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Unwritten Law – Lost Control Lyrics 16 years ago
agree with you on that one, cant wait to see the crowd when they play this song

Unwritten Law – Harmonic Lyrics 16 years ago
ur joking right?

Unwritten Law – She Says Lyrics 16 years ago
russo said its about ppl being ppl and someone telling u that they dont love u any more.. and apparently he got the cops called upon him and so the songs ends with police... also his girlfriend said to him 'i dont love u like i love u anymore' thinking its a great phrase he wrote it in to the song...

pretty sweet

Unwritten Law – Get Up Lyrics 16 years ago
the best lets jump around song anyway

Unwritten Law – Get Up Lyrics 16 years ago
thinkin the best song on the album

Unwritten Law – Because Of You Lyrics 16 years ago
this kinda goes back to the, rest of my life, elva songs.. sounds similar

Unwritten Law – I Like The Way Lyrics 16 years ago
or it could even be a play on words, in the first part, meanin how he loves the pills, n stuff.. meh, one or the other anyway

Unwritten Law – I Like The Way Lyrics 16 years ago
this sounds heaps like there other stuff.. its so funky

its just basically about a girl he loves.. she is yeah wilder, full of thrills n pills woo hoo

Unwritten Law – Walrus Lyrics 16 years ago
music from high places got shitted on by ppl it seems. i dont think people got it.
its brillliant acoustic set, love it

Unwritten Law – Save Me (Wake Up Call) Lyrics 16 years ago
i hate the video for this song aswell, actualtey i hate al cartoon music videos full stop.

One Dollar Short – Perfect Day Lyrics 17 years ago
such a pop punk song.. i sing it when the sky is blue and the grass is really green.. it just comes in to the head automoatically

and yeah, argreee

One Dollar Short – Some Assembly Required Lyrics 17 years ago
these guys rock live, saw em with UL.. this song wenyt offfff the roof

i think the meanin is self explanatory

Unwritten Law – Save Me (Wake Up Call) Lyrics 17 years ago
comes out in aust. around early febuary dude!! woooooooooo fkin hoooo

Unwritten Law – How You Feel Lyrics 17 years ago
has a really funky laid back feel to it, good chill out song
really dont think it sounds like jackj tho.. no where near

Unwritten Law – Superman Lyrics 17 years ago
ah yeah I'm superman
a three-piece suit and master plan
here I come to save the day


Senses Fail – Cute When You Scream Lyrics 17 years ago
yeah one of my fav songs on the album

Senses Fail – Buried A Lie Lyrics 17 years ago
if its metaphorical then i think its about the guys finding out the girl friends broken up, and he wants to know why, so there for the whole "lets play doctor babe, well operate today in sitions must be made, we could solve this case'

meaning, what the hell is up, and him trying to find out, cuz he has no idea, if there was another guy, he did something wrong or farted in bed and she got pissed off

otherwise, yeah, why can it be an autopsy?? maybe he likes CSI n that shit

Senses Fail – Lady In A Blue Dress Lyrics 17 years ago
just a great song man

Unwritten Law – Save Me (Wake Up Call) Lyrics 17 years ago
obvious meaning
but love the song.. cant wait to hear the whole album..
saw these guys few weeks back.. extremly great live, best live band ive seeen

Taking Back Sunday – Just Like Heaven (The Cure cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
its an alright cover, AFI one is heaps better

For Amusement Only – So goes life Lyrics 17 years ago
i think its about people who just want some one to love, but will never find it because people dont notice them "does it hurt to much to notice me" about people who dont fit in, and all they want is to fit in i think
great song either way, wrong or right :P

Fall Out Boy – Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy Lyrics 17 years ago
great song, definately my favv ortire from therse guys

Mad Caddies – Rockupation Lyrics 17 years ago
awesome music to it, so catchy.. would be great to see live n mosh too

Antiskeptic – Tears Simone Lyrics 17 years ago
the whole bus trip might be a metaphore, but the story goes on to say how the bus crashed and all her mates died, and the empyiness at school now, makes her want to committ suicide, but "this is not the day for flight"
best part is "she draws a tear and paints a picture with them" awesssssomee

Unwritten Law – Elva (It's Alright) Lyrics 17 years ago
"And I can feel your breath up on my neck
One last caress
I'm a nervous wreck"
this part makes my neck tingle
love this song, so beautful, and i agree first itme i heard it was music in high places and it sounds sooo much better, ad more emotional ay

Bodyjar – Feed It Lyrics 17 years ago
again g8 song
i dont seem to read much into the bjar lyrics which is bad cuz the way they play and the music gets to me so i dont seem to even notice
hmm ah well

New Found Glory – Never Ending Story Theme Song Lyrics 17 years ago
this movie rocks!!!!!!!! this and the goonies are the best child movies everrrrr!!! anyone who hates it is just weridddddddd and falcor rules!!!
great cover of this song
glad they did it

New Found Glory – Eyesore (Acoustic/Older Version) Lyrics 17 years ago
this song first got me into nfg ages ago
thank you to this song!!!!
awesome song, makes me cry, always love yelling this song out when im in psycho mood too.. it is great for all occassions

New Found Glory – The Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Cyndi Lauper cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
this was my fav movie too.. best DVD i have, and i only have one!
cool cover. but cyndi laupaer(howevauspell) ones is always the best tho.. but she'd be proud
g8 song

New Found Glory – All Downhill From Here Lyrics 17 years ago
i really like this song, still vry new found glory, but a bit rockier, cant wait for the new album to check it out

Goldfinger – Tell Me Lyrics 18 years ago
Everything I fear
Shows itself everytime you're here
And everything I know
Leaves with you everytime that you go

mad song, this band fkin rockks my world

Antiskeptic – Teach Him Well Lyrics 18 years ago
So please youÂ’re not alone
I caught him out in the freezing snow
IÂ’ve been his friend
ItÂ’s hard to tell
YouÂ’re hardly old enough, so teach him well
Teach him well.""
thats just aweomse, that part gets to me hard, great song

Antiskeptic – Jimmy Was Always Thinking Lyrics 18 years ago
this song rock, great everything.. this band is one of aussie finest.. love em

Yellowcard – Underdog (CD Version) Lyrics 18 years ago
excellent song, these boys know how to play
obvious what the song is about

Bodyjar – Not The Same Lyrics 18 years ago
first song that got me on to these guys, one of the favs

Bodyjar – Hazy Shade Of Winter (Simon And Garfunkel Cover) Lyrics 18 years ago
definately one of the greatest cover songs around
sounds great

One Dollar Short – Unsung Hero Lyrics 18 years ago
awesome song, obviously about unsung heros u know, great music behind, and raw lyrics

Lit – My Own Worst Enemy Lyrics 18 years ago
this is the best song to muck aorund with when ur in a pshyco mood!!!! love it

Chad Kroeger – Why Don't You And I Lyrics 18 years ago
sounds great for santans new stuf
sweeet lyrics.. cool song

Unwritten Law – Actress, Model... Lyrics 18 years ago
this song it basically sayin this guy meet a gurl, who lives in someplace like LA or hollywood, where everyone is an actress, model watever.. they all wana break into the business.. there all wannabeess
ect, great song, sweet arse rhythm n beats

Unwritten Law – Holiday Lyrics 18 years ago
basically sayin why work all ur life. enjoywhat time u have.. instead of workin to live, people are now living to work
awesome song, hard rockin styles!! love it

Unwritten Law – Rest Of My Life Lyrics 18 years ago
i think its more about being alone at the begining
so alone that there the only one there hears themselves crying
i dont think its so much to do with a girl n guy relationship.. maybe just wantin people to notice them more cuz there so alone.. and for no one to leave em

Unwritten Law – Unwritten Christmas Lyrics 18 years ago
its about wakin up tof rchristmas as an excited kid
very cute song
the sum41 part makes it rock a bit more.. i like there added part...either way with out the sum41 part or with it, it sounds mad

Unwritten Law – You're My Angel Lyrics 18 years ago
UL didnt cover it... slicks shoes just sound exactly like scott russo in this song... check out slick shoes n download there song, and ull see its not unwritten law
love the song tho

Unwritten Law – Sound Siren Lyrics 18 years ago
i dont know whats its about, a bit to cryptic for me... maybe red is a guy who restacks the bong when they have finished there session
i have no idea... sailin away with out a care.. who knows on this one? msg us if u do eh
love it anyway geez me up

No Use For A Name – On The Outside Lyrics 18 years ago
agree with trogan joe... mad ass song, sad, but great music behind thelyrics... thats tops \m/

No Use For A Name – Soulmate Lyrics 18 years ago
i really like this song, the beats, music n lyrics hype the song up something hard... i agree with those interpretations

Last Years Hero – Its Not Me Its You Lyrics 18 years ago
these boys rule, love there stuf

For Amusement Only – Start Again Lyrics 19 years ago
an awesome song, these guys rock, i got there signed cd, god dammm sen-bloody-sational.. love it!!

One Dollar Short – Here I Am Lyrics 19 years ago
a great song, it grew on me, now i love it

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