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Pixies – Cactus Lyrics 19 years ago
it's about being separated from the one you love and, lets be frank, wanting to fuck them... but not being able to, and so instead wishing you had something to remind you of them

Pixies – I've Been Tired Lyrics 19 years ago
I love this song, I don't think I really need to interpret the meaning, as it is pretty easily understood... it's just a conversation between a boy and a girl. But it's just so funny and brilliantly written. and contains one of my favourite lines ever: "Losing my penis to a whore with disease..." only Black Francis could have come up with that line... genius!

Pixies – Gouge Away Lyrics 19 years ago
the song is very enigmatic, but I suspect it refers to the biblical story of Samson, who had his eyes gouged out by his enemies, and eventually killed them all when he was chained to two pillars in their stronghold: he pulled the pillars down, bringing the building down and killing himself and his enemies.

The secret of his strength was his hair: as long as it remained uncut he was stronger than ay other man. He was betrayed by Delilah the woman he loved, who shaved his head and handed him over to his enemies, but when his hair grew back he pulled the house down on them as described above. This explains the lyrics about "missy aggravation" (Delilah, who got the secret of his hair out of him by annoying him) and the reference to stroking his locks (of hair)

Many of the Pixies early songs had references to old testament stories in them. Black Francis was just into the weirdness and violence of the old testament apparently...

Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven Lyrics 19 years ago
it's been said before, but not on this site seemingly, but this song seems to be about the ruinous effect on the environment of human pollution. Black Francis said that the inspiration for the song was a sense of anger at the destruction of the natural world, and this is clear from the lyrics...

In the first verse some kind of underwater worker is killed by all the trash from N.Y and N.J being dumped in the sea. I think the line "this monkey's gone to heaven" refers to this fellow. Humans are 'monkeys' we evolved from them, and this one has died and gone to heaven.

The second verse continues on a broader note, refering to the depletion of the ozone layer ("there's a hole in the sky") and the global warming consequences thereof ("everything's gonna burn...") this is everybody's problem: ("we'll all take turns") and now I think that the line about the monkey going to heaven instead refers to the singer dying due to the collapse of the earths environment.

I've no idea how the final verse relates to this, although I like the interpretation given by tenniel above.

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