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Talking Heads – Burning Down the House Lyrics 15 years ago
Palistave wins the pulling something out of nothing award 2006.

"Watch out you might get what you're after.
Cool babes strange but not a stranger.”
Anyone who can drag dead radioactive dead babies out of that is a nut job.

Antony and the Johnsons – My Lady Story Lyrics 15 years ago
maybe it's about being able to believe in and long for what is left of beauty, after your struggle to attain it has already been crushed a thousand times.

Arcade Fire – In the Backseat Lyrics 15 years ago
Alice is definately Regine's grandmother. i've read that in a couple of interviews. The song and album all relate to the niaveity(?) of child hood and then reflecting on that as you grow up and are dragged into the world etc etc as has been pointed out.

This song is amazing because it ties up the album and the idea of leaves of trees being shed in generations, kind of fits in with the whole 'autumn years' period of life. All the themes tie together so perfectly.

Arcade arent part of the indie 'revolution', there will always be credible music with lasting impact. The arcade fire are definately that.

Pixies – Something Against You Lyrics 16 years ago
i really hate to 'diss' what people say but ink kiss went wrong with 'this HAS to be about...' . I know it's said about every pixies song on here but there is no real meaning to this song!

This song IS anger and thats it!

Modest Mouse – Bury Me with It Lyrics 16 years ago
"suit got tight and it split at the seams"....

Seems like an incredilbe hulk reference to me...

Frank Zappa – Dinah-Moe Humm Lyrics 16 years ago
The dirty old bastard....
cool song though

Frank Zappa – Catholic Girls Lyrics 16 years ago
How do you know who says what in this song?! I'm very confused...
Someone explain!

Frank Zappa – Uncle Remus Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is about the black civil rights movement. Some parts make sense to me and other parts don't.

Definately one of the best songs on apostrophe. The backing vocalists are amazing! ^_^

Pixies – Planet Of Sound Lyrics 16 years ago
I really am not bothered about this song but everyone seems to go on about it, including Frank Black. I just don't see what's so special about it. It seems like anyone could've written it, unlike the rest of the Pixies stuff.

Pixies – Bailey's Walk Lyrics 16 years ago
I always wondered where Kurt Cobain got his quirky little way of singing....

Pixies – I've Been Tired Lyrics 16 years ago
I really find this song hilarious... especially the 'losing my penis to a whore disease...' part.
And could any of you smart folks tell me about solomon?

Pixies – Vamos Lyrics 16 years ago
Does anyone think this song is paticularly significant as a pixies song?
Like a landmark or something?
Cos i don't know what to think, so you tell me

Pixies – Ana Lyrics 16 years ago
*cough* Led zeppelin...

Christina Aguilera – Beautiful Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is wank. It's so wank i came on here and searched for 'xtina' just to slag it off. I can't believe people actually swallow this crap. You can picture a million depressed little girls sitting round in their rooms all thinking 'wow this song is jsut so... real!'. It's not. It's completely cynical. A woman who obviously believes she is beautiful (would she dress like a complete whore otherwise?) singing to all these other supposedly inferior women.

It's pathetic. Nearly as pathetic as me for taking the time to actually do this.

Nick Drake – Pink Moon Lyrics 17 years ago
I think maybe 20% to 30% of what makes Drakes music so inspiring, exciting and 'mystical', if you like, is becaus of his personality. He was a guy who had a great air of enigma and that really does comethrough in his songs. Not least this one.

And i fell i have to stick up for the Bilbo Baggins guy at the top because someone had a go at him completely unfairly and took him way out of context. He meant it was a waste that he died the way he did. That's what he meant.

Nick Drake – Been Smokin' Too Long Lyrics 17 years ago
He's obviously talking about weed because i know how he feels sometimes. You can't physically become addicted to weed, but the mental addiction can really bad especially when it's just completely ingrained into your life and you don't feel like you can get away from it.

Nick Drake – Free Ride Lyrics 17 years ago
I couldn't even attempt to fathom out this song... but it's so beautiful.

I know that seems a bit a cop out, and its probably possible to say that about 90% of ND songs but i don't think i could say what it's about....

The imagery is superb though.

Pixies – Where Is My Mind? Lyrics 17 years ago
'hiddnbhindasmile' you are a collosall fuck up. Bear in mind i was in nappies (diapers for you USA folks) when Where is my mind came out so my chances of getting into them there and then where quite fucking slim, to be fair. I heard the song on fight club and thought it was great, so what? I've gone out and bought every album, including B-sides and the radio one recordings. So fuck off you arrogant wanker.
Yeah fair enough, just leaving the message 'this song rox' is pretty daft, but not half as dickheaded as saying everyone on this page doesn't know what they're talking about.

Pixies – U-Mass Lyrics 17 years ago
oh and this isn't the one teen spirit was ripped off, it was 'debaser'. Cobain said he was 'trying to write the perfect pop song' and he was always concerned about sounding too much like the pixies.
I wouldn't say 'ripped off' either because we all emulate those we admire, and who better than the pixies?

Pixies – U-Mass Lyrics 17 years ago
well Frank went to U-Mass and i think its a song all about 'the kids'. Its pretty sappy when you think about it... 'we're not just kids, to say the least, we got ideas to us that's dear' Its just seems totally like "the kids aren't as stupid as you think, man".

Pretty simple when you just read the lyrics...

Pixies – Tony's Theme Lyrics 17 years ago
i think 'ride around on my bicyclelike a pony' is probably my favourite lyrics ever

Pixies – Bone Machine Lyrics 17 years ago
i thought the bit about 'our love is rice and beans and horses lard' was quite good because 100's of years ago that would have been the staple japanese diet not having any cows at the time.

If anyone can figure out what the hell the molseting in the parking lot is about i will send them cash in any currency.

Pixies – The Sad Punk Lyrics 17 years ago
everyone has to label everyone.
You're a liar if you say you don't label or judge because it's just impossible to live without that basic instinct.
People become punk and dress punk because they want to be part of that scene, yeah they may like the music but no-ones making them adopt the dress. I think this song is about how punk culture is so easily led by whatever is seen as most rebellious.

SikTh – Tupelo (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
This song was originally done by Nick Cave and the bad seeds. As you can see it's pretty dark.

There are other songs about the town of Tupelo on the mississippi i.e John lee hooker, elvis.
If anyone knows the proper stry, post it, because i'd love to know.

SikTh – How May I Help You? Lyrics 17 years ago

I think it's about a loser called Rodney.
No message just a kinda sad but funny story.

Deftones – Bloody Cape Lyrics 17 years ago
the final part 'god help me, god help me, god help me, god' is really powerful.
I definately believe the song is about exploring something and this is his final statement. He's completely lost...

Deftones – Fireal Lyrics 17 years ago
i have no clue what the lyrics mean... and i don't think they're paticularly worth disecting.

Despite that, they really do something to me, like the bits where he whispers and the massive epic-ness of the final riff.
I think this is possibly the deftones only 'epic' as such but damnit it's there best song!!!
And i took my sign in name from it.

Deftones – Edited Lyrics 17 years ago
very mature

clap clap

Jeff Buckley – Everybody Here Wants You Lyrics 17 years ago
i'm quite a big buckley fan and i find this song far too cheesey and lovey... like, y'know... one of those crooner songs i.e. Dean Martin.

I think there's a lot more romantic value in his other songs.

The White Stripes – Aluminium Lyrics 17 years ago
Right, if anyone happens to be writing a movie where an insane truck driver is chasing some rowdy teens down an abandonned back-water road this is on the fucking soundtrack!


The Streets – The Irony Of It All Lyrics 17 years ago
raises a fair few points i think....

I think it's really cool that Mike chose to tackle this kinda issue.

SikTh – Hold My Finger Lyrics 17 years ago
oh and this song is fucking amazing....

SikTh – Hold My Finger Lyrics 17 years ago
these guys are way more diverse than system!
Their time sigs. and general approach to song writing is so fresh and entertaining unlike (*flicks through quiffporn's fave bands*) Slayer who've been playing the same song for the past however many years....

Frank Zappa – Don't Eat The Yellow Snow Lyrics 17 years ago
i have heard two versions which are quite different to this.....

If only i could be bothered to write them out....

Eagles of Death Metal – I Only Want You Lyrics 17 years ago
i second that fucking thought!

These guys rock!

GG Allin – I Kill Everything I Fuck Lyrics 17 years ago
"Also, what is wrong with having diverse tastes in music?"

Haha liking fucking dashboard confessional is about as diverse as eating eggs for breakfast. You talk about GG Allin trying to be shocking so he can sell anything to punks but you're just an example of how you'll like anything that MTV/MTV2 rams down your throat.
NPIx is 100% right about those poppy fuckin' bands.

The White Stripes – Your Southern Can Is Mine Lyrics 17 years ago
its a nice song but if ya kinda tilt your head it's about beating up a woman (possibly prostitute?) if she tries to get away from you.

Or it might be written from the position of the owner of a black slave woman who he assaults. either way its pretty dark.

The Mars Volta – Televators Lyrics 17 years ago
i thought it was a 'room coulored charlatan' because a charlatan is a sneaky thief type and if he was room coulored you wouldn't see him.

But the lyrics different i think. Nice song, but i wonder who had the shit job of recording those bird sounds.

The White Stripes – I Want To Be The Boy That Warms Your Mother's Heart Lyrics 17 years ago
i think every guy must be able to relate to this song. it's cool.

The Beatles – Piggies Lyrics 17 years ago
George Orwell wrote animal farm during/after world war 2 i think becuase it wasn't released for a while because russia was our ally at the time (Stalin was an explosive element).

Just out of interest, did you know Manson never killed anyone at the Tate house? I only just found that out. I've got his parole speech too, he says 'if i started killing people, there'd be none of ya left'
Hence him never ever being released from prison ever.
Ah trivia.

Pearl Jam – Indifference Lyrics 17 years ago
i think its about a guy stuck in a relationship with someone he loves but things are driving them apart he knows he has to end it but cant..
although you guys explanations are cool

can't stand all this emphasis on pain though... i think a guy as smart as eddie vedder is smart enough not to write about how he wallows in his own pain constantly...

Deftones – Rx Queen Lyrics 17 years ago
this is probably one of my least favourite deftones songs cos it uses a 'pop' kind of hookline in the chorus.
The thing about his wife is sad and interesting but i hadn't heard anything about that....

Deftones – Knife Party Lyrics 17 years ago
hasn't it been agreed this is just a wierd fantasy that chino has?
All this cutting your wrists is complete shit. All the attention seeking little teenyboppers at my school do it and think they're hardcore even though they have know taste in music or knowledge of music.
I accept that people have self harm problems but if they did they would most likely do it on a none visible area of their body instead of talking on and on about what they're stupid feelings are....

ah bile....

Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks Lyrics 17 years ago
I don't agree with what the miracle says... the history just fits too well.

Just as a little piece of trivia the drums sound so cool in this track because they were recorded in a stone stairwell with just a couple of mic's.

Tres intressant, no?

The White Stripes – It's True That We Love One Another (feat. Holly Golighty) Lyrics 17 years ago
holly golightly is a solo artist...
and since when did london become hooker central?!

The White Stripes – The Big Three Killed My Baby Lyrics 17 years ago
i thought it was the big three at the treaty of versailles(george clemanceau, david lloyd george, woodrow wilson) because it was thought that due to the harshness of the treaty there would be yet another generation put out to war (the big three killed my baby) and it happened with world war two.

Although i now think it's about the cars, just makes more sense.

Deftones – Moana Lyrics 17 years ago
'I bet she carves your heart' says it all i reckon. you got the painful connatation (i.e. stabbing, marking your heart) and the kind of simple idealistic picture of love like carving your names in a tree or somethin'. I agree that there's a lot of niavity in the song. Why has this song only got 4 posts?!

Deftones – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (The Smiths cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
Smiths were fucking genius. A great band in the midst of the worst musical decade ever.

Deftones – Teenager Lyrics 17 years ago
I don't think corey71987 really gets the deftones the way a lot of people on here do. Deftones make some great metal music but underneath every song there's some meaning, that's what makes them special. Chino tries to evoke emotion in every song and i'd say this is one of his best attempts.

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