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Hometown Hero – Eighteen Lyrics 17 years ago
I never really got this song until I was driving away from a bus station. I think it's about a boy who is in a long distance relationship. He says "just like on tv" because how many times have you seen people having to leave their loved ones for an uncertain amount of time? Hundreds.

All those things you said to me, well,
made me cry myself to sleep and
kinda think I like it, pretty sure I like it.

I'm in a long distance relationship now, I won't be able to see my fiancé for ten more months, and I've cried myself to sleep thinking about all the wonderful things he's said to me and done for me, and I love that I can feel that strongly for someone.

Anyway, that's my interpretation

Ride – Vapour Trail Lyrics 18 years ago
I discovered this song through Perks also.. that is the best book, truely.. it was so... real, for lack of a better word. "I feel infinite" when I listen to the songs on the mixtape that Charlie made for Patrick. "We accept the love we think we deserve" is truely the best quote from the book, in my opinion.

Little Texas – What Might Have Been Lyrics 19 years ago
i first heard this song while in the car with my parents and they were listening to the country station (*gag*) but anyway.. this song came on and it reminds me of my old summer love *sigh* but I have a new boyfriend now, and we both have moved on... so sad... so sad *tear*

Gameface – How Far Is Goodbye Lyrics 19 years ago
they have a website

Sleeping At Last – A Million Charming Words Lyrics 19 years ago
This song is so beautiful. I'm glad I cam across the name of this band when I was searching for Emo music on Kazaa... truely beautiful lyrics.

Our Lady Peace – Superman's Dead Lyrics 19 years ago
When I first heard this song I thought it was about how people don't see themselves as good enough. Like how that ordinary isn't good enough... I thought the conflict wasn't between bully and the bullied, but between one and oneself. The superman's dead part is them kind of wishing they could be saved from themselves, but can't be because he's dead. I don't know... I like muahaha's comment better.

The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony Lyrics 19 years ago
I like the violin in it... so pretty

Yellowcard – Something Of Value Lyrics 19 years ago
I love this song... I love how the song goes through the realization of how shitty this girl is. How she took him for granted and then he finally realized it. Its so great, I love it :-)

Splender – Yeah, Whatever Lyrics 19 years ago
I agree.. i like this song a lot... I was trying to find this song online.. but I didn't know the title or who it was by, and i didn't know how it went... all i knew that it was a song that people said was written about a dog.. so i searched the lyrics for the word "fleas" cuz i knew it was in there somewhere lol and I found it and i screamed like a 10 year old girl lol. yes i like this song a lot :-)

Simple Plan – When I'm With You Lyrics 19 years ago
I love this song.. I think its about a guy wanting to be with someone, but them not wanting the same thing and him knowing it. "I'll be fine as soon as I get your picture right out of my mind" He's trying to get over this girl, yet still can't help but want to be with her. Its great because its easy to relate to.

Yellowcard – Cigarette Lyrics 19 years ago
This was the first Yellowcard song I heard and from then on I fell in love with it.. "how can you say that its too late to save us now? and I would wait for you, oh, if you would wait for me, yeah" Incredible.

Starsailor – Good Souls Lyrics 19 years ago
Another good StarSailor song. I love the sound of this band. I think they're kind of like a mix of Saves the Day and Yellowcard. Anyway.. I like this song because it gives a good meaning, that goodness does help into making life better.

Starsailor – She Just Wept Lyrics 19 years ago
I've just recently started listening to Starsailor, and this is one of their best songs, in my opinion. I think the lyrics explain how someone's girlfriend went through some tragic experience and he's trying to help her but doesn't know how... "How can I act When my heart's on the floor?" He wants wants to comfort her, but her depression is making him depressed and even more depressed that he can't help (what a vicious cycle) and "Daddy" I think maybe symbolic for something else (maybe god, maybe himself, maybe actually his father, or he just needed a word to go in there, who knows?) But whoever/whatever it is, he's asking for advice so he can help his girlfriend.

Dashboard Confessional – The Brilliant Dance Lyrics 19 years ago
I love this song, the first time I heard it I fell in love with it. The way the song is sung makes the song have the much more meaning. "This is incredible. Starving, insatiable, yes, this is love for the first time." Amazing.. absolutely amazing!

Chris Cornell – Sunshower Lyrics 19 years ago
This song, I think, is one of the most well written in a long time. The figurative language is phenomenal. I think this song is about Chris's significant other going through a tough time, maybe a death, or depression of some kind and him trying to comfort and them and give them hope.

Gameface – Somebody Save This Boy Lyrics 19 years ago
no no no, you got it all wrong... this song is about a boy who obviously feels alone.. he hates the world he's in so he wants aliens to take him away (not literally, but dreams about it) or else he wants to die (buried under the tree) and he'd be great because people would finally notice hm... yes yes.. that's what its about.

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