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The Dear Hunter – He Said He Had a Story Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm pretty sure that it's "misery" rather than "mystery".

The Dear Hunter – In Cauda Venenum Lyrics 10 years ago
So good. So stoked for the new album.

Right Away, Great Captain! – Devil Dressed in Blue Lyrics 10 years ago
It sounds more like "That if the end will set me free"

The Format – A Good Time At Your Expense Lyrics 11 years ago
"Why do all nouns stutter like adjectives when they bend to leave your lips?"

The Format – Does Your Cat Have a Mustache? Lyrics 11 years ago
I think it says:

"I want it all
Even for me the autumn leaves stay green"

"The water never harms the mast
It's the clouds that pull the sun to set"

Mest – Your Promise Lyrics 14 years ago
Jeremiah sings this song. Not Tony. And I prefer Jeremiah's voice.

Hellogoodbye – Welcome To the Record Lyrics 14 years ago

Senses Fail – Save Yourself Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't think this is Senses Fail. On Winamp it comes up as Sense Field.

Hellogoodbye – Touchdown Turnaround (Don't Give Up On Me) Lyrics 14 years ago
pop warner is football.
but later he refers to little league that he played in 93.
Not that hard, kids.

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