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Needtobreathe – Difference Maker Lyrics 7 years ago
It appears the singer stated differently in the text posted below from this link:

I feel that though it is a clever way to right a song it just adds to the current problem of people of faith, and people in general being full of themselves and enabling them to sing a song that sounds so nice but is meant to be sarcastic or something similar.

It seems to be quite obvious that what he's saying is that so many people think they know what God wants and that they do so great at living to help others. Yet it is all only because of God choosing them and them being open to it if he is even really at work in what they do.
It is arrogant in my humble opinion to say you know exactly what God wants all the time and that you're one of the only people doing so. Even if you do know, you don't say so.. as stated in the first sentence: humility.

"Needtobreathe singer Bear Rinehart told Billboard magazine about this song: "It's really about walking that line of humility and how that really makes you a difference maker," he said. "Maybe none of us should be an authority on too many things. I don't think that's our place especially as musicians. I feel like we can easily get on our soapbox. I think we wrote that song really to ourselves."
The song is Rinehart's story of trying to understand his role in God's plan. He explained to NewReleaseTuesday: "We were on tour with a secular artist, Taylor Swift, playing to 20,000 and even 50,000 people per night. We felt like we were doing what we were supposed to be doing. Despite our efforts, I didn't feel like we were having the impact we are called to have."

"I think God was asking us at this time, 'What are you doing this for? Are you doing it for Me?,' he continued. "And, I think that's where this song was birthed. That confusion is almost a good thing. The bridge says 'I am on the fence about nearly everything I've seen.' I meant that in how the whole band was going through a 'we surrender to God' kind of way."

"We don't need to be concerned about what happens after we've given up this gift we have to God," Rinehart added. "That was really powerful for us. We had ambition and let that take too much of a priority in things that led us down a road that wasn't good. I think that in trying to re-prioritize, God wants us to sacrifice those things, those idols in our lives. Some idols for us were wondering what the outcome was going to be, that we had the upper hand or maybe we were the best band out there, or we thought we were the most clever at it."

"I feel like the beginning of the song is us asking ourselves are we really difference makers," he concluded. "How valuable are we, really? Towards the end of the song it comes around that God makes us a part of what He does, which is so crazy. It starts with us realizing that we don't get to make the rules. We don't control it, and we don't get to say what the timing is. It's not because of our talents. He doesn't need that. He needs our willing hearts." "

Lifestory:Monologue – White Noise Lyrics 9 years ago
I hear ya, the changes in many ways were exciting, but they've now completely left behind most of the unique things I had hung on to. A few things left that barely pique interest are left now... still hopeful.

Low – Murderer Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm pretty sure it's 'One more thing I'll ask you Lord, You may need a murderer'

and small details, 'You must have more..' 'So if you need...'

seems to me like he's bitter at God

Blindside – Roads Lyrics 17 years ago
indeed, why doesn't anyone else notice this one?

From First to Last – X12 Days Of XXXMASX Lyrics 17 years ago
I just found this cd rip on my computer again
didn't sound usual so I wanted to see the lyrics.
I don't really like it the words, but they are funny.

Underoath – Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape Lyrics 17 years ago
indeed, i have been doing that

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