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The Summer Set – Where Are You Now Lyrics 12 years ago
god i love dia's voice...

The Narrative – Fade Lyrics 12 years ago
i think its supposed to be "I probably shouldn't wish for your breath on my skin instead the cold that's traveling down from the vents above our heads."

its about ending a relationship before everything goes really bad. good song.

Brandtson – Who Are You Now? Lyrics 17 years ago
its about 2 conversations he's having with his gf and somehow she's betrayed his trust in the first one and she is tryin to gain it back but he's having his doubts "trust in me to trust in you to take my breath away. surrounding me with questions that i've answered for time and again...". "conversation two" she's betrayed him once again..."holding on is holding you again with breaking arms..." this time he's all like "forget us and this second chance, so you can break it off...". so basically he was suspicious about somethings, she told him it was nothing, it turns out to be something, he says screw the second chance and breaks it off for good.....

Brandtson – Escapist Lyrics 17 years ago
this song is great...its about a love thats split. "and we're both characters in a play, on the same stage but on a different page", "and we both chose to take this road to the same place but at a different pace..." he is too slow and she is tired of waiting for him to catch up....i think the escapist part refers to commitment...thats just my take on this

Mae – Soundtrack For Our Movie Lyrics 18 years ago
once you listen to this song you cant get it out of your head. it makes you think about all the "movie moments" that you only see in movies and you can only dream about having one, but when you do, you cant forget the music that was played during the "best part" Mae rocks!

Fall Out Boy – Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today Lyrics 18 years ago
great song, the lyrics catch your attention right away and the best thing about the song is that it says all those things you are thinkin in your head but you never dare speak out loud...great band

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