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VNV Nation – Legion Lyrics 11 years ago
Seems to me it is about coming face to face with Death. A desire to uphold Religious belief but the realization that we know nothing for certain, thus the "Too scared to close my eyes." Either way it is a very moving piece, but then again most VNV songs are.

Bob Dylan – Everything Is Broken Lyrics 13 years ago
Seems like a shot at how busy everybody is all the time. Also, I first heard this song by Kenny Wayne Shephard. He does a pretty decent job on it.

VNV Nation – Solitary Lyrics 14 years ago
Just reading on the surface I would agree with Koros,about a soldier dieing at War. A more in depth viewpoint (In my own opinion) is moving onto another stage in life after living with so much pain and suffering. Finally finding the clearing at the end of the path and leaving that past behind you.
"And the names who gave in vain."

ZZ Top – Just Got Paid Lyrics 15 years ago
It's almost become tradition for me to blast this song every pay day.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising Lyrics 15 years ago
The lyrics themselves are rather somber, but it is impossible to get that feeling when you listen to the song as it is so well put together you want to tap your feet and smile. Good song, great times.

Weird Al Yankovic – Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies Lyrics 16 years ago
It is awesome how Mark Knopfler wouldn't let Al do a spoof of the song without letting him play the guitar.

Funker Vogt – Words Of Power Lyrics 16 years ago
One of the better FV songs out there. A classic song for sure.

Dire Straits – Industrial Disease Lyrics 16 years ago
Best DS song!

Cibo Matto – Sci-Fi Wasabi Lyrics 16 years ago
Miho said it is about videogames and bicycles.

Eminem – Just Lose It Lyrics 16 years ago
I hate Eminem but this song is just a classic. heheh

The Who – Behind Blue Eyes Lyrics 16 years ago
I Always thought it ment about being in the spot light. How he has to remain in control and keep up the music even if he thinks it's hard.

It's always made sense to me like that, but maybe I am crazy.

Rob Zombie – How To Make A Monster Lyrics 17 years ago
deranged is right, Kitty's Purrrformance mix is alot better.

Tesla – Signs Lyrics 17 years ago
He does say that. He also says "And so I got me a pen and paper, and made up my own fuckin' sign"

Enigma – Silent Warrior Lyrics 17 years ago
This is a real beautiful song. That is all I have to say.

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