
I'll crawl through knives an inch per year.
These knees, they bleed for you.

It's in my hands
The sky is so bright It's burning
It's for me to decide
If flames will reach heaven tonight.

The real lyrics, makes alot more sense too, nice guesswork on the current posted ones though

In Flames – Take This Life Lyrics 16 years ago
Wow, awsome song and now a video to go with it

Quo Vadis – Silence Calls the Storm Lyrics 16 years ago
Wow, awsome/very intense song, not sure what its about.

Passenger – In My Head Lyrics 16 years ago
Yea, too bad there probably won't be another Passenger album....atleast for a long time(couple of years).

DevilDriver – Hold Back The Day Lyrics 16 years ago
I see alot of meaning written all over parts of this song but I'm still not sure what the overall meaning of it is.

"Dig deep, dig in deeper.
You go where only fools fear to tread."

Maybe he's digging deep into and questioning his faith or beliefs, without letting the fear of choosing the wrong path stop him, like it does some people (fools).

"You'll find devices to kill your master.
Why not kill your maker instead?"

Maybe after digging in deeper he's found great reason to say fuk it all to whatever faith or ideas the he has been believing...and maybe he insists that if anyone else digs deeper than the might find the same thing.

I kindof lose the song after that , because its confusing.

When he says "It's darkest before the dawn…" I don't think he sticks to the phrase's usual meaning, as in as dark at it bad as things seem, remember its darkest before the dawn/ dont give up. This kindof contradicts "Put your faith and trust in the dusk."

In Flames – ...As The Future Repeats Today Lyrics 16 years ago
wtf, i dont hear "populated by fathom less and unbearable " in there, thats from colony

Metallica – Stone Cold Crazy (Queen cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
Yea right, lol. Metallica is not my favorite band by a long shot, but I do believe they are the greatest, they would roll over queen any day, and to add to that most of the covers they have done have actually improved the song dramatically.

Bury Your Dead – Mosh N' Roll Lyrics 16 years ago
Time for a 25 body pile up in the circle pit. Boots into facial areas for everyone!

In Flames – Touch Of Red Lyrics 16 years ago
I own EVERY in flames and metallica album, and I must say that none of it sucks nor did they sell out, each album is slightly different and just listen to it and enjoy it for what it is , other than sitting around complaining about how the band didn't write music just for you.

GWAR – Don't Need a Man Lyrics 16 years ago
dood, something ain't right here! this is the madnode.

Metallica – Escape Lyrics 16 years ago
"i once printed out the lyrics of this fucking ace song and put loads of copies in my headteachers office, he was a fucking one minded fuck son of a bitch.i"

Good job!

Crossfade – Colors Lyrics 16 years ago
Its about someone that has become bitter or depressed because of personal issues(family problems, drugs maybe?)and these issues are slowly draining their colors. Friends can see the change in this person and are letting this person know that they know everything is not alright.

Trivium – Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr Lyrics 17 years ago
Did you accidentally leave off some of the lyrics at the very end?

N.W.A. – Fuck Tha Police Lyrics 17 years ago
This is probably the most remade and covered song of all time, ya know why? Cuz everyone agrees to fuk that police.

GWAR – Gonna Kill U Lyrics 17 years ago
This is its a sick sad world.

Burzum – War Lyrics 17 years ago
I agree paperxwrists. I like rocking out to this song, it kicks ass.

I think the song paints a scene of either world war 1 or 2 in Europe.

"I Lie Wounded on Wintery Ground
With Hundred of Corpses around
Many Wounded Crawl Helplessly around
On the Blood Red Snowy Ground "

Probably lying in no mans land.

DevilDriver – Die (And Die Now) Lyrics 17 years ago
I've found that this is a great song to play really really loud while driving through walmart parking lot with the windows down. Anyways Devildriver IS the band that makes me proud to be part of the american metal scene. Can't wait for their new stuff to come out...its supposed to be alot more brutal.

Trivium – Like Light to the Flies Lyrics 17 years ago
Wow, really great song, can't believe no one has commented on it yet.

DevilDriver – Knee Deep Lyrics 17 years ago
"This is probably a good song to head butt pieces of wood, to (If you enjoy doing that kind of thing)... "

Even better to swallow splinters!

"A warrior seeking victory "
He's obviously a diehard muthafuka that won't ever stop dealing with problems in life...and plans to overcome his adversaries in life...and in the process live life to the fullest.

Body Count – NECESSARY EVIL Lyrics 17 years ago

"Car hit my dog, babies die, raped in a
stairwell, cop killed a little girl,
armed robbery, shooter of a drive-by,
smokin' cain, sellin' joints in jr. high.
Head from a minor, sex with animals,
butthole surfers, a fucked up rehearsal,
lost pawn ticket, wrecked my father's car.
Can't pay my school loan, major jack move,
holy underwear.
Stuck in the pen, forced in a gang, plain
wrapped food,
fucked up presidents, sleepin' through trash day.
Hit a police car, gettin' laid off, gotta pay
taxes, gridlock traffic,
jealous muthafuckas, bitch tried to do me,
hit and run, "

...represents all of the fine quality good things in life.

and this....

"I got a fat bitch pregnant! "

...represents the end of your life!

Suicidal Tendencies – Go'n Breakdown Lyrics 17 years ago
P.S. this song is a masterpiece

Suicidal Tendencies – Go'n Breakdown Lyrics 17 years ago
This has to be one of my most favorite songs ever...i like it when he says "if you like magic, here's a trick snap my fingers now i'm a lunatic ain't no threat straight out fact go head up and you'll get jacked!"

Body Count – Kkk Bitch Lyrics 17 years ago
Damn this is a great song...its got me tripping. I can only say just remember to be strapped when that dear old dad shows up lol.

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