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AC/DC – Cover You In Oil Lyrics 7 years ago
@[JayCeezy:217] Well, considering I made this post over 10 years ago, I'd hope to hell so. lol

Uncle Tupelo – Discarded Lyrics 9 years ago
And you sound like an asshole who doesn't know his place. You were not in my situation, and you are in no position to make any judgements on it.

R.E.M. – Begin The Begin Lyrics 9 years ago
This was seven years ago when I made the comment. Disregard it. I've listened to the album plenty of times between 2005 and now, and I am now a very big fan of it. Most, if not all of it is great.

Uncle Tupelo – Discarded Lyrics 10 years ago
Sounds like a relationship, or whatever the hell you'd call it that I just got out of last month, and my perspective in the end. I don't even know what the hell we were. The best way it can be described is that we were just two of the most incompatible people on the face of this whole planet. Plain and simple. Putting it another way, it's like getting a left-wing extremist Democrat, and a right-wing extremist Republican in the same room together. Turn off the Air Conditioning, provide no refreshments, lock all the doors, and let the political banter begin. Eventually, no matter how good things start, how optimistic, it will get personal. A line will be crossed, and once you're there, there's no turning back. Under pressure, on the spot, you will find people out for who they really are. Always. And so it went. And even though I believe I was largely right in my situation, I could've gone back, been submissive, apologized for my role in things... but why? What would it accomplish? Just stay on the road that "leads straight out of here." That's all you can do for the sake of sanity.

And what about the future? That is perhaps the easiest one. At least as far as saying it. Look before you leap, never promise anything. There's always "someone or something to get lost in the shuffle." That has always been, and always will be true. If I'd realized that sooner, I wouldn't be in the mess I was in.

Bad Company – Wild Fire Woman Lyrics 13 years ago
One of my favorites from BC. Don't see how none of you could've commented on it.

Black Label Society – Damage Is Done Lyrics 14 years ago
My favorite song of theirs, without a single shadow of doubt.

Steppenwolf – Fag Lyrics 14 years ago
Who cares?

Steppenwolf – Fag Lyrics 14 years ago
They're not in the R&R hall of fame because the idiots would rather take people that aren't even Rock at all over this. Like Madonna, or Grandmaster Flash. Overlook all the good stuff for stuff that isn't good at all.

Steppenwolf got me into Rock. I owe them my life. Second to God, of course.

Steppenwolf – Ride With Me Lyrics 14 years ago
Not my favorite of theirs, but pretty damn good. Some nice guitar on it. And John Kay is probably my favorite vocalist.

Insane Clown Posse – Yellow Bus Lyrics 14 years ago
The place where I got the lyrics from had them all jumbled up, and everything, so I did what I could to make them decipherable. That aside, this is the second best song from Eye Of The Storm, in my opinion. One of my favorites.

Velvet Revolver – Can't Get It Out Of My Head Lyrics 15 years ago
I copied this from the ELO page mostly. Forgive me if there's any screw-ups, please. They're not my fault.

Great song, by the way

Electric Light Orchestra – Can't Get It Out Of My Head Lyrics 15 years ago
Floydian, I posted that well over 2 years ago. People change with time. Check the dates before you mouth off.

Travis Tritt – Take It Easy Lyrics 15 years ago
Not the biggest fan of country, but this is a good cover. I like it as much, probably more than the original.

David Bowie – Somebody Up There Likes Me Lyrics 15 years ago
Easily one of the best I've ever heard from Bowie. It should've gone on the Best Of Bowie compilation. Or whatever else there is..

Chris Cornell – Your Soul Today Lyrics 15 years ago
This, and "You Know My Name" are easily the best tracks from Carry On. Runner-ups being "She'll Never Be Your Man" and "No Such Thing." The rest is.. eh.. but I really like this song.

The Black Crowes – Lickin' Lyrics 15 years ago
The beginning riff to the song is amazing, and I love the way Chris sings this. It's the perfect song to play when you're driving through town at high speeds. Definitely.

Chris Cornell – Sunshower Lyrics 15 years ago
The best song he has ever made in his whole career, hands down.

Soundgarden – Black Cat Lyrics 15 years ago
This is a Temple Of The Dog song. Not Soundgarden.

Mark Lanegan – Mockingbirds Lyrics 15 years ago
A great start to an even greater CD, and you guys suck for not commenting on it.

Candlebox – No Sense Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm listening to this thing right now. It kicks ass. You should all be punched for not commenting on this thing.

Soundgarden – Full On (Reprise) Lyrics 15 years ago
Pretty good for a reprise. One of my favorites from the Louder Than Love CD.

Audioslave – Somedays Lyrics 15 years ago
Worst fucking song off the CD

Screaming Trees – Dying Days Lyrics 16 years ago
And nobody commented on this thing? What the fuck is wrong with people?

This is one of the bands best. Period.

Talk Show – Ring Twice Lyrics 16 years ago
Possibly the best song off of their self-titled (and only) album. Reminds me a lot of Stone Temple Pilots. Something that would make either the Tiny Music or Shangri-La Dee Da CDs if Scott Weiland were the one singing it.

If you can find this CD anywhere, and if you're a fan of Stone Temple Pilots post-Purple, definately get it.

The Tea Party – Temptation Lyrics 16 years ago
I first heard this about 8 years ago in Road Rash 3D for the PS1, and it fit the game perfectly. As I found out years later upon getting the Transmission CD itself, it fits real life pretty well, also. One of the band's best pieces of work to date.

Nickelback – Someday Lyrics 16 years ago
Nickelcrack sucks ass

Pearl Jam – Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
Pretty fucking obvious, but this was on the Live At The Garden DVD. I can't believe nobody even added this song before I came along.

Weezer – Freak Me Out Lyrics 16 years ago
Make Believe sucked ass compared to their other stuff, but there were a few good songs. This one being the best on the whole CD.

R.E.M. – Begin The Begin Lyrics 17 years ago
Kick ass song. One of Michael Stipe's best vocal performances.

Sadly, this is the only good song off of "Life's Rich Pageant."

Electric Light Orchestra – Can't Get It Out Of My Head Lyrics 17 years ago
Nobody commented on this? You guys suck. While the lyrics to this are crap, it is a good song overall. It's sang real well, and the music is pretty good. You gotta love at least SOME of this shit

Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman! Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is shit, as is about 90% of all country songs. Old and new.

Metallica – Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World (Ramones cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
It's a cover song they did, fucktards

Weird Al Yankovic – The Night Santa Went Crazy Lyrics 17 years ago
I like the extra gory version better, but this is good too.

Kid Rock – Only God Knows Why Lyrics 17 years ago
This is a pretty damn good song. One of kid rocks best.

*NSYNC – Pop Lyrics 17 years ago
My cousin used to be obsessed with these faggots. I don't see how the fuck she could've been taken in by this shit. At least she got out of the faggot music a couple years back.

So as to stay on topic of the song, it sucks my fucking cock.

*NSYNC – Everything I Own Lyrics 17 years ago
I like breads version. LIP*SYNC raped the song, and if I ever meet ANYONE from the band in the real world, I will fucking slice their dicks off for raping such a good song.

OH WAIT! I FORGOT! It's a pussy boy band, and boy bands don't have dicks!

*NSYNC – Bye Bye Bye Lyrics 17 years ago
I believe that this song is about an orgy that N*SYNC were involved in with the Backstreet Boys and Aaron Carter, and how Britney Spears and Christina Aguleira just sat back and masturbated while watching the two bands and Aaron.

Come to think of it, I believe Jessica Simpson was also a masturbating spectator at this event as well.

Stone Temple Pilots – Too Cool Queenie Lyrics 17 years ago
The second verse tells all. It's about Kurt and Courtney.

There was this boy = Kurt Cobain
He played in a rock-n-roll band = Nirvana
And he wasn't half-bad,
At saving the world
She said he could do no right
So he took his life = Obvious reference to his '94 suicide
His story is true

Nightwish – Wish I Had an Angel Lyrics 17 years ago
I hate the womans vocals, but otherwise the song is decent

Metallica – The Small Hours (Holocaust cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
One of Metallicas best cover songs.

Metallica – Bleeding Me Lyrics 17 years ago
I don't really see where Load and Reload sound alike to eachother. With the exception of "Ain't My Bitch" and some parts of "The Outlaw Torn," I see a big difference between the two.

Anyway, this is one of the best off of "Load." The whole album is good, with the exception of "2 X 4" and the beginning of "Wasted My Hate."

Metallica – Mama Said Lyrics 17 years ago
I never thought I'd say this, but Mama Said is their best ballad. Fade To Black now ranks in at second place. Although my mom isn't dead, I can relate to these lyrics so well. And the tune, james' voice, and what not almost made me cry. Their best. Period.

Bread – Hes A Good Lad Lyrics 17 years ago
I can relate to these lyrics pretty well. The lad in this song fits the description of me in a lot of ways.

Megadeth – Black Curtains Lyrics 17 years ago
The very beginning to this song was stolen from the beginning of Metallica's "Harvester Of Sorrow." Just that Megadeth slowed it down and changed the tuning. Listen close to both songs, and you'll know what I mean.

Good song still, none the less

Dangerous Toys – Promise The Moon Lyrics 17 years ago
Oh man, the tune to this actually made me cry. I love this song.

George Strait – Marina Del Rey Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm not that much of a fan of country music, but this song, along with a few other older songs from George Strait, it's actually pretty good.

AC/DC – Squealer Lyrics 17 years ago
No one has commented on this? JUMP OFF A BRIDGE AND DIE! This is a damn good song. It's comment worthy.

KISS – Domino Lyrics 17 years ago
No one commented on this? You guys suck! This is one of KISS's best songs

Guns N' Roses – My Michelle Lyrics 17 years ago
She used to love her heroin
But now she's underground

Meaning that the drugs killed her, and now she's dead and buried.

Kix – Tear Down The Walls Lyrics 17 years ago
This has gotta be their best song. I can relate so well to these lyrics.

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