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Ming Tea – Daddy Wasn't There Lyrics 17 years ago
Poor Austin his Daddy wasn't there for him, even when he reserved a seat. Everyone laughed, including the old janitor (watch the movie). Anyways I have one comment to make. I can't think of any Daddy (or man for that matter) who would want to be present at a circumcising. Other than that, only a deadbeat Dad would want to be there for his kids when making kidney pies?

Macy Gray – A Moment To Myself Lyrics 17 years ago
This song has a wonderful message and vibe to it. I think nowadays people are too busy to really focus on taking time out for themselves, to discover what they personally want from life. I think if everyone took some more time to talk to themselves (not literally speaking though) we'd all be happier.

John Mellencamp – Jack and Diane Lyrics 17 years ago
I love this song, everytime it comes on the radio I have to sing-a-long. In my opinion this song is basically about growing up and the innocence of having a first love. There's a strong message that we should make the best out of the time we have know. The part that goes:
"Well you know Diane, we oughtta run off to the city
Diana says baby you ain't missin' no-thing." Clearly shows that the best of times is right now, and to cherish your youth.

Cabaret – If You Could See Her Lyrics 17 years ago
Well now that I added the lyrics, if you see the show this song kind of loses it's effect, but I had to. I love musicals and I know that a lot of time a song is added just for a big cheesy dance number. So I assumed that when the emcee walked out with a Gorilla (dressed as a girl) that it would be a fun dance number. But altough the song seems cheerful it has a very serious undertone to it. And when I saw this show and the emcee sang the last line I got the biggest chill down my spine. It was stated blatantly, but it's effect rang through out the theatre.

Broadway Musicals – Annie-Maybe Lyrics 17 years ago
The meaning of this songis pretty clear (little orphan Annie wants to find her parents). But the emotion of it is still the same. Sorrowful, yet still full of hope.

Cabaret – Two Ladies Lyrics 17 years ago
Tee hee this song is hilarious and so upbeat and fun.

Broadway Musicals – Chicago- Cell Block Tango Lyrics 17 years ago
I love this song. Yes it's about murder but it's hilarious. It fits in perfectly with the jazz theme of chicago.

Broadway Musicals – The Phantom Of The Opera- The Music Of The Night Lyrics 17 years ago
In English Class we were made to compare this song to a short story we read. In the story a girl has to decide between two fates she has, basically of "good" and "evil" (to put it blatantly). This is a song a temptation, passion, lust and seduction. It is also very calming to listen to... you sort of fall into a trance just listening to the beautiful lyrics and sweet melody.

Broadway Musicals – Cabaret- Cabaret Lyrics 17 years ago
The first time I heard this song it was the Liza Minelli version, it had a big Broadway and cheerful sound. When I saw this musical my view on this song changed completely. The actress (who did a superb job) sang the song as she was going through hell, not celebrating. And the musical Cabaret is kinda like that. It's in Berlin just on the brink of WW2 and everyone is having a great time, singing and dancing. But you learn through the show that nothing is as good as it seems. That for every toast that is made, something horrid like death is around the corner. And the character of Sally Bowles (who sings this song) wants to live the glamourous life she's always known. She forgets that she's in a time of politcal and social chaos and destruction. So she goes back for one more reminisce into the past. The song sings about celebration, but Sally learns all to well that there really isn't anything to celebrate any more.

Dr. Evil – Hard Knock Life Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is hilarious and so is the movie. Everyone should go see it, you'll piss yourselves!

David Usher – Black Black Heart (including Opera Lyrics) Lyrics 17 years ago
Finally I found the opera lyrics to this song. I was always singing "ah lollipop, ah scaredy cat, lolly, lolly, lolly, lolly pop" I kew something sounded wrong, now I can sing it the right way

Jay-Z – Izzo (H.O.V.A.) Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm a little white girl from the Great White North, eh. So could explain what the hell this means. I'm not all up with my ghetto speak and all, word!

Usher – U Remind Me Lyrics 17 years ago
This is what I can gather from this song.

The Story: Mr. Guy (as we will call him) walks into a bar/club and sees a hot girl (Miss Chick as she will be called). Miss Chick has (just for humour sake) green eyes and brown hair. Despite the fact that Mr. Guy always gets the girls, Miss Chick doesn't seem to have much interest in him. Well she does, but only in a user way. Anyways Mr. Guy is quite p-oed because Miss Chick has been getting overly friendly with every other guy on earth, but him. And quite frankly I'd be p-oed if someone treated me this way as well.

Flash forward to sometime in the near, or not so near future. Mr. Guy sees another girl (who we'll call Miss Lady) with green eyes and brown hair, just as Miss Chick had. Miss Lady and Mr. Guy seem genuinely fond of each other. The problem everytime Mr. Guy sees Miss Lady, he is reminded of Miss Chick who had treated him so poorly. So Mr. Guy tells Miss Lady that they can never be together.

The Moral of The Story: First Mr. Guy has some kind of insecurity issue. Although he loves Miss Lady, he still thinks of how bad Miss Chick treated him. Mr. Guy GET OVER IT! As a women if I were to ignore any man who reminded me of all the asses I've met (and there are a few), well let's just say I'd be a Lesbian. In fact if every women thought this way as Mr. Guy did, well the earth would now be populated only by test tubes. Second it shows that Mr. Guy is quite shallow, he can't seem to focus on what a great person Miss Lady is. The only thing he can think of is "she has green eyes and brown hair as that slut that used me did." And maybe it's me, but I find this attitude Mr. Guy has, just as horrible and ignorant as Miss Chick did.

Sarah Slean – Sweet Ones Lyrics 17 years ago
I've only heard this song twice but I love it. It does have a very cabaret feeling to it. I love the piano sounds and the chording is beautiful.

From what I can read in the lyrics the message seems to be about shallow or fake people. When she says "if I could have just one piece of that I'd be so good" it could refer to someone she loves but is too self-absorbed to love her. Or it could refer to desire many people have of becoming popular and famous. I really like the guilty conscience idea, it definately plays up the theme of the song. And the imagery is quite exquisite. This is my new favourite song.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way Lyrics 17 years ago
Finally I found the lyrics to this song. In the parts that go dogtown
blood bath
rib cage
soft tal , etc
I kept singing random words I thouhgt of in my head. At the other part I didn't know I kept singing "kissin' and a smoochin' "
Despite teh fact I didn't know the lyrics, it's still an awesome song.

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